How to Backup iPhone?

How to Backup iPhone?

Apple is widely known for producing gadgets that match excellence and offer long term returns and iPhone is not an exception. Apart from the financial worth each model, these devices have become central repositories for your memories like important documents or photographs of once in a lifetime events. Ensuring that all of these precious data are backed up is an important safeguard against damage, theft and other unprecedented circumstances. So in this tutorial you can read how to backup iPhone.

There are many ways for storing your information on the web or on your Mac. These methods are free of cost and easy to use. iCloud services from Apple means your iPhone can sync crucial data with web servers constantly. iTunes services offer one-click backup facility as well. Alternatively, you can hire third party services which offer backup facilities for your iPhone.

Creating Backup of Your iPhone with iCloud

Using Apple’s iCloud service is one the simplest ways for creating backup of your iPhone’s data. Each Apple ID features 5GB of storage space in which you can store contacts, bookmarks, mail message, iCloud documents, calendars and iCloud photo library.

iCloud backups are handy and they are used in combination with iTunes to cover all bases. iCloud backups are easy to set up. After the set up is complete, these backups run automatically when your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi spot. In order to create and use iCloud backups, you need iCloud account. This kind of account is created when you set up your phone for the first time.

Backup iphone

How to backup iPhone

Step 1 – Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

Step 2 – Open the Settings menu and go to “iCloud” tab.

Step 3 – After you have opened the iCloud option, click on the “Backup” option. You would find an option for toggling on iCloud backup. Now, the backup process starts where your iPhone would automatically back up all your important files. That’s it!

If you find using iCloud service challenging, there is another way out to perform backup. You can use iTunes and computer for that purpose. You can read more how to backup iPhone on official site backup with cloud.

Backing Up Your iPhone with iTunes and Computer

Creating a local backup is always a wise idea. With the local backup facility, you can select files as per your choice for fulfilling your backup objective. Making a local backup is quite simple due to availability of iTunes.

How to backup iPhone

Backup iPhone to computer

Some years ago, users had to regularly connect their iPhone to computer for synchronizing music. However, with the development of iTunes Match, the task of syncing music has become easier. ITunes is a useful software tool. The tool provides you a complete backup in just a few minutes.

Step 1 – Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2 – When you look at the left-hand corner at the top of the screen, you would see a small icon of the phone appearing on the screen. You have to click on that icon and you would be guided to the menu of your phone.

Step 3 – If have chosen Summary, you can view three checkboxes in main panel. The middle box is termed as Backups.

Step 4 – You would find two main sections which are manual and automatic. iPhone can automatically perform the backup task when connected to iCloud. If you chose the iCloud option, each time, you connect your iPhone to PC, it creates a locally stored backup immediately. Then you have to click “This Computer” option.

When you move to the right-hand side of the box, you would find an option for creating a backup manually.

Step 5 – Click on the “Back Up Now” button. The time of completion depends on the storage space available on your iPhone during that time.

It may happen that you need to restore the backup data as per your requirement. You may be thinking about the items included in the backup. Any photo which is shot currently would be stored in your device. Other than photos, backup can include contacts, Safari bookmarks, calendar accounts, call history, notes, profiles, etc.

iTunes does not create additional copies of media files. Therefore, apps, music or films purchased from iTunes are needed to be downloaded again on your computer.

Do you know that you can create backup for your iPhone by using Apple watch?

Backing up Data of iPhone with Apple Watch

First, you have to ensure that the backup that you would perform is encrypted. You may think that encrypted backups are hard to perform. Apple has made the backup task simple. The backup can be performed on home kit and health data.

The health data comprises of Apple watch exercise data including your running time achievements, etc. You have to ensure that the Apple watch exercise data is kept secure. Else, you may face distressed situation.

If you have performed an unencrypted backup while moving from the old iPhone to the new one or have wiped the entire Apple watch data and paired with a new phone, you may find out all your exercise data are lost. In that case, do not worry.

You should store the exercise data on your old iPhone. Perform encrypted backup task on your old phone. Then, you have to restore the backup on the new iPhone and connect Apple watch to the new phone. You would find that running times and badges are displayed.

Creating Encrypted Backup of iPhone Data

iTunes offers additional backup facility. People who lay stress on security can opt for the encrypted backup. Here, you are required to create a password to begin the backup task. While creating the password, note it down in some secured place. If you forget the password, you can refer it back from that place. You have to ensure that you have chosen the encrypted option.

Step 1 –  Connect the iPhone to the computer.

Step 2 – Go to the left-hand corner of the screen and locate the small icon of your iPhone.

Step 3 – Provide tap on the phone icon. Then, you would be directed to the menu of your phone.

Step 4 – Choose the Summary. You would find three boxes appearing on the main pane, including Backups tab. When you open the Backups tab, you would find manual and automatic options. If you select the automatic mode, every time you connect your iPhone to the computer, a new backup file is created. Then, click on “This Computer” button.

You can go for manual backup. Go to the right-hand side of the box where you would find the manual backup option. Then, you need to click on the “Back Up Now” button. Wait for some time for backup to complete.

These are some of the recommended ways of backing up the iPhone data. While you perform the backup task, ensure that the encryption mode is activated for added security.