How Much Does It Cost To Ship Computers?

Whether you are a student, seller, or anyone; shipping hefty, fragile yet expensive electronics like computers, laptops, and LCDs is quite a challenge. And the shipping costs are a huge plus—ironically!

You might feel perplexed and have second thoughts!

But, there is a way to safely ship it oversees. That’s
why you are here and I assure you to offer complete guidance about how to do
that right.

About the charges, it largely depends on what shipping
service you choose and how much they charge based on weight, insurance, freight
class, etc. It can be $30, $40, $50, and maybe even more. So, the answer isn’t
that easy!

Yet, I’d make your job easier by guiding you about the
pricing, packaging, and other options to safely ship your computer:

What Is The Cheapest Way
To Ship A Computer?

FedEx appears to be the cheapest option but delivery times, service charges,
and additional shipping options vary significantly between U.S. Postal Service,
FedEx and UPS. One company can charge comparatively reasonably for large, hefty
packages such as those of desktop computers or computer towers yet might not be
a cost-effective option for weekend delivery. Another company offers cheaper
shipping charges, but their real-time tracking services are quite expensive.
So, you have to consider your options in this one!

Factors Determining Shipping Charges:

factors like freight class, packaging options, insurance, the sender’s location
and the destination of the package, delivery time, and pricing policies can
impact the shipping charges.

are a few factors you must know about:

  1. Crating and Shipping Arrangements:

Crating your hefty electronic machines is the top priority. The crating materials costs vary widely, but it’s an important step towards safely shipping your computers. To ensure that your electronics aren’t vulnerable enough to accidental drops, crate it in a manner that it can withstand the jerk of a 4-foot drop on a hard surface.

the packaging cost is cheaper for low-end computer parts or computers than the
bulky, high-end computer units.

If your device needs that much of care and crating, you may have to spend around $10 to $50 or maybe $100 for the packaging solely. Whatever the costs may be, this is the most essential step to save your computers from accidental damage.

  • Freight Class:

packages are categorized into 11 freight classes where 60 is the cheapest and
400 is the most costly one.

Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) created the distinction just to
charge the consumers fairly based on several factors. These classes are created
based on the height, weight, length of the package as well as the ease of
handling, stow-ability, and the liability factors.

Now, what freight class do computers
belong to?

computer towers, and monitors are categorised into class 92.5 that’s neither
the cheapest nor the most expensive.

Comparing the Best Shipping Services in
the US:

the US, there are three main companies that offer the best shipping services:
FedEx, U.S. Portal Service, and UPS.

few of these companies can offer a flat rate if you choose to package the
computer in a flat rate box. However, to fit in properly, a few parts would
need to be disassembled. Or else, you cannot opt for ‘flat rate’ convenience.

are some additional factors that can play a role in choosing a specific
shipping service. FedEx and UPS offer complete tracking services. While, U.S.
Postal Service can offer free Saturday deliveries and the additional plus is it
ships to post office boxes, fleet post offices (FPOs) as well as Army Post
Offices (APOs). So, it all comes down to what shipping services you prefer the

Can You Ship A Computer Through USPS?

What’s great about U.S. Postal Service is they offer
competitive yet cheaper rates even for large packages. You can have some add
ons on the shipping service like requesting the package pickup when paying for
the postage online.

Moreover, you get quite reasonable rates for insurance and
postage services if you print your label through PayPal or Auctiva. Yikes,
there’s one red light here! The risk involved is the packaging!

However, by following a few packaging tips that I will detail
you about, you can minimize the risk of any damage to your electronics.

You can use the fragile label if you have paid the fee as it
makes it easier for the package handlers to minimize the risk of any damage by
handling it carefully.

USPS offers a range of mailing services with varying delivery
speeds, tracking options, package sizes, and insurance options.

By the end of the day, whatever shipping service you may
choose, keep the following things in consideration:

  • Delivery time
  • Destination
  • Dimensions, shape and
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Special handling and
  • Delivery confirmation

How Do You Ship a Computer Safely?

