What platform is a website on?

Automatically check what platform is used by the website:

If you want to know what CMS/ platform is used on the website you can use What CMS website checker.

Go to the following website: https://whatcms.org/

Enter a URL of the website and click the button “Detect CMS”.


The website will display what CMS/Platform is used by the website.

Example: our website: https://www.allpcsuite.com use WordPress platform.



Manual check what platform is used by the website:

Most often popular CMS systems generate a meta tag generator inside the source code of the website. So you can manually check the source code and check if the generator meta tag is added.

For example, open a website you want to check. Then open an additional popup menu with a right mouse click. Click View page source button.


Inside source code find generator meta tag.

Example: <meta name=”generatorcontent=”WordPress 4.9.10” />    inside content you can find what CMS is used on website and CMS version in our example websites use: WordPress version 4.9.10.