iPhone PC Suite Tutorial

iPhone PC Suite Tutorial

TunesGo is an iPhone PC suite that performs various PC management activities. This PC management suite allows you to backup photos, contacts, messages, music, playlists and much more. Even this PC management tool can share data between iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now, you need not become worry about data loss as this tool can help you at creating a backup. Compatibility issues have been solved with iPhone PC Suite as it can convert videos and music to iPad, iPod and iPhone supported formats. Keep reading to know how this PC suite solves most of the PC management issues.

iPhone PC Suite Tutorial

iPhone PC Suite Works As iTunes Alternative

TunesGo can not only backup iPhone, but it can also sync files from computer and iTunes library to iPhone as iTunes alternative. Any video or music transferred from iTunes or computer to iPhone is automatically converted to the formats supported by iPhone.

Format conversion feature is helpful when you use a new iPhone and import contacts from Outlook Express, vCard files, Windows Live Mail, Windows Address Book and Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013. The important feature of TunesGo is that it prevents iTunes from getting automatically synced with your iPhone.

iPhone PC Suite Performs Backup Tasks

As an iPhone backup tool, TunesGo can perform those tasks which iTunes cannot do. The iPhone Pc suite can selectively create a backup for contacts of iPhone including Exchange, cloud, Google, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook contacts, SMS, MMS and iMessages.

This PC suite can also backup music including play counts, ratings, skips, playlists and artworks. If you want to create addition copies photo albums, photos, videos, movies, iTunes U, Podcasts, TV shows, music videos, playlists or audiobooks, it can be easily done through TunesGo.

Files that are transferred from iPhone to iTunes and computer with iPhone PC suite are stored as common formats instead of unreadable iTunes backup files. Apart from selectively backing up iPhone data, you can also restore iPhone with selected backup files by using this software without changing settings and erasing contents.

Transfers Data Between iPhone, iPad and iPod

Apart from backing up data from iPhone, iPad and iPod to iTunes and computer, and syncing files from iTunes and computer to iPod, iPad and iPhone, TunesGo also allows you to transfer data between iPad, iPod and iPhone directly. This feature is useful when you switch to new iPod, iPad or iPhone. The file transfer process is compatible with all models of iPod nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad and iPad.

Syncs iPhone Data

You can perform different tasks with iPhone PC suite like transferring iPhone data, backing up iPhone and syncing iPhone. This iPhone management software allows you to transfer files between iTunes, computer, iPhone, iPad and iPod with least effort through drag and drop.

The audios or videos dragged to the “Music” category will automatically be converted into audio formats that are compatible with iPhone. Videos dragged under “Movies” category will be automatically converted into video formats that run smooth on iPhone. It is much easier to use TunesGo than using iTunes. Moreover, iPhone PC suite can perform those tasks, which iTunes cannot perform like delete duplicate contacts, backup iPhone data without limitations and much more.

Managing iPhone Files

Apart from transferring files between iTunes, PC, iPod, iPad and iPhone, iPhone PC suite allows you to manage iPhone files directly on the PC. You can add new contacts, edit contacts, remove duplicate contacts and flip first and last names on iPhone. For taking care of entertainment needs, you can add images to albums, create new photo albums and delete photos.

These are some of the functions which iPhone PC Suite can do for you. Now, you have to know how these functions are to be performed on your phone.

Backing Up Photos with TunesGo

TunesGo is one of the iPhone management applications, which allows you to transfer images and other media files from iPhone to the computer easily.

Steps for Transferring Photos from iPhone to Computer with TunesGo

Step 1 – Download TunesGo program from a reliable resource link. Both Mac and Windows versions are available. Therefore, it  will not a problem to work with the program.

Step 2 – Install and launch the application on the computer.

Step 3 – Connect iPhone to the PC with USB cable. For best result, use USB cables recommended by Apple. After connecting the devices, the main interface screen will open.

