Mobilego PC suite for android phones

Mobile go android manager helps to manage your android phone fast and easy with your PC.It comes with a lot of useful features like phone contact manager,app manager etc.

In this article,we will discuss how to connect mobile go to android phone and manage your phone using mobile go android manager.

Download Mobile go PC suite

You need to download two versions of Mobile go PC suite.One for PC and one for your android device.
You can visit mobile go product page to get more details about mobile go android pc suite .Visit mobile go product page .
You can download mobile go for PC from this link Download.
Download android version for phone from this link. Download.
Save apk file in phone and install it in phone.

Installing mobile go

  • Double click to launch the download manager.
  • Click install to start downloading and installing.
    mobile go android pc suite

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Syncing android phone with Mobile go

Mobile go can be connected to android phone using USB or WiFi.Connecting using USB is easy and fast.WiFi connection is also fast but consumes battery charge more.

Connecting Mobile go using USB

You don’t need to install mobile go android version for connecting using a USB.We only need to download and install android manager in PC.

  • Launch Mobile go software in PC.
  • Connect your phone to PC with USB.
  • In your android phone,go to settings – developers settings and activate USB debugging.
  • Or you can connect by activating USB tethering.For activating USB tethering,go settings – wireless & networks – tethering & portable hot spot and tap USB tethering option.
  • Now software will search for connected device and synchronize with phone automatically.

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Connecting using WiFi Tethering

You need to install Mobile go android app in your phone for connecting using WiFi.
mobile go android pc suite

  • Launch Mobile go in your PC.
  • Click ‘connect new device’ option shown on left side of software.
  • Switch on phone’s WiFi.You need to scan the bar-code shown in the software with your mobile phone’s camera for connecting.
  • Now open android app in your phone.For start scanning the QR-code,tap the small QR-code icon shown in top right of the android app.
  • In next window,tap scan QR code to connect option.Your phone’ camera will start and adjust your phone to scan the code.
  • After scanning phone will get connected automatically.

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Features of Mobile go

  1. Backup restore and restore :- With mobile go,you can easily create a backup of anything in your phone to PC.You can backup media files,messages,contacts,apps etc.You can restore it back in a single click.This feature is very useful if you are changing to a new android phone or factory resetting your phone.You can backup everything from your old phone to PC and then connect your new phone and restore files to it.
  2. File manager :- Mobile go comes with a easy to use file manager which helps to transfer files between your phone and PC easy and fast.
  3. Contact manager :- Mobile go comes in handy if you have a lot of contacts in your phone.Mobile go helps you to group contacts,create new contacts,delete unwanted contacts directly from your PC.
  4. Application manager :- This is my favorite feature of mobile go.You can directly download android apps in PC and install it in your phone.Another good feature is that you can delete pre installed apps in your phone without rooting.You can delete unwanted applications and create back up of apps also.If you are facing low phone memory problem in phone,then you can move apps from phone memory to SD card using Mobile go.
  5. SMS manager :- Mobile go have option to send bulk sms to your friends directly from your PC.You can also backup sms in your PC in text format.

Mobile go extras

Apart from normal features,mobile go have some extra useful features.

  • Performance booster :- Performance booster helps to make your android phone faster by optimizing RAM usage and boosting installed apps in your phone.For optimizing RAM,launch mobile go in your phone and tap the boost option in main page.For selectively boosting installed apps performance,tap app boost option in main page.In next window,mobile go will show a list of apps which can be boosted.You can select the apps and boost it.
  • Wontube mp3 downloader :- You can search and download music file directly using wontube.
  • YouTube :- Watch YouTube videos directly from mobile go.

Wondershare mobile go is a must have tool for every android user for manage your android phone easily.