HiSuite by Huawei

Manage Your Phone Files Efficiently By Installing HiSuite

Managing contents or transferring files between a computer and a mobile device has become a usual practice nowadays. When you look for an application, which can facilitate these tasks, the best option is to go for the software tool provided by the manufacturer of the mobile device. If you are a Huawei smartphone user, you can use HiSuite for fulfilling your file management tasks easily.

Reasons for Using HiSuite

HiSuite sports a friendly and nice interface, which allows users to transfer data between computer and handheld device in short time. The software supports two kinds of connections that can be set between the PC and the smartphone. You can use USB cable or Wi-Fi network to synchronize files of your mobile phone.

The process of transferring files from mobile phone to PC or vice versa is protected with the activation of a security feature. This feature secures the privacy of the information exchanged between the devices.

HiSuite comes with handful utilities. These functions can take your mobile experience to a whole new level.

App Management

HiSuite sports app management features. The app management solution allows you to view the app of your choice with ease. Based on your requirements, you can download and install an app in short time. If you think that an application is required no more, just press the delete menu. Just by applying one click, you can get the latest updates.

Download you applidation

Manage your application



While surfing the internet, if you come up with a favorite text or picture, you can directly take the screenshots from the computer.

 Screenshoot taker

Take Screenshot

Fullfill Your Backup and Restoration Tasks

When you use a smartphone for a long time, chances are there that you may dispose your old device and purchase a new one. On the other hand, your phone may encounter malfunction or undergo pick pocketing.  In that case, you would lose all your valuable data like contacts, pictures, videos, songs, call logs, messages, etc.

If you install HiSuite on the computer, you can create a backup of your important files and restore them as per your requirements.

Backup your data

Backup you important files

Messaging Facilities

The messaging feature present in HiSuite allows you to manage, receive or send messages from a PC. By activating the export feature, you can transfer messages from your phone to the computer. When you have an important announcement to make like birthday treats, brand promotions, etc, you can easily compose and send the message to multiple recipients.

Manage messages on your mobile phone

Manage messages

Contact Management

The best part this file management application is that you can manage contacts in groups. Import or export contacts as per your requirements.

It may happen that you have met a new client. You would like to store his or her contact information in your phone. “Add contact” menu helps you to create a new contact in a few simple steps. While creating a new contact, if you have made a mistake, you can rectify the same by using edit option.

Your phone gets loaded with lots of contacts with the passage of time. Under this kind of situation, it becomes difficult to find important contacts. When you feel that some information is of no use, you can remove them by using the “delete” option.

manage your contacts

manage your contacts

Install New Software Updates

HiSuite releases new software updates regularly. Get such alerts on a timely basis and install the same to enjoy a flawless mobile experience.

HiSuite install new software

Install new software on your mobile phone

Image Management

HiSuite allows users to browse and select more than one picture at a time. You can easily set your preferred picture as wallpaper or share the same with your friends.

Manage picture from your mobile phone

Picture manage

Video Browsing

With HiSuite, you can search and view videos in different modes. The export/import feature allows you to transfer these files between mobile device and computer conveniently.

Hisuite video manage

Export/import videos with Hisuite

You have seen how using HiSuite can revolutionize your mobile journey. Now, you would learn how to install HiSuite on the computer and perform file management tasks safely.

System Requirements

Your computer should run on operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Minimum RAM required is 1GB. Screen resolution should be 1024×768. Available free hard disk space should be 500MB.

HiSuite is compatible with Huawei Android smartphones like Huawei Nexus 6P, Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 4 Play, etc. This phone management suite also supports Ascend series smartphones.

Download Huawei Hi Suite

Before installing download Hi suite from site Hisuite download.

Steps for Installing HiSuite

Step 1 – Establish a connection between computer and Huawei smartphone with USB cable. “Mobile partner” icon appears on the screen. Click that icon twice for opening the folder that contains the link for downloading HiSuite.