Here’s the most
important and crucial step to shipping computers: packaging.

Packaging materials
should be chosen wisely. As static electricity can cause damage to electronics,
it’s always safe to choose anti-static packing peanuts.

Pink Anti static peanuts
Pink Anti static peanuts

Next, the crating box
should offer 3-4 inches of extra space in all four dimensions for the packing
materials. If you have the original packaging box with foam wedges to keep the
computer in place, that’s the best option.

If your computer can
easily fit in the ‘flat rate’ box, that’s great. You would be saved from
crating costs. In fact, USPS offers a convenient option of offering free
flat-rate boxes along with package pickup service.

Unplug and detach all
the cables, peripherals, and accessories. Wrap the electronics in bubble wrap
to prevent any packing material from entering the electronics. Make sure the
cables are untangled and well-organized in small plastic bags or a box.

Bubble wrap cables

However, if you are
unsure about the packaging, you can take out the important electronic parts
such as graphics card, hard drive, etc.

Then, wrap the computer,
its peripherals, and tower in an appropriate air-cellular cushioning material.
Ensure to wrap everything separately and in an organized manner to prevent
damage if the package is tossed around.

Package the monitor in
one box along with the computer accessories. Place the computer tower upright
in a separate box and fill in the cushioning materials to make it fit fixedly
into its place.

Place both the boxes
fixedly into a large exterior box. Fill in any extra space with more cushioning

Lastly, secure the box
with the sealing tape. And make sure the shipping information, payment method,
along with any shipping preferences you’ve bought is clearly visible at the top
of the package.

How to Ship a Computer

Shipping a computer tower is always the trickiest part,
especially if it’s a high-end, expensive unit.

One surefire trick is double-boxing the tower and using as
much packing material as required to prevent it from shaking form its place.

During the transit, it’s clear the packaged would get jostled
around, so getting an insurance label or buying fragile item label is a must.

If it’s possible, separately box the RAM. Rather, take as
much stuff out as possible and package them in a smaller box.

Also, make sure everything is screwed in and secured

Especially, the PSU should be well-anchored as the package is going to be shipped across the country.

Now, ship and track it until you receive a satisfactory
response from the receiver’s end.

How to Ship
a Computer Monitor?

Similar to packaging a computer tower, you just have to package it well. However, the tricky part is saving the screen from arriving in a thousand pieces.

For that purpose, an ample amount of cushioning should do the trick. A packaging box that’s bigger than the size of the monitor allows you to use foam wedges, packing peanuts, bubble wraps for extra support.

In this case, you can take the video card out as well as the
heatsink. Package them into a small box and fix it in empty spaces around the

Now, attach the insurance label on top of the box and relax!

for the shipping costs, it would cost around $35 to $40 for shipping computer
with a detailed tracking feature and guaranteed package delivery.

How do I
Calculate Shipping Costs?

To do mathematics, you have to visit all three shipping services website, that is, USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

You can find shipping cost calculators on each
site. Enter in the pickup and delivery location using ZIP codes or state.
Additionally, the shipping weight or dimensions need to be entered.


Calculate shipping cost on the website USPS:

If you want to get some additional services such
as insurance, tracking feature, or guaranteed delivery insurance, you can add
in the details. And the shipping cost will be calculated for you.

Compare the cheapest option for shipping your
package and go for it!

What Is The
Average Cost For Shipping Computers?

Shipping costs vary greatly depending upon the package
dimensions, weight, location, destination, delivery time, and insurance opted
for. Moreover, the charges also vary between different shipping services.

The average cost of shipping computers can fall in between the lowest price at $20 and the highest price at over $200.

Yet, it’s important to choose the most reliable services for
shipping fragile electronics. So, don’t go for anything cheaper other than
FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They have gained the highest number of customer
satisfaction from their services.

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