Is driving with Bluetooth legal?

Yes, driving with Bluetooth is legal. But you must be careful before driving you must connect your device and your mobile phone you can’t touch your mobile phone when you are driving. 

Example let’s say that you have Bluetooth earphone. When your car is safely parked you must connect your mobile phone and Bluetooth earphones.

When you are driving you can only answer on Bluetooth earphone with voice command or short touch on Bluetooth earphones you can’t answer on your mobile phone! Be careful never lose sight of the road.

Those hands-free devices are very popular in the last years check different configurations for connecting your mobile phone with Bluetooth.

Some other Bluettoh options:

  • directly connected your mobile phone over Bluetooth with the car radio and voice command answer when you are using mobile phone option while driving. The big advantage of this option is that most cars already have built-in Bluetooth connection option so you don’t need to buy new equipment. Another big advantage is that when you will receive a call on your mobile phone your car radio will automatically turn off your music and offer you the option to answer on the call.



  • Bluetooth earphone. Bluetooth options are very popular especially if your car does not have a hands-free option. You can simply connect your mobile phone with your Bluetooth earphone and talk when you are driving.



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