How to track my girlfriend’s phone with spyzie application

Spyzie application can be used to monitor your girlfriend’s online activities, you would be able to monitor and save her call logs, track text messages, analyse her browsing history, read notes and reminders, view installed apps, track GPS location, browse contacts, monitor her Whatsapp, access her calendar, manage photos and videos. Phew!! Talk about the whole 9 yards.

To access all features of Spyzie application, the following conditions must be met:

-A Spyzie premium account which is used to access the control panel and use all features available.

-Access to the phone you want to track

-The monitoring app should be installed and activated on the target android phone

-The control panel app is optional is you prefer to use monitored data using the app.

How would you monitor your girlfriend’s android phone or tablet PCs using Spyzie app?

-Create a Spyzie account using an authentic email address

  • Go to website:


-Install the Spyzie application – after registration, you must complete the setup process to get access to the full functionality of the app. It may take several minutes to complete the setup procesd on the target phone.

-On the first page of the Spyzie wizard setup, put a name that can be used to identify the owner of the monitored phone and it is compulsory to select the operating system of the monitored phone, if it’s an android version that is running on the target phone, select the android option, same goes for an iPhone device.

-Go to the settings feature of the phone, select the security option, allow the installation of apps from unknown sources from play store, select “ok”

-Next,  download and install the monitoring app, you can find the download link on the setup wizard page. Visit “” on the target phone and click download to download the Spyzie app. When the download is complete,  check the notification pop-up window or the phones downloads folder to install the application.

-Next,  open the installed application and and sign into your Spyzie account. Select “Start” to activate the device administrator service and all permissions must be allowed in this step, immediately the service is activated, the app icon will automatically be deleted and the app will work in stealth mode.

-How to view monitored data via the control panel

After completing the installation process on the target phone, complete the setup process in your phone or computer. You will be redirected from the wizard page to the control panel dashboard which can also be accessed online by visiting “” or by downloading) the control panel app (download link can be found in your registration email or from the dashboard).

-It usually takes several minutes to sync all data from the monitored device when accessing the control panel for the first time. The function menu on the top left of the control panel lists all supported features.

-Click the refresh icon to sync the latest data on the dashboard. Also note that if the monitored device is not connected to the internet or if powered off, the Spyzie app cannot push new data to the control panel.

-For iOS devices, you will need to verify the iCloud ID on the target device before you can start monitoring.

Pricing Features

There are different pricing plans from which you can choose from for an Android device or an iOS device.

Android devices-

Premium Edition (with restricted functionality)

1-Month License Costs $29.99

3-Month License Costs $39.99

1-Year License Costs $89.99


Ultimate Edition (with full functionality)

1-Month License Costs $39.99

3-Month License Costs $49.99

1-Year License Costs $99.99

All Android Editions require physical access to the target android phone.

iOS Device

1-Month Licence Costs $39.99 (only available option)

The iOS premium edition requires iCloud login credentials on the target phone.

It should also be noted that there is a free trial version available.

How to track my girlfriend’s phone for free with KID control app

Kid Control app is a very useful app that allows you locate your girlfriend especially when she cannot or would not answer her phones. It supports a wide range of smart phones and smart wristwatches. Kid Control allows you to do a lot like receive her current location, and also trace her previous locations. The app tracks by GPS location and gives an exact location of the user, it also gives information concerning the internet connectivity status and battery life. Kid app also tracks the location via Wi-Fi,

How to install Kid Control:

You can check installation process on youtube video:

Or follow this tutorial:

  1. Visit the website and select the download option for your mobile platform (android or IOS) and then download the app.
  2. The app should install after download is complete and then you should follow the prompts to navigate the app and set your preferences. You can also invite other people to join in.

If you have a smart watch you want to track, you can also connect it and select the option to have it tracked.

The application is currently free, but a paid version will be available for users to upgrade to; the upgrade would offer more options that would enable you track more and receive SMS updates.

Let’s begin first install application on your your mobile phone.

Open browser and go top website:



After install open application


Application will make request for calls


Application will make request for location

Now just must register Kids Control application:


Enter your name, your email and password to create kidcontol account.


Now you have create kid control account. After login you will see your location on google map.


Now we will generate code for connecting  your girlfriend’s mobile phone to your account inside kids control application.


Select new user Child

Now you have received invitation code. You will enter invitation code inside your girlfriend’s mobile phone.

Now go to your girlfriend’s phone and repeat whole process of installation.

When you will get to option of registering kid-control account instead of register user enter invite code option.


Enter invitation code generated from you phone.


After entering invitation code inside your girlfriend’s mobile phone. Your girlfriends phone will be shown inside application map on your mobile phone. Now you can easily track your girlfriend location….

Another option of viewing your girlfriends location in inside web browser  please check youtube video where we explain how to view girlfriends location inside webbrowser.


How to track my girlfriend’s phone for free with GPS Phone Tracker

Tracking your girlfriend’s device is also possible using “GPS Phone Tracker” app on Android play store. It can be used to track your girlfriend’s location in real time. This app is offered by Family Safety Production which requires a memory capacity of 39mb (as at the time of this research)  and it requires an Android OS of Android  4.4 and above.  The application has over 10 million installations with thousands of positive reviews.

This application reviews the activities and information on your girlfriend’s device such as her browsing history, which apps are running and bookmarks. It also accesses the Calendar, Contacts, Location, Phone logs, Media files,  Camera, Wi-Fi connection information, Device ID and call information and it also receives data from the internet, all this are possible if the app is granted the required permission to access the the device.


How to download GPS Phone Tracker application

You can look how to install and configure application inside following video:

To download GPS Phone Tracking, open google play store on your android device and search for “GPS Phone Tracking”, click the install button and enjoy this handy, easy-to-use app that uses the latest GPS technology to help you track your girlfriend’s device activities.

