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“Dear Reader,
You may have asked many experts about the best hosting for web designers, right?
Or, what is the difference between host and server (host vs server)?
And you have heard a lot of advice, either convinced or hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. Have not you?
That’s why you are here. But I can’t answer it with a “this” or “that.” It requires a bit of explanation, comparison, and listing of the pros and cons.
Could you please allow me only 5 minutes? I think you agree. Wow, that’s great.
Will you promise me one more thing? Don’t just scroll down. I’ll help you to reach a conclusion.
This article definitely removes all your confusion about the best hosting for web designers. Just keep reading.
Let’s start our discussion now.”

Host vs Server

Before I go further, I want to start with some basics. Many people living in the confusion what is the difference between host and server. Some guys think both are the same. But they are absolutely wrong.
Want to know how? Have patience dear. This is the thing you are going to know now.
A web hosting is nothing but the company that provides you with the web hosting solutions. What are those solutions?
Those companies provide technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed on the internet which is accessible via the worldwide Web. These are the solutions.
Understood? I have tried to pick easy words to make things understandable to you.
Yes, I understand, something is going in your mind? Am I right? Let me guess. UMM, yeah, you are thinking what is a server? Ok, keep reading.
A web server is generally a piece of automated software. It serves content to a user’s computer in response to a request given to the web browser.
Wow…I think you are clear enough (host vs server). That’s great. Cheers.

Best Hosting for Web Designers

Actually there are different types of web hosting. All servers are not the same. That’s why different web hosting options exist.
But the question is, among them which one is the best hosting for web designers. I can’t suggest to you in one word. Some factors will determine this answer. A little bit of explanation is required before reaching the final conclusion.
Most probably you are thinking now how many types of web hosting are there?
Which hosting works best for what?
Which one is best for web designers and blah blah blah.
Hmm, I have understood your curiosity. Have a look below and keep reading.

Different types of web hosting and their uses

There are six types of hosting. Their names are:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. Cloud hosting
  5. WordPress hosting
  6. Reseller hosting.

I have explained it below and all you need to do is to figure out which type is the best for you. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely help you.
Are you feeling tired? We need a break, right? Just 3 minutes more. Then we can have a cup of coffee.
Let’s start.”

Shared Hosting: It’s a very basic type of hosting. In this type of hosting a single physical server hosts multiple sites. I think the following image represents more than words.

Shared hosting

It’s like taking rent (client point of view) a room with others in a house.
You have your own bedroom (I mean your website) but you have to share other resources like electricity, water, and common spaces (I mean sharing a server) with your roommates (other website owners).

Shared hosting pros:
• Most cost-effective;
• Set up is easy very easy;
• No prior technical knowledge required.

Shared hosting cons:
• Generally slower loading time;
• Lower uptime rates;
• Sharing a server with other websites
• Performance issues are out of your control
• Another website can cause your site crash.

Recommendation: My recommendation for shared hosting is Bluehost. This service provider has an outstanding reputation in this industry.
For any assistance or queries you can contact their customer support 24/7 via live chat or phone.
Bottom line: “Shared hosting is best for beginners and smaller websites. If you expect up to 20000 monthly visits to your website, shared hosting can be the best choice.”

VPS hosting: It stands for the virtual private server.
Here the main server is split into multiple virtual servers. Each server is isolated from the others. Each segment is separate. Even each isolated server can be rebooted separately.
Technically this is both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.
For example, it is like renting an apartment on your own in a building. You can compare the whole building with the main server and each apartment of that building can be compared with isolated servers.

VPS hosting Pros:

  • Higher uptime rate
  • Faster loading speed
  • Users can configure the servers
  • Dedicated server resources.
  • More cost-effective than a dedicated server.

VPS hosting Cons:

  • Set up is a little bit complex than shared hosting.
  • Sharing the main server with other websites.

Recommendation: InMotion is our top recommendation for the VPS hosting. It has VPS plans that are
optimized for e-commerce business.

Bottom line: “For medium-sized
business VPS hosting is best. The owners who are tech-savvy and want to make
custom changes to their server configuration, this VPS hosting is best for

Dedicated Hosting: These hosting servers are completely isolated from other servers. Users this server belongs to you and you alone. Users do not affect by any actions of other users.

As you are not sharing any resources with other sites, your site
performance will be superb.

Recommendation: For a dedicated server, HostGator will be the best service provider.

Bottom line: “The sites with high volumes
of traffic (1, 00,000 plus monthly visitors) require this dedicated hosting

“Dear reader,

Are you getting bored to read?

So sad.

Ok then, we can enjoy a joke. Have a look.

Mr. A: I am not a fan of high availability.

Ms. B: Really?

Mr. A: No, I like a server that’s shy and tentative.

Ms. B: Traffic will suffer.

Mr. A: Avoid heavy traffic, and you avoid accidents.

How funny, right? I think your mind refreshed now. That’s great. Let’s
start again.”

Cloud hosting: I will describe it as a hybrid version of the virtual private server (VPS). It’s a newer type of hosting. There are multiple servers. Each server is assigned with different responsibilities. When one server faces the problem the server on the network takes the responsibility.

Cloud hosting Pros:

  • Less downtime.
  • High security

Cloud hosting cons:

  • Very limited customization
  • In many cases, pricing is not fixed.

Recommendation: My top recommendation is SiteGround. They have a couple of cloud plans. All cloud plans come with free CDN
and free SSL.

Bottom line: “Those businesses are
growing rapidly; cloud hosting is suitable for them. This type of hosting is
the best for medium-sized and large businesses.”

WordPress hosting: WordPress web hosting mainly optimized for WordPress. Their plan comes with a one-click WordPress installation.

WordPress hosting Pros:

  • One-click installations
  • Mainly optimized for WordPress
  • Enhanced security for WordPress sites.

WordPress hosting Cons:

  • Updates are not always smooth
  • Less control

Recommendation: Recommended WordPress
Host = WP Engine.

Bottom line: “This hosting is best
for WordPress users.
If you want your hosting to be optimized for your WordPress site, then
you should look into this type of web hosting.

Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting is not for all. If you want to build your website from scratch this hosting is not for you.

This hosting is only for those who want to sell web hosting to other

You buy hosting from a provider and then resell those services to your clients.

Reseller hosting one user is selling to other users

Reseller hosting price, features vary based on your requirements. Those businesses
planning to manage 10 websites do not need the same plan as an agency managing
100 sites.

Want to jump straight
to the answer? The best reseller hosting provider is A2 Hosting. This service provider is known for speed.
That’s why it’s my top recommendation for reseller hosting.

Bottom Line: “Reseller hosting is the best for web designers. This hosting is also best
for web developers and agencies.

I think you have got
your final answer here. So the reseller hosting (
A2 Hosting) is the best hosting
for web designers.”

Final thought: In today’s market, there are lots of reseller hosting providers available.  I took the time to research and identified the best choices. According to my research A2 Hosting is the best hosting for web designers, agencies and web developers and I think; now you also know the difference between host and server (host vs server). Cheers.

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