I’m not often so excited about new software like I’m on WEB PC SUITE.
For running it you just need to install software from Google play to your mobile phone.

No installation on your desktop PC is required you just need browser like (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox…).

So let’s go step by step.

How to connect your mobile phone and your computer:

First with you mobile phone go to Google play store and download WEB PC SUITE app.
You can use link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geeksoft.wps

Then install and run application on your mobile phone

The simplest way is that you connect your mobile phone and your computer to same Wi-Fi network.

After connection open WEB PC SUITE application. You will get welcome screen with steps what to do now.
You can go to your browser on your personal computer and type listed url on your mobile phone.
In my case I get IP of my mobile phone:

accept connection on web pc suite

accept connection on web pc suite

After you open website you must conform on your mobile phone that you allow connection from PC to mobile phone.
You can also go to website http://www.webpcsuite.com/ and scan QR code. You must scan QR code with reader inside Web PC Suite application!

After that you browser will automatically redirect you to home page of your mobile phone.

main of your phone

Main of Web PC suite

Description of TABS


You can open files from your mobile phone. You can create new folder/copy/move/download and rename all of your files.
With these functions you can easily organize files on your mobile phone.


The functions are basically same like on Files tab you can organize your files. Most interesting future is playing music and videos with double click on selected music it will play inside your browser.

music web pc suite

Playing music web pc suite

My favorite function is uploading. You can upload multiple files from your computer to mobile phone (Very usefully for music transfer).


In application tab you can view list of all applications on your mobile phone. You can uninstall and backup application.

Advantages and Disadvantages


– very easy to use
– no installing programs on your PC computer
– no connection cable on your desk between mobile and your PC


– for connection you need working network connection
– for now they don’t support organizer for phone contact

The Web PC Suite is definitely application which you must install and try.