Step 4 – Click on the “Photos” menu on the top panel of TunesGo.  You will see photo albums under photo directory like Photo Library, Camera Roll, etc.

Step 5 – Choose photos, which you wish to transfer to your computer from one of the albums.

Step 6 – Click on “Export” option

Step 7 – After opening “Export” menu, click on “Export to PC” option.

Step 8 – Browse and confirm the destination folder on the computer.

Step 9 – After confirming the destination folder, click on “OK” button to start transferring task. The process will be completed within a few seconds.

Syncing Files from Computer to iPhone 

If you are not habitual of using iTunes, you can use a handy tool namely TunesGo for syncing files from computer to your iPhone. This application runs on both Mac and Windows and it is fully compatible with iOS 9 and iTunes 12.1.

Steps to Sync Files from Computer to iPhone

Step 1 – Download TunesGo from a reliable resource link.

Step 2 – Install the application and run it on the computer

Step 3 – Connect the iPhone to the PC with USB cable. The application automatically detects the phone as soon as it is connected to the computer.

Step 4 – On the top of the interface screen, you can choose the file type like Photos, Videos, Music, etc.

Step 5 – After selecting a file, you have to click on the “+Add” button

Step 6 – In the drop-down list, select “Add File” option to import the chosen file directly from the computer to iPhone. Alternatively, you can click on “Add Folder” tab for adding the files to the chosen folder.

Syncing iTunes to iPhone with TunesGo

iTunes can be used for syncing different content types on iPhone. When you use iTunes, all the files stored in your phone will be erased and overwritten during the process. In order to overcome this problem, you need to use TunesGo.

By using TunesGo, you can transfer various kinds of files from iTunes to your phone. This tool does not overwrite any previous content on your phone. The homepage of the software is easy to understand and facilitates syncing within a short time.

Step 1 – Download TunesGo from a certified source.

Step 2 – Connect your phone to computer by using USB cable.

Step 3 – When you browse the main interface of the iPhone PC Suite, you have to click on the “Transfer iTunes Media to Device” option.

Step 4 – A pop-up window will appear and it will display the list of media files that are stored in iTunes.

Step 5 – The checking process of the whole library in iTunes will start. You can unselect files which you do not wish to transfer to iPhone.

Step 6 – After choosing the files, click on “Transfer” tab which is located at the right corner of the bottom screen.

Step 7 – Provide tap on “OK” button for completing the process.

Sometimes, contact duplication takes place on iPhone that creates confusion for the user. Duplicated contacts should be deleted so as to get the best results from the phone. For that, users need a reliable tool and TunesGo is the tool that provides satisfactory results.

In addition, iPhone user should use TunesGo as per the guidelines laid by the developer for obtaining the best results. The software is not only easy to use, but it can also ensure that users receive best out of the idea which has been embedded within it.

Deleting Duplicated Contacts on iPhone

Step 1 – Download and install TunesGo on the computer

Step 2 – Connect iPhone to the computer. Soon the program detects the phone.

Step 3 – After the software detects the phone, you have to ensure that the contacts bar has been clicked on the left panel.

Step 4- Click on de-duplicate tab. This will detect duplicate contacts and display them.

Step 5 – After duplicate contacts are detected, you have to press “delete” tab. Beforehand, you have to select supplicate contacts.

Deleting All Contacts from iPhone

Step 1 – Download and install TunesGo on the PC

Step 2 – Establish a connection between iPhone and computer with USB cable. Use Apple certified USB cable for attaining best result.

Step 3 – Once the phone is connected to the computer, the software detects the phone.

Step 4 – The phone data is displayed on left panel. Select the contacts bar.

Step 5 – Select the contacts that are to be deleted

Step 6 – Click on the “delete” tab and the selected contacts will be deleted.

This iPhone PC Suite is handy and can perform a wide range of phone management tasks. The developer has added some functionalities that make it superior to iTunes.