How to track my girlfriend’s phone with iKeyMonitor application

iKeyMonitor application can be used to monitor your girlfriend’s SMS and messenger apps, it offers comprehensive tracking features such as call history log, call recording, SMS messages,  keystrokes, clipboard, websites visited, take screenshots, GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, you can have access to her multimedia files, phone information such as contacts, emails, calendar, phone control and the app is discreet and secure with easy remote control.

How to start

iKeyMonitor offers only one paid monthly plan for all devices which costs $49.99 to unlock all features.

There is a free trial version for 3 days and a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee is also included.

How to start using this application:

Go to website:

Select you phone OS system:


Enter your data user Id, Email

Now go to your email and check login credentials from ikeymonitor website.




Open this link with mobile phone of your girlfriend. It will be much easier to install application because you can directly download .apk – installation file on your girlfriend’s mobile phone.

Enter username and password:

Now you must install iKeyMonitor to  your girlfriend’s mobile phone

Choose the type of device of your girlfriend’s phone:


Because I have open login website directly on mobile phone of my girlfriend’s I will select first option (Download spy app directly on device and install it).

Download ikeyMonitor for Android

Open iKeyMonitor-Android.apk on girlfriend’s phone



After installing you must allow application iKeyMonitor to get all permission on your girlfriend’s mobile phone.


After allowing permission you must enter license key (you find license key in your email):

Now you must “Continue as User App (No root)”


Application will be opened now you must configure your girlfriend’s mobile phone to work with application.

Just select View the Guide button to view what you must configure on your mobile phone:



After application is configured you can complitly remove notification on girlfriend’s mobile phone (“You don’t want that your girlfriend’s will know that you install application on there mobile phone”).


Remove all notification inside application


After selecting Next button application will open check that “Monitoring status” is enabled.

Now restart your girlfriend’s mobile phone. After restart application is hidden in background you can’t find it.

If you want to reopen application you must dial number: #8888*


Application will be open now:


Now everything is configured on your girlfriend’s mobile phone. Now you can return mobile phone to you girlfriend 😉

How to check what your girlfriend is doing on mobile phone

After you return mobile phone to your girlfriend go to your computer or mobile phone and open website: with you username and password (you have it on your email)


Now you can check inside your control panel what is happening on your girlfriend’s mobile phone. You can check call logs, sms, viber chats etc….