Coolmuster Android Assistant Tutorial

Coolmuster Android Assistant Tutorial

Nowadays, the usage of Android phones is on rise as these devices allow you to perform tasks at any place or situation in shortest possible time. Whether it is connecting with your friends, sharing photos and videos, sending birthday alerts, making new business contacts, adding shopping carts or whatever be the reason, it is impossible for a person to live a single moment without smartphones. You may come across situations where your Android phone would not have sufficient memory to store additional data. The only way to create free space is to delete some data. However, that would not solve your problem over the long run. You surely require backup and other file management solutions. You can perform all kinds of file management task for your Android phone by using Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Pcusite Coolmuster Android

Coolmuster Android pc suite

Revolutionize Your Android Experience with Coolmuster

Coolmuster Android Assistant serves as one-stop solution for managing or organizing important files of your Android phone. See how this file management software makes your life cheerful.

Create Backup of Your Android Data on PC


Coolmuster backup

Backup your android mobile phone with Coolmuster

When you use Coolmuster, you can easily create a backup of your Android data. By using this file management tool, you can comfortably export and import all your data like SMS, contacts, media files and other files from Android device to PC. If your device has been misplaced somewhere, you can restore all your data from the computer with this tool.

Organize Apps from PC

Every now and then, a new app is launched in the market. You may opt to use one for fulfilling your entertainment, shopping or business purpose. You can download various apps for your Android phone, through PC by using Coolmuster Android Assistant. This software can be easily configured with social media platforms. Therefore, share your preferred applications with your friends through Twitter or Facebook.

Manage Contacts and SMS

Coolmuster android manage your contacts

Coolmuster managing contact on your android phone

By using Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can easily export or import all your contacts through Windows address book, vCards, Windows live mail and Outlook. You can unduplicate, edit or add all your contacts from PC.

Coolmuster allows you to export or import SMSs by saving all your contacts in .txt or .xml file formats. If you want to make an announcement, you can send bulk message to many people through your PC. This process would also save your effort and time.

Safe for Mobile Operations

Coolmuster Android Assistant has been subjected to rigorous testing number of times. Developers have found this software is 100% secure. The file management tool works well on major Android tablets and phones. Brands include Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, ZTE, etc. This software performs read-only tasks that prevent damage to your computer and Android data.


Android Coolmuster

Download Coolmuster

You can download coolmuster from following link: Coolmuster

Additional Features of Coolmuster Android Assistant

Supports All Windows Platforms

Coolmuster Android Assistant runs well on all Windows platforms including Windows Vista, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, 8 or 7.

No Additional Installation Required

Coolmuster does not require third party application for deployment.

Hand Usage

This software boasts user-friendly interface that allows a novice to handle it smoothly.

You have seen how Coolmuster Android Assistant allows an Android phone user in managing data conveniently. Now you would learn the ways of installing this software on a computer.

Prerequisites for Installing Coolmuster Android Assistant

The CPU should have 15 MB hard disk space, 256 MB memory and a processor having a frequency of 500 MHz.

You can use a computer running on Windows XP, Vista or 2003.

Installation Process

Follow these steps for installing Coolmuster Android Assistant on PC.

Step 1 – Visit the official website and click the download link for receiving the installation file.

Step 2 – After you have opened the installation file, you would find that the file features .exe format. Click the file icon and a new window would pop up to remind you of installation.

Step 3 – Follow the instructions step by step. Wait for some time for the installation to complete. Finally, restart the system.

How to Register with Coolmuster Android Assistant?

After you have sent the purchase order, you would receive an email from the developer, which contains the URL for downloading the full version and the registration code. You can register the software to use it free for a few days or download the full version on your desktop.

During the time of registration, you have to press the “register” button on the software interface. You would be directed to the registration page. Here, you would be asked to provide the registration code and your email ID. Then, restart the computer for enjoying the benefits of Coolmuster.

Coolmuster register you Android Assistant

Coolmuster register

Now, you would learn how you can use Coolmuster Android Assistant for transferring data between your computer and phone, manage messages, contacts and applications on PC directly.

First, you need to connect your Android phone to computer. You can use USB cable or Wi-Fi to establish a connection between PC and the mobile device.

Connecting Android Phone to Computer with Wi-Fi

Coolmuster allows users to connect their Android phones to the computer via Wi-Fi. Follow these steps.

Step 1 – Download Coolmuster Android Assistant from the official website and install the same on the PC. In addition, you have to download and install the APK file of the software on your Android device.

Step 2 – Choose “connect via Wi-Fi” menu and activate the USB debugging mode of the mobile phone. If you are using Android version 2.0 or 2.3, you need to open the “settings” menu and click the “application” icon. Then click the “development” and choose USB debugging.

Users of Android versions 3.0 and 4.1 can go to settings, open “developer options” and click on USB debugging button. If you are using Android 4.2 or higher version, you have to open the “setting” menu, click at “developer options” and provide tap on build number seven times. Then you have to return to the developer option and switch on the USB debugging mode.

Step 3 – Ensure that the computer and the phone are connected to the same network. Run the APK file on the mobile device and run the desktop version of the software on PC as well. Press the “allow access” button that appears on PC screen. After clicking on the “allow access” option, Coolmuster would recognize the mobile device and connect it to the computer.

Connection android with wifi

and exception to windows firewall

Connecting Android Phone to PC with USB Cable

Step 1 – Connect the mobile phone to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2 – Activate the USB debugging mode of the Android phone.

If you are using Android 4.2 or higher version, first, open the “setting” menu and click the developer option. Find the build number and provide 7 tapings. Switch back to developer option and click the USB debugging menu.

Those using Android version ranging between 3.0 and 4.1 can go to settings menu, click the developer options and activate USB debugging mode. If you use Android version lying between 2.0 and 2.3, click at the “setting” menu to open “application”. Press the “development’ icon and then click at “USB debugging” option.

Coolmuster Android recognize your phone

Coolmuster recognize your phone

Step 3 – After the USB debugging mode has been activated, press “allow” button. Coolmuster would recognize the mobile device and then display details of the phone on the computer screen.

Coolmuster show connected mobile phone

Coolmuster connected with your mobile phone

Managing Contacts with Coolmuster

Step 1 – After your phone has been connected to the PC, Coolmuster recognizes the device and display the details on the computer screen. Now, go the “contacts” menu. If you wish to add contact, click “new”.

If you think that a contact is of no use, then simply click the “delete” option. It may happen that you have entered wrong details of a person. In that case, you need to modify contact details. Press the “edit button” for rectifying email, URL, contact address, name, phone number, etc.

Android Coolmuster manage contacts

Coolmuster manage you contacts on your Android phone

Backing Up and Restoring Data

Your mobile device may be hand picked or experience malfunction anytime. Obviously, you would feel sad as you have lost all your valuable data. Coolmuster allows you to create a backup of your data quickly.

Step 1 – Download the latest version of Coolmuster from the official website and install on the PC.

Step 2 – Connect your phone to the computer via Wi-Fi or USB cable. Ensure that the USB debugging is activated. After the phone management software recognizes the phone, the model of the device is displayed on computer screen.

Step 3 – Select the files for which you wish to create a backup.

Step 4 – Click the “export” icon for transferring the files from the mobile phone to the computer.

Coolmuster backup - restore

Coolmuster backup your mobile phone

Restoring Files on Your Phone

You have learnt how to create backup of your existing phone files. It may happen that you have purchased a new Android phone and wish to upload the data of your old phone. You can do this through the restoration process.

Step 1 – Download the latest version of Coolmuster from a reliable resource link and install on the computer.

Step 2 – Use USB cable to establish a connection between the phone and the computer. Check whether USB debugging mode is enabled.

Step 3- After Coolmuster recognizes the phone, a new window would pop up on the main screen. Press “import” to open a file browsing window. Select the files and again click “import” for restoring the same.

Coolmuster Android Assistant allows an Android phone user to manage files efficiently. This phone management tool allows easy contact editing, music file sharing, data backup, etc.