How to listen to podcasts on a mobile phone?

What is the
A podcast is an audio program which normally consists of
the number of episodes and can be listened after downloading from the
internet. After downloading, users can listen to a podcast on the
computer or mobile phone. It is called podcast because in the past
most people download and listen to them on the iPod. Users can
download the podcast with the help of the podcast software. Different
software contains several shows and the user can subscribe to their
favorite show. And the latest episode of the podcast can be installed
quickly if there is any. There are different applications to listen
to podcasts for the Android and iPhone and apps for different systems
have their unique advantages.

to listen to Podcast on Android

Nowadays there are unlimited apps for podcasting on Android that make the selection of software very difficult. Each application is unique in terms of features but I have explained some of the most popular and useful applications based on ease to use and their features. Podcast apps can be installed, manage and run your favourite show and save the user from searching and installing the podcast.


It is one of the most installed podcast apps for the Android system in recent times. Users will find it very easy to use and personalize. It provides users the facility to make their list of audio files and after downloading, a podcast can listen without the internet. Audio Files can be stored in the memory card. You can download podcastGo on Google Play.


Podcast Player is another preferred software for Android users. You can find podcasts related to every entertainment topic on it. It provides a facility of a variety of themes and more than seventy thousand radio channels without any cost. It also provides you sleep mode option. You can download Podcast Player on Google Play.


Podcast Addict offers a user-friendly interface and the software will upgrade regularly automatically. It is compatible with RSS reader and provides a full display feature and sleep mode option along with numerous other options. Unlimited podcast facility and searching a show or episode is very easy. You can download Podcast Addict on Google Play.


To use Google Podcasts, you must have the Google account first. It is the main software for listening podcasts on the Android system and i will highly suggest it. You will be able to experience a lot of radio stations and live podcasts without any cost. You can search a particular podcast with the help of keyword in the google search bar. You can download Google Podcasts on Google Play.


Podcast App enhances the listening experience of the users. It is free and there are no advertisements during its use and offers attractive themes and numerous podcasts, radio stations without any cost. A user can make the list of the audio files according to its wish and can use the sleep mode option. You can log in to this software with the help of Google.


Stitcher is a very famous and amazingly designed modern podcast software for both iPhone and Android. Lightweight app and includes the comprehensive list of podcasts and facilities of in-car play. Merged and compatible with the wireless speaker and users can make a list of their favourite programs. You can download Stitcher on Google Play.

to listen to Podcast on iPhone

Like android there
are numerous apps are available for iPhone to listen to the podcast.
I have summarized some apps that are very useful and give excellent


Overcast is most widely app that is furnished with numerous advance features. Although it does not provide very catchy visuals like other apps it’s the best attribute is the ability to enhance the audio volume and Smart Speed. This software can be used with Apple watch. You can download Overcast on App Store


It is the
recommended app for those iPhone users who like to subscribe to a
large number of shows.

This app is very useful for managing the playlist library. If a user subscribes to his favorite show, it will include a new tab where all the files related to that show will be saved after downloading. Silent trimming and the compatibility with the apple watch are useful features and it charges a fee to unblock special features. You can download Castro on AppStore


The best feature of this app is Siri assistance by which users can adjust the recap of the podcast with his voice. Apple Podcasts has a unique feature of the Recommended box which can recommend the podcast that maybe your favorite and that is top ranked. Provides access to more than 5 lac apple podcasts. You can download Apple Podcasts on AppStore


The breaker is recommended for those people who want to listen to podcasts along with socializing. People can chat with each other and leave the feedback in the comment box below each episode of the podcast. It is more efficient than other apps in terms of playback speed and users have to pay a fee to avoid advertisement. You can download Breaker on AppStore


There are no ads when this software runs and its latest version also include commenting feature. Users can also retrieve the previous episodes and decide what to install and what to listen to online. You can easily adjust the playback pace and will be informed if a new podcast comes.


Podbean app has a very good rating and very easy to handle and user-friendly. If you love to make your podcast show than this software will allow you to create and upload podcasts on podbean hosting accounts. You can download Podbean on AppStore

that work on both Android and iPhone( best for downloading)


Spotify is an amazing software that can be used for listening to music and podcast shows at the same time. If the podcast is sponsored by a reputable firm than users can easily be indexed on Spotify after applying. You can download Spotify on AppStore


Beautifully designed software and can be used for Android and iPhone systems. Users don’t need to register on it and can start listening without any login. Also, allows you to import and export audio file using OPML, and RSS feed. You can download RadioPublic on AppStore


CastBox is an amazing software which rewards those people who create unique content. The people who produce their podcast will charge a fee from users. It is one of an app that will allow the user to sell their content. You can download CastBox on AppStore

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