Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer pc suite

Droid Explorer Android is by far the most used   OS in the handheld and mobile devices market. Over the years, Android devices have penetrated the mobile market and there are a growing number of smartphones and tablets running Android OS. As such, … [Continue reading]

Transfer data from your Android

Backup you iPhone,Android,Symbian,Blackberry

Android transfer (Transfer data from your Android to other phone) When you use a smartphone, it may happen that the phone may get misplaced. It may also happen that you have purchased a new model and you wish to transfer all your old data to the new … [Continue reading]

Recovery data from your Android phone

All device Compatibility (HTC,Samsung ,Motorola,Sony..)

Recovery data from your Android Nowadays, smartphones act as efficient aids for performing important tasks every day. These devices have a wide range of options to suffice various needs. As a smartphone user, you will not live at rest if your device … [Continue reading]

JoinMe ZTE PC Suite Tutorial

ZTE software

ZTE is a China-based mobile manufacturing company that started its operation in 1985. The company introduced the world’s first CDMA phone with detachable SIM card in 2000. According to the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone tracker findings, ZTE … [Continue reading]

iPhone iCloud

turn on icloud on iphone

iPhone iCloud Apple has introduced a new solution for managing files and documents across iOS and OX X platforms. This solution is named iCloud Drive and you can use this if you have upgraded to iOS 8 recently. Depending on your storage needs, using … [Continue reading]

Zune Software Tutorial

Zune Software

The mobile phone world is dominated by many renowned companies, but one relatively new player brings more to the table than the rest. Microsoft’s Windows Phone comes with the added advantage of well-tested software. Having dominated the operating … [Continue reading]

iPhone PC Suite Tutorial

Download software

In a world where constant, fast and effective communication is very crucial for personal and business relations, we all want mobile gadgets that are easy to use and manage. An iPhone is one of the most important gadgets for the modern man or woman … [Continue reading]


mobile edit

With loads of apps and updates chasing our smartphones wildly, it is quite difficult to keep the SD memory cards free for long. Not to mention that the SIM card also runs out of memory fast resulting your phone into a data jungle. Do you find … [Continue reading]


I’m not often so excited about new software like I’m on WEB PC SUITE. For running it you just need to install software from Google play to your mobile phone. No installation on your desktop PC is required you just need browser like (Google … [Continue reading]

Mobile news

Periscope for Android is Finally Here With the boom of social media and the use of smartphones, everyone is wondering for the new apps and option available on their smartphone. According to the Forbes, more than 600 million mobile run on … [Continue reading]