How to track my girlfriend’s phone for free with GPS Phone Tracker

Tracking your girlfriend’s device is also possible using “GPS Phone Tracker” app on Android play store. It can be used to track your girlfriend’s location in real time. This app is offered by Family Safety Production which requires a memory capacity of 39mb (as at the time of this research)  and it requires an Android OS of Android  4.4 and above.  The application has over 10 million installations with thousands of positive reviews.

This application reviews the activities and information on your girlfriend’s device such as her browsing history, which apps are running and bookmarks. It also accesses the Calendar, Contacts, Location, Phone logs, Media files,  Camera, Wi-Fi connection information, Device ID and call information and it also receives data from the internet, all this are possible if the app is granted the required permission to access the the device.


How to download GPS Phone Tracker application

You can look how to install and configure application inside following video:

To download GPS Phone Tracking, open google play store on your android device and search for “GPS Phone Tracking”, click the install button and enjoy this handy, easy-to-use app that uses the latest GPS technology to help you track your girlfriend’s device activities.

It is free to install but there is a paid version if you wish to unlock other additional services.

First you must install application on your mobile phone (not on girlfriend’s) that you get code for your circle:





After install open application on your mobile phone:



Now enter phone number:

On your mobile phone you will receive sms verification code:

Now you must create password and enter you email address:


Now you must create circle to get code for your circle.


Now you will receive circle code. You must save circle code because you will enter circle code into your girlfriend’s mobile phone.


Now you must repeat whole installation process on your girlfriend’s phone (download application, install on mobile phone,register etc)

When you will get to circle step you must enter circle code from your phone.

If you go back to your mobile phone you will see your girlfriend’s phone inside your circle – on google maps:

For creating and joining your girlfriends mobile phone you can look the following youtube tutorial: