How to track my girlfriend’s phone with spyzie application

Spyzie application can be used to monitor your girlfriend’s online activities, you would be able to monitor and save her call logs, track text messages, analyse her browsing history, read notes and reminders, view installed apps, track GPS location, browse contacts, monitor her Whatsapp, access her calendar, manage photos and videos. Phew!! Talk about the whole 9 yards.

To access all features of Spyzie application, the following conditions must be met:

-A Spyzie premium account which is used to access the control panel and use all features available.

-Access to the phone you want to track

-The monitoring app should be installed and activated on the target android phone

-The control panel app is optional is you prefer to use monitored data using the app.

How would you monitor your girlfriend’s android phone or tablet PCs using Spyzie app?

-Create a Spyzie account using an authentic email address

  • Go to website:


-Install the Spyzie application – after registration, you must complete the setup process to get access to the full functionality of the app. It may take several minutes to complete the setup procesd on the target phone.

-On the first page of the Spyzie wizard setup, put a name that can be used to identify the owner of the monitored phone and it is compulsory to select the operating system of the monitored phone, if it’s an android version that is running on the target phone, select the android option, same goes for an iPhone device.

-Go to the settings feature of the phone, select the security option, allow the installation of apps from unknown sources from play store, select “ok”

-Next,  download and install the monitoring app, you can find the download link on the setup wizard page. Visit “” on the target phone and click download to download the Spyzie app. When the download is complete,  check the notification pop-up window or the phones downloads folder to install the application.

-Next,  open the installed application and and sign into your Spyzie account. Select “Start” to activate the device administrator service and all permissions must be allowed in this step, immediately the service is activated, the app icon will automatically be deleted and the app will work in stealth mode.

-How to view monitored data via the control panel

After completing the installation process on the target phone, complete the setup process in your phone or computer. You will be redirected from the wizard page to the control panel dashboard which can also be accessed online by visiting “” or by downloading) the control panel app (download link can be found in your registration email or from the dashboard).

-It usually takes several minutes to sync all data from the monitored device when accessing the control panel for the first time. The function menu on the top left of the control panel lists all supported features.

-Click the refresh icon to sync the latest data on the dashboard. Also note that if the monitored device is not connected to the internet or if powered off, the Spyzie app cannot push new data to the control panel.

-For iOS devices, you will need to verify the iCloud ID on the target device before you can start monitoring.

Pricing Features

There are different pricing plans from which you can choose from for an Android device or an iOS device.

Android devices-

Premium Edition (with restricted functionality)

1-Month License Costs $29.99

3-Month License Costs $39.99

1-Year License Costs $89.99


Ultimate Edition (with full functionality)

1-Month License Costs $39.99

3-Month License Costs $49.99

1-Year License Costs $99.99

All Android Editions require physical access to the target android phone.

iOS Device

1-Month Licence Costs $39.99 (only available option)

The iOS premium edition requires iCloud login credentials on the target phone.

It should also be noted that there is a free trial version available.