How to copy photos from phone to computer (A helpful guide with images)


How can you transfer photos from your mobile phone to a computer using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable,Google Drive app,Dropbox or google Photos? You might ask. You are definitely not alone, as many people seek such knowledge for a variety of reasons. Most often, it is because we want to keep a backup of those beautiful photos taken during the last trip to Iceland, or the Safari in South Africa safe in case we lose our phones. Other times, it could be because we intend to edit or even print these photos out.

For whatever the reason, transferring photos from a mobile phone to a computer is quite the surmountable task. Here are methods on how to effectively go about transferring your photos to your PC.


1. How to Transfer Photos from Mobile Phone to Computer Over USB

Method one: Direct copy

Step1: Make sure your mobile phone is well connected to the computer via the USB cable. It is better to place the phone on a firm and steady surface to avoid shaking and disrupting the process later, especially if your USB cable is weary with age. If you are using an android phone, you might need to switch on the USB Debug mode on your android device if your computer does not recognize or show the mobile phone. To do this, refer to your phone support.

Put USB cable to mobile phone
Put USB cable into mobile phone


Usb connected to computer


Mobile phone connected to computer over USB cable
Mobile phone connected to computer over USB cable

Be careful some USB cables are just for charging the phone not for data transfer. If your computer does not recognize your phone try with different USB  cable.


Usb cables just one is for data transfer
Usb cables just one is for data transfer

Step 2: If you are using Android mobile system you should set USB connected mode. After you connect mobile phone and computer with USB cable your mobile phone will show notification:

Set mobile phone to "FIles mode"
Set mobile phone to “FIles mode”


Step 3: The phone should show up as a storage drive or a device on your PC folder, depending on the version of your phone operating system.

Example: My computer/This PC:

New icon show inside my computer
New icon “Your mobile phone name” inside this PC on your computer

Step 4: locate the storage location (a memory card, or the phone’s primary storage) and locate the folder where the photos are stored. (Usually DCIM, or Camera in most android devices).

Internal storage

click inside DCIM folder
click inside DCIM folder


select Camera
select Camera


Step 4: Once you locate the folder, you can select the photos you would like to transfer by highlighting them, or you could simply select all if you intend to transfer all photos to your computer. Next, right click on the selected photos, and select “Copy”.

select and copy photos
select and copy photos

Step 5: Navigate to the location on your computer to which you intend to transfer the copied photos. Once you do so, right click and select paste.

Paste images to your computer
Paste images to your computer

Now you can sit back and watch the process go on.

Copy process begin


Note that it if you want to move your photos, it is safer for you to select “Copy” in step 4 instead of “Cut“, this is because sometimes, when you select “Cut” and the transfer process is interrupted before completion, the photos which were not transferred might get deleted from your mobile phone.

2. How to transfer photos from phone to Google Drive

You can transfer photos from your mobile phone to computer with Google Drive. First you must download Google Drive application to your mobile phone.

Go to Google Play:


Search for Google Drive application:

Install google drive application
Search Google Drive application


Click install google Drive application.

Install google drive application on your mobile phone
Install google drive application on your mobile phone


After install find application on your mobile phone. On my phone Huawei I must click Google applications on my basic screen:

Inside Google application list find Google Drive Application and click on it:


After application is opened check if you are sign into google account.

Tab on account icon:



You will see which google account is used inside your google drive application. 


Now we will upload our first image. Slide account tab into left and click “Plus blue icon ” on your mobile phone.



Let’s upload images which you already have on your mobile phone. Tab Upload button and search for image on your phone.


Select image which you want to upload to Google drive.

Select image for upload to Google drive


Now upload to Google Drive begin.


Upload is finished when you see image inside your google Drive application.


Now go to your computer open browser and sign inside your gmail account.

Click Google Drive application:


Now Google Drive application will open. You can see image which you have upload from your mobile phone. If you click on your image with right mouse button you will get drop down menu. If you want to download image to your computer click “Download button”.

