How to install spellcheck in Firefox

When you install Firefox on your computer the spellchecker is automatically added inside your Firefox you just wan to enable it. Inside this article, we will show how to enable spell checking option.

Open your Firefox and click Options.

Scroll down to Languages and check if you have set right Language for checking the spelling. Please pay attention that you check the checkbox Check your spelling as you type.


If you want you can always add a new language for checking the spelling.


Now test your spellcheck settings.

You see that spell check is not turn on you must additionally enable it.


Right-click with your mouse button inside the text-editor box and select “Check Spelling”.



After enabling Check Spelling option you will see that Firefox immediately underline all words which are not written correctly.


If you click with a right mouse click on the specific word, you see that Firefox will display some suggestions for your words.



If you know that you type the right word you can always use Add to Directory function. Firefox will save this word and new time when you will type this word this word won’t be underlined.







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