How do you type Theta?

Theta: uppercase Θ or ϴ, lowercase θ

If you are using Windows 10 operating system then you probably have Microsoft build-in tool Character Map. Character Map is a windows tool where you can search and copy special characters inside your text.

How to open the Character map?

Simple in start menu type -> Character map -> select Character Map -> example:



The new window will open -> select Fonts and search for your special character in my case character Theta. Now you can select and copy the special character to your text tool…


The character map is a great program on windows platform. But if you are using another operating system and you have access to the internet you can you Google for searching special symbols. It is much faster 🙂

Just type the name of the special symbol into Google and look for result pages. Probably you will find special character in the listed result.

Example: open your browser -> go to Google and write your special character inside Google search – with words.

Now you simply select copy and paste special character where do you need it.

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