After that image is transferred to your computer.

3. How to transfer photos from phone to Dropbox

Dropbox is simply a cloud storage and file synchronization service which enables users store their files on the cloud servers. Cloud storage applications like Dropbox are indeed extremely efficient thanks to technological advancements in the areas o cloud technology and visualization. Most users would normally use the Dropbox application as an option to saving files that they’d rather not risk being deleted or corrupted.

Storing your files on Dropbox, allows you the same access as it ordinarily would in the event of a localized file storage situation (i.e. storing your files on your phone’s memory). Except, you may need an up to par internet connection to ensure a seamless data transfer process between Dropbox servers and your device.

Other advantages of storing footage on Dropbox include the ability to share specific files and folders with select individuals, as well as the issues associated with risk mitigation, in that you have now shared the risk associated with loosing this data with a third party.

Despite the advantages of using Dropbox applications, many individuals remain oblivious of the need and ease of use with regards a Dropbox account.

Hence, we’ll provide the most basic steps to take in a bid to create a Dropbox account, install the application on your mobile device to ensure easy access wherever and whenever, the steps involved in uploading and downloading pictures from your Dropbox account respectively:

How to create a Dropbox account

  • Open your website and go to:
  • Click the sign on button.
  • Type in your forename, last name, e-mail address, and a countersign for your account. Your e-mail address and countersign are going to be your account credentials to log in.
  • Click the “I conform to Dropbox Terms” checkbox.
  • And select “Create Account”

  • After sign up don’t forget to confirm your Dropbox account.
  • Go to your email and click url:


How to install Dropbox on your mobile phone

  • Install Dropbox on your mobile phone

  • Sign into your dropBox account

Now Dropbox will offer you two option. You can select Free option for 30 days after 30 days the price will be 8.25€/month (Dropbox pricing)

For this tutorial I select Continue with basic (2 GB option)


Now Dropbox application will open:


If you want to upload image tab “Plus icon”:

Tab on Upload photos or videos


Search for photos you want to upload to Dropbox


Tab the image you want to upload to Dropbox


Dropbox is validating image:

Image is uploading to Dropbox:

Image is successfully uploaded to Dropbox:


Now you can download images from Dropbox to your computer.

Open browser on your computer and go to website:

Enter login credentials for your Dropbox account:


Inside you Dropbox account you can download your image to computer:


4. How to upload images from your mobile phone with google Photos

Google Photos is the Google default application for photos in Android and it allows you to back up your photos and videos on the Google servers very easily. You can use the Google “Back up & Sync” service which allows you to save your photos into Google Photos Library and you can also set the privacy for your pictures so that no one could access them. You can also add a partner account where you can share the collection with your partner.

The best thing about this service is that it regularly synchronize the photos. For example, if you edit the photo on your smartphone, you will find the same changes in the picture stored in Google Photos Library.

How to start using google Photos on your smartphone?

The first thing you need to do is to enable the Google “Back up & sync” service on so that it could transfer the photos to the Google Photos Library. You can follow these steps to enable it.

Open Google Photos application on your android phone:



If you want to add photos to Google photos you must enable Backup & sync inside application Settings:


Select your google account and turn on Back up & sync option:  

Once you complete these steps, your photos will start to upload on the Google Photos.  Every picture which will be taken with you mobile phone will be automatically added to you google Photo.


Picture taken from your mobile phone will automatically be uploaded into google Photo service:

If you want you can manual upload images to google Photos:

Go to you image gallery and open your image select Share and Upload to Photos:

Upload of images is completed now you can see your image inside google Photo application:


Now let’s open google Photos on your computer and download image to your computer.

Open your browser and go to website:

Sign into your google account:

Open google Photo from you account:

Now you can see all images from your mobile phone:

If you want to download image. Click on image. Image will go to full screen. Now click on image and select: Save image as…



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