How to track my girlfriend’s phone for free with KID control app

Kid Control app is a very useful app that allows you locate your girlfriend especially when she cannot or would not answer her phones. It supports a wide range of smart phones and smart wristwatches. Kid Control allows you to do a lot like receive her current location, and also trace her previous locations. The app tracks by GPS location and gives an exact location of the user, it also gives information concerning the internet connectivity status and battery life. Kid app also tracks the location via Wi-Fi,

How to install Kid Control:

You can check installation process on youtube video:

Or follow this tutorial:

  1. Visit the website and select the download option for your mobile platform (android or IOS) and then download the app.
  2. The app should install after download is complete and then you should follow the prompts to navigate the app and set your preferences. You can also invite other people to join in.

If you have a smart watch you want to track, you can also connect it and select the option to have it tracked.

The application is currently free, but a paid version will be available for users to upgrade to; the upgrade would offer more options that would enable you track more and receive SMS updates.

Let’s begin first install application on your your mobile phone.

Open browser and go top website:



After install open application


Application will make request for calls


Application will make request for location

Now just must register Kids Control application:


Enter your name, your email and password to create kidcontol account.


Now you have create kid control account. After login you will see your location on google map.


Now we will generate code for connecting  your girlfriend’s mobile phone to your account inside kids control application.


Select new user Child

Now you have received invitation code. You will enter invitation code inside your girlfriend’s mobile phone.

Now go to your girlfriend’s phone and repeat whole process of installation.

When you will get to option of registering kid-control account instead of register user enter invite code option.


Enter invitation code generated from you phone.


After entering invitation code inside your girlfriend’s mobile phone. Your girlfriends phone will be shown inside application map on your mobile phone. Now you can easily track your girlfriend location….

Another option of viewing your girlfriends location in inside web browser  please check youtube video where we explain how to view girlfriends location inside webbrowser.