How to track my girlfriend’s phone for free with Google application

(You must know your girlfriend’s  gmail email and password to use this application)

Track your girlfriend’s android phone for free using  an app on google playstore called “Google Find My Device”. This app requires a memory capacity of 3.5mb and an android OS version of 4.0 and above, plus it has more than 500 thousand reviews and over 50 million downloads (as at the time of this research).

Tracking your girlfriend using your android device makes it easier to keep track of your girlfriend’s location and in a situation where the phone gets missing, you could easily track its location with this app. Google Find My Device has features such as

  • See the device location on a map and if the current device location is unavailable, the last known location would be displayed.
  • Play a sound at full volume even is the device is on silent which can be used to easily locate the device is missing.
  • You Can erase or lock the device with a custom message on the lock screen.
  • You can see the network and battery status of the device.

You can view your girlfriend location with application or you can view your girlfriend location inside web browser (check below).

View location of your girlfriend with google Play application

You can check youtube tutorial or check how to install application below:

Download and install the application on your phone. Go to google play:


After installing the application, open it up and sign in using your girlfriend email address and password.

Don’t forget to allow find my device location.

Open up your personal device and search for “Find my device” and log into your girlfriend account using the details you used , you would see your girlfriend’s device that is connected to that account, you would check the current location of your girlfriend and you could also lock the device in situations where her device got stolen. If you don’t see location of your girlfriend phone you must wait until you girlfriend will turn on GPS and mobile data.



View girlfriend location inside web browser


You can track your girlfriend over web browser. Got to website:  if login box appears enter your girlfriend’s e-mail address and password.


Click on mobile phone now you can use locate function to see your girlfriend’s mobile phone on google maps.


Your girlfriends mobile phone on google maps: