Is holding the power button on a computer bad?

Basically, yes holding the power button on your computer while your computer is on is bad idea. Let me explain why.

When you are holding the power button for about 8+ seconds your computer will cut off power inside all components in your computer – Hard reset. Some components like hard disk are sensitive to sudden power loss and if you hold power button for more than 8+ seconds it can damage your hard disk which leads to data loss. But let’s face reality if your computer is not responding to any pressing a key on your keyboard and computer mouse is completely dead and on your computer monitor nothing is happening you will probably need to use a hard reset button (holding the power button to reset of the computer) to wake up your computer.

How to check if your hard disk is damaged after holding the power on your computer?

If is always good to check your hard drive if your hard drive is damage after holding the power button. If you are using Windows 10 open your computer.

  • Select drive inside your computer.
  • Right mouse click on the selected drive
  • Select Properties

  • Select Tools and press button to Check hard disk error

After that process of checking disk will start. It depends on your disk size how long process of checking the disk will take. But for the standard disk you can expect from 5-10 min. In this process, Windows will check for errors on your disk and try to fix them.

How to prevent data loss when holding the power button?

You’ve probably heard it before but having solid backup is crucial to prevent data loss in such case. Check what are options to set daily backup of your important files on your computer.





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