JoinMe ZTE PC Suite Tutorial

ZTE is a China-based mobile manufacturing company that started its operation in 1985. The company introduced the world’s first CDMA phone with detachable SIM card in 2000. According to the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone tracker findings, ZTE emerged as the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer of the world in the third quarter of 2012. The company manufactures all kinds of phones ranging from entry to professional levels.

ZTE has introduced a new solution for managing documents and files on ZTE phones. The solution is called JoinMe for ZTE phones, which is a PC Suite. The best part of this PC side management tool is that users need not pay any money to use it.

Why should you use JoinMe for ZTE phones?

This file management solution offers several benefits that can make the experience of using ZTE phones easier. When a ZTE phone is connected to the computer, you can use JoinMe ZTE PC suite to check the storage of SD card and phone along with number of contacts, call records, short messages, video files, music files, applications and images.

When many Android devices are connected to the computer, you can use JoinMe ZTE PC Suite for switching between the devices easily. If you have lost your phone, you need not worry about losing information as restoration and backup functions are available in this software. The SD card function makes it easier for exporting and importing files.

Enjoy Seamless Messaging

In order to enjoy seamless messaging, JoinMe ZTE PC suite transforms all messages into single contact and displays them in sequential order. You can easily initiate conversations with your nearest and dearest ones through messaging. With tabs like failed to send, sent, unread, unsent or stored, it becomes easy for checking the messages.


ZTE software

ZTE software


Managing Contacts

Contact management assists you in segregating contacts into different groups. You can view the contact list as per the frequency of contact. By using the smart search function, you can spot your friends quickly by entering their contact number or part of their name in the search bar.

After you find a contact, you can type a message or edit the contact information. You can manage contacts on your phone and also edit, delete or add contacts on your SIM card. This tool helps in attaining mutual backup and transferring contacts on SIM card and phone. For easy recognition, you can set an icon for each friend.

Contact manager ZTE

Contact manager ZTE

Check Status of Calls

You can quickly analyze the nature of call by using the JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. You can add the unsaved contacts to the contact list directly or select a contact for sending a message.

Calls manager ZTE

Calls manager ZTE

Take Care of Your Entertainment Needs

The entertainment section of this software tool includes picture, music and video management. You can manage every kind of audio file on your device and set ringtones by using the JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. This tool also helps you in checking each type of video files. You can rotate, edit and crop images by using this tool.

ZTE images manager

ZTE image manager

App Management

In JoinMe ZTE PC Suite, you can go through all system applications and apps. The favorite apps include various cool games and office management solutions. The best feature of these applications is that without uninstalling, you can easily transfer apps between the phone memory and SD card.

App manager

App manager

Allows Easy Upgrade

Upgrading an Android OS system is critical. JoinMe ZTE PC Suite can allow you to fix system bugs for making your phone operate smooth. In addition, by using this tool, you can try new functions and upgrade the existing OS.

Calendar Management

Schedule management is one of the best features of JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. This tool allows you to display all schedules in the form of week, day or month view so that you can prioritize your tasks easily. For additional security, you can create a backup of your schedules on the PC.

Calendar Management

Calendar Management

These are the benefits of using JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. Now, it is time to download and install the software tool on your PC.

Steps for Installing JoinMe

Step 1 – First, you need to open the installer. Then, you have to spot the installer file and apply double click to open the same.

Step 2 – After opening the installer, click on “run” or “yes” option. In this step, you have to authorize the installer by using the security dialogue.

Step 3 – After running the file, you will come across a set of instructions. Read the instruction for installing the software.

After the installation is complete, you can easily manage information on your device by connecting to the PC. Enter contacts in PC, create a backup or transfer them to another device. With this software tool, you can send messages to your friends in short time. By connecting to the internet through your mobile phone, share music, video or image files between the computer and your device.

How to Take Backup and Restore Data?

It may happen that your phone may get misplaced in the future. Will you lose all your valuable information? Do not worry. JoinMe ZTE PC Suite allows you to create a backup and restore data. This tool helps you to save your important data on PC and restore it in future.

First, you have to download the JoinMe ZTE PC Suite software. It is easy to perform the installation procedure. Once the installation is complete, you have to start the application.

What do You need to Do?

If your phone works on Android 4.2 or earlier version, then you have to go to the phone menu. Then click at “go to settings” and open the “applications”. Go to “development” and click “USB debugging” and go through the checkbox.

Before proceeding further, check USB debugging options. The way of checking options depends on the version of Android you use.

If you are using Android 4.2, then you have to go through following steps.

Step 1 – Go to settings

Step 2 – Then click at “applications”

Step 3 – Open “development”

Step 4 – Then click on “USB debugging”.

If you are using Android version below 4.2, then you can perform USB debugging in following ways.

Step1 – Go to “settings”

Step 2 – Click on “development”.

Step 3- Then click on “USB debugging”

If you are using a version above 4.2

Step 1 – Click on “build number 7 times in “settings” menu.

Step 2 – Go to “about phone” menu

Step 3 – After clicking “about phone”, open “build number” icon. Then go to settings interface where you can check the status of USB debugging.

You can also use ZTE phone by using Wi-Fi connection. If you want to create backup through a wireless connection, you have to ensure that your computer shares the same Wi-Fi router. However, you cannot restore the data via Wi-Fi. For that, you need USB cable.

Step 1 – Connect USB cable to the ZTE phone and PC.

Step 2 – After you have connected the phone to the PC with USB cable, within few minutes, it will install the driver software.

Step 3 – After the installation of the driver software, the mobile will be treated as a connected device.

Step 4 – Click on the icon or on the device’s name, which is located next to the battery icon in order to list music, apps, images, etc. Check the USB cable in case the phone is not listed.

Step 5 – For creating the backup, click on the “backup” button.

Step 6 – A window will pop up, where you can choose all the information that you wish to save. Your SMS, call logs will fail to list if you switch off the GSM wireless mode.

Step 7 – Tap on the check box and click on the “begin” icon for initiating the backup procedure.

Step 8 – After clicking the “begin” option, then click the “OK” menu.

Step 9 – There will be an automatic creation of the backup folder.

A password will encrypt the file. So, you cannot open it on the PC.

Step 10 – After the completion of the backup procedure, click “finish” menu to close the window.

Now, you can view the backup folder.

Restoring Backup Files

Step 1 – Connect the phone to the computer by using USB cable.

Step 2 – Tap the “restore” button and a warning box will appear.

Step 3 – Click on “OK” option.

Step 4 – Choose your preferred backup file and click on the “next” option.

Step 5 – After the completion of step 4, you need to choose the data you wish to restore. If you want to restore the entire data, click at “check all” menu. Tap on the “next” menu and then click on “OK” button.

The restoration process will be completed within few minutes. The time for restoration varies depending on the size of the backup data.

This is how seamlessly you can manage the data of your phone by using JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. With this tool, you can raise productivity at your work by scheduling your tasks with ease. Spend your leisure time comfortably by sharing pictures, videos, music with your friends by using this software free of cost.