Mi PC Suite Tutorial

Nowadays, most of the personal or commercial tasks are performed through smartphones. These devices have changed the way of life. In order to carry out your business task, you save details of your clients. However, the phone may get stolen or lost any time. Therefore, you need a backup of your old data. Mi PC Suite is the software tool that helps you to save your valuable data.

Features of Mi PC Suite

You have seen that Mi PC Suite performs the role of backup manager. If this is the case, will users go for it? You need some other facilities too. The good news is that you need not pay any money to install this software. Just having an internet connection, a well-maintained PC is sufficient to manage your smartphone.

Mi PC Suite Is Compatible

A phone management software becomes popular when it can be used across different mobile phones. Same is the case with Mi PC Suite. This software tool can be readily used to manage files on Xiaomi mobile phones like Mi3, Mi4, Mi4c, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note 2 Prime, Redmi Note Prime Mi Note Pro, Redmi 2 Prime and Mi Pad.


When you are busy at work, you may not sufficient time to talk. It may happen that one of your customers will be coming to your office. Due to some reason, you want to postpone the meeting. By using Mi PC Suite, you can easily leave a message for your customer.

Go through another example. You have just received a bulk order from your client. The condition is that you need to fulfill the order in short time. There are other important tasks that you need to perform.

It is also not possible to give a call to every team member. Mi PC Suite offers you a provision where you can compose a message and send it to multiple recipients. This way you save time as well as improve the productivity of your business.


Every day, you meet many people around you. You build relationships to fulfill your business or socializing goals. Gradually, contacts pile up in the phonebook. It may happen that when you want to save some important contact numbers, no space is available.

In that case, you have to delete the contact numbers that are of no use to you. Manually browsing the phonebook consumes lot of time. When you connect your phone to PC through Mi PC Suite, the phonebook gets displayed on the computer screen. Now it becomes easy for you to go through the contact numbers and strike off those that are no longer important for you.

You can also arrange the numbers in groups if you want. This software not only helps at deleting numbers, you can smartly add contact numbers as per your requirements.

Managing Music and Video Files

Sometimes you need relaxation to de-stress your mind. For that, you listen to music or watch a video. After connecting the phone to the PC through this software, the music list is displayed vividly on screen. Now it becomes easy for you to select and play songs which you wish to listen. If you wish, you can dedicate songs to your friends or peers on some occasions. It is up to you how you can use this feature.


Mi PC Suite helps you to perform screencasting. What is it? Look at this example. You have a meeting scheduled with your client. You have prepared a presentation at late hours at your home. Next day, your client will arrive at your office to attend the meet. You cannot display the contents on your phone as the move will be unimpressive.

Just install Mi PC Suite on your computer. After the installation, select the screencasting option. Display the graphs or charts in sequence. Your client will easily understand the purpose of the meet and you can smartly fulfill your business goals.

File Manager

You may browse the internet on your phone to research on a topic. In the process, you download the relevant files or save the web pages for your future reference. When you want to access the required file, you are facing difficulty to search the same as many files have piled up.

Therefore, you need to manage files as per the contents. It means that assortment is required so that the files can be accessed quickly. By using Mi PC Suite, you can manage your phone’s external and internal file systems.

Data Recovery

You are using a smartphone. It may happen that a model has been launched and you are eyeing for the same. You have your valuable data in your old phone.

It is a challenging job to again approach your clients and friends and ask them their contact details. You may have important business files on your phone. Those files may include invoices, accounting reports, etc. It will take substantial time to again store the same data on your new phone if you do the job manually.

Why don’t you automate the process? Mi PC Suite is the tool that allows you to recover data. The tool allows you to create a backup of your data on PC and when required, you can transfer the data to your new phone.

Spring Cleaning

This new feature has been added to the new version of Mi PC Suite. The feature allows you to clean up the memory and create space for accommodating heavy files.

These are the features of Mi PC Suite. Install this phone management software and get the best mobile experience. Start the installation process now.

Step 1 – The first step of installation is to visit the Mi page. Here, you have to create a user account.

Step 2 – After you have registered at the site, click on the resource link to download the official English PC Suite on your computer.

Step 3 – Once the software is downloaded, you have to install the application on PC.

Step 4 – Wait for some time for the installation to complete. Once the installation process is complete, connect the computer to the phone with USB cable.

Step 5 – After the phone is connected to the computer, the model of the phone is visible on the computer screen along with the application features of the phone management software.

mi pc

Step 6 – After the connection between the phone and the computer has been established properly, the phone uses the internet connection of the PC. From the application window, you can smartly manage your phone like upgrading or uninstalling apps, managing SMS and contacts, uploading and playing video and music files, etc.

Flashing Fastboot ROM on Bricked Xiaomi Phone

If your phone is bricked, do not worry. Mi PC Suite allows you to flash the fastboot ROM. Flashing the fastboot ROM on Xiaomi phone is simple.

Sometimes the operating system of your phone may get deleted accidentally. It might have happened that during the time of installation of any custom ROM, your mobile phone got stuck in Fastboot mode. The only solution to bring the phone back in proper order is to install stock ROM. This process can be carried out by using Mi PC Suite.


Before you start using Mi PC Suite for flashing the Fastboot ROM, you have to ensure that the phone is fully charged. During this process, all user data will be deleted. It is crucial that you create a backup of your data before starting the flashing process.

Starting the Process

Step 1 – First, you have to download and install the Fastboot drivers and ADB for your bricked Xiaomi phone.

Step 2 – Wait for some time for the installation of the drivers to complete. After that go to en.miui.com and register yourself.

Step 3 – Click on the resource link for downloading Mi PC Suite. Once the download is complete, install the software on PC.

Step 4 – After installing Mi PC Suite on the computer, you need to switch your mobile phone off.

Step 5 – Press the power button and volume key together in order to enter into Fastboot mode.

Step 6 – Connect the computer to the mobile phone with USB cable.

Step 7 – Open the Mi PC Suite on PC. The model of the phone is displayed on the application screen. The screen also flashes the message that your phone is connected to the computer.

Step 8 – Once your Xiaomi phone is connected, a new popup screen on Mi PC Suite will appear along with Fastboot ROM files. You have to select the Stable option. This option will download all Fastboot files and flash the same on the bricked phone.


Step 9 – If you are unable to track the ROM file on the application screen, then you need to choose the “Update” option and then click on “Flash” button.


Step 10 – You will now see the option of flashing Fastboot ROM on your mobile phone. Choose the “Stable” option and wait for some time for the process to complete.

The English version of Mi PC Suite is open source software. The tool allows you to perform file management tasks on your phone with ease.