How do I find out what plugins are installed on my website?

Manually check if you have admin access to the WordPress website:

If you want to check what plugins are used on your WordPress site there is a simple way to do that.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website and click the Plugins button inside the left menu.



Click the Active button inside the filter to display only active plugins on your website.



All active plugins are now displayed inside the table:


Automatically check with the website: wppluginchecker

On the internet, I have found a simple tool to detect the most popular WordPress plugins.

Go to the website: and enter the website name. Example: After that click button Check site. The site will start checking your WordPress website. After 2-3 min you will get a list of plugins that they are installed on your WordPress websites.

Notice: Currently the website WordPress Plugin Checker detects only 50 most popular WordPress plugins. So probably not all plugins will be detected!