Step 2 – Wait for some time for the software to get installed on PC. When the installation process is complete, disconnect the computer and the mobile device and restart the computer.

Step 3 – When the PC restarts, connect the computer and the mobile phone with the help of USB cable. USB mass storage would appear on your phone screen. Do not click on the “USB mass storage” menu.

Click on the “back” menu of the phone and go to the “settings” option. Then, click on the “HiSuite” menu that appears on the computer screen.

Step 4- After clicking the “HiSuite” menu, provide tap on the “connect” menu. Open the “setting” option of your mobile phone.

Step 5 – After you have opened the phone settings menu, select the “applications” icon. Then choose the “development” menu. Ensure that “stay awake” and “USB debugging” modes are switched on.

Step 6 – The drivers would be installed automatically. Then select the “connect” option. Once your phone is connected with HiSuite, you would be ready to sync pictures, music, messages, contacts, etc from computer to phone.

Backing Up Important Data

Your phone may contact valuable business information or other important contacts. There are chances that your phone may go out of order. When your device experiences a malfunction, it becomes a tedious task for you to gather the same old information. In that case, you need to create a backup of your important files. See how you can use HiSuite for creating a backup.

Step 1 – Visit the official website and download the HiSuite software.

Step 2 – Install the software on the computer.

Step 3 – Go to the “settings” menu of your smartphone, open the “applications” menu and go to “development” option. Click “USB debugging” menu to enter into USB debugging mode. These steps should be carried out if your phone runs on Android 2.3 or 4.2 version.

If you use higher version of Android 4.2, you have to go to the “settings” menu and open the “about phone” option. Here, you would come across build number. Click on the build number for 7 times. After that, the “developer options” menu would appear where you can activate the USB debugging mode.

When the software detects that your phone runs on Android 4.3, the “confirm” icon appears. Click that icon and the USB debugging would be activated.

Usb debugging for backuping data

Usb debugging

Step 4 – Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. The home screen of the computer would display data that require backup. Click at the “backup and restore” icon.

Step 5 – Choose backup and click “next” menu.

Backup your mobile phone

Chose backup

Step 6 – Select files with which you wish to create backup and press the “start” button.

Select files for backuping

Select important stuff for backup from your mobile phone

Step 7 – When the backup process is complete, press the ‘OK’ button.

Backup process is complete

Your backup is finished

Restoring Data with HiSuite

Step 1 – Download HiSuite software from the reliable resource link and install the drivers on the computer.

Step 2 – Enable the USB debugging mode of your smartphone. If your phone uses Android 2.3 or 4.2 version, first, you have to click the “settings” option, then open the “applications” and click the “development” icon. After the “development” menu has been opened, click the “USB debugging” option.

Step 3 – Connect the smartphone to the PC by using USB cable.

Step 4 – Go to the “backup and restore” section of HiSuite and click the “restore” option.

Restoring files with Hipcsuite

Restoring files

Step 5 – Click next to choose the backup file. Press start to begin the restoration process

Restore file with Hisuite

Restore file

Sending SMS to Multiple Recipients

Sometimes, you have to make important announcements to your friendships related with partying or other entertaining activities. Selecting a single contact number at a time and sending SMS is a tedious task.  HiSuite allows you to save time and effort as you can deliver a message to your friends at one go. Follow these steps.

Step 1 – Download the latest version of HiSuite from the official website. Install the software on the computer.

Step2 – Switch on the USB debugging mode of the mobile device. Establish a connection between your phone and PC by using USB cable. After some time, the software recognizes the phone and displays the model on the computer screen.

Step 3 – Open the message section of HiSuite.

Step 4 – Click on SMS icon. Select the contact numbers from the phone book.

Step 5 – Compose the message in the message box. Preview the message and click send.

Therefore, you can easily synchronize contacts of your Huawei phone with the computer by using HiSuite. The message section allows you to compose a message with 765-character limit and send it to multiple recipients. The performance of the computer is not affected as memory and CPU usage remains low most of the time.