It is free to install but there is a paid version if you wish to unlock other additional services.

First you must install application on your mobile phone (not on girlfriend’s) that you get code for your circle:





After install open application on your mobile phone:



Now enter phone number:

On your mobile phone you will receive sms verification code:

Now you must create password and enter you email address:


Now you must create circle to get code for your circle.


Now you will receive circle code. You must save circle code because you will enter circle code into your girlfriend’s mobile phone.


Now you must repeat whole installation process on your girlfriend’s phone (download application, install on mobile phone,register etc)

When you will get to circle step you must enter circle code from your phone.

If you go back to your mobile phone you will see your girlfriend’s phone inside your circle – on google maps:

For creating and joining your girlfriends mobile phone you can look the following youtube tutorial:




How to track my girlfriend’s phone for free with Google application

(You must know your girlfriend’s  gmail email and password to use this application)

Track your girlfriend’s android phone for free using  an app on google playstore called “Google Find My Device”. This app requires a memory capacity of 3.5mb and an android OS version of 4.0 and above, plus it has more than 500 thousand reviews and over 50 million downloads (as at the time of this research).

Tracking your girlfriend using your android device makes it easier to keep track of your girlfriend’s location and in a situation where the phone gets missing, you could easily track its location with this app. Google Find My Device has features such as

  • See the device location on a map and if the current device location is unavailable, the last known location would be displayed.
  • Play a sound at full volume even is the device is on silent which can be used to easily locate the device is missing.
  • You Can erase or lock the device with a custom message on the lock screen.
  • You can see the network and battery status of the device.

You can view your girlfriend location with application or you can view your girlfriend location inside web browser (check below).

View location of your girlfriend with google Play application

You can check youtube tutorial or check how to install application below:

Download and install the application on your phone. Go to google play:


After installing the application, open it up and sign in using your girlfriend email address and password.

Don’t forget to allow find my device location.

Open up your personal device and search for “Find my device” and log into your girlfriend account using the details you used , you would see your girlfriend’s device that is connected to that account, you would check the current location of your girlfriend and you could also lock the device in situations where her device got stolen. If you don’t see location of your girlfriend phone you must wait until you girlfriend will turn on GPS and mobile data.



View girlfriend location inside web browser


You can track your girlfriend over web browser. Got to website:  if login box appears enter your girlfriend’s e-mail address and password.


Click on mobile phone now you can use locate function to see your girlfriend’s mobile phone on google maps.


Your girlfriends mobile phone on google maps:


How to track my girlfriend’s phone with iKeyMonitor application

iKeyMonitor application can be used to monitor your girlfriend’s SMS and messenger apps, it offers comprehensive tracking features such as call history log, call recording, SMS messages,  keystrokes, clipboard, websites visited, take screenshots, GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, you can have access to her multimedia files, phone information such as contacts, emails, calendar, phone control and the app is discreet and secure with easy remote control.

How to start

iKeyMonitor offers only one paid monthly plan for all devices which costs $49.99 to unlock all features.

There is a free trial version for 3 days and a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee is also included.

How to start using this application:

Go to website:

Select you phone OS system:


Enter your data user Id, Email

Now go to your email and check login credentials from ikeymonitor website.




Open this link with mobile phone of your girlfriend. It will be much easier to install application because you can directly download .apk – installation file on your girlfriend’s mobile phone.

Enter username and password:

Now you must install iKeyMonitor to  your girlfriend’s mobile phone

Choose the type of device of your girlfriend’s phone:


Because I have open login website directly on mobile phone of my girlfriend’s I will select first option (Download spy app directly on device and install it).

Download ikeyMonitor for Android

Open iKeyMonitor-Android.apk on girlfriend’s phone



After installing you must allow application iKeyMonitor to get all permission on your girlfriend’s mobile phone.


After allowing permission you must enter license key (you find license key in your email):

Now you must “Continue as User App (No root)”


Application will be opened now you must configure your girlfriend’s mobile phone to work with application.

Just select View the Guide button to view what you must configure on your mobile phone:



After application is configured you can complitly remove notification on girlfriend’s mobile phone (“You don’t want that your girlfriend’s will know that you install application on there mobile phone”).


Remove all notification inside application


After selecting Next button application will open check that “Monitoring status” is enabled.

Now restart your girlfriend’s mobile phone. After restart application is hidden in background you can’t find it.

If you want to reopen application you must dial number: #8888*


Application will be open now:


Now everything is configured on your girlfriend’s mobile phone. Now you can return mobile phone to you girlfriend 😉

How to check what your girlfriend is doing on mobile phone

After you return mobile phone to your girlfriend go to your computer or mobile phone and open website: with you username and password (you have it on your email)


Now you can check inside your control panel what is happening on your girlfriend’s mobile phone. You can check call logs, sms, viber chats etc….



How to track my girlfriend’s phone with mspy application

Another reliable application to track your girlfriend is mSpy. You can use the mSpy application to monitor her calls, track text messages, read messages from messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, akin, Tinder, Line, Viber and Instagram. You can also track her location, control apps and programs, view multimedia files, monitor internet activities, read Emails, and access to her contacts and calendars.

Installing mSpy features has four product categories

  1. iPhone Without Jailbreak – This feature has three easy steps to follow-

A- Obtain your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials and physical access is required is iCloud backup is not activated on the monitored device or if 2-factor authentication is enabled.

B- Buy mSpy and choose no-jailbreak package option, after payment is complete, you will receive all further instructions in a welcome letter.

C- Install the software, log in to your control Panel and start tracking your girlfriend’s device activities.

  1. iPhone tracking – This feature has three simple process

A- Buy mSpy, select your suitable subscription and fill out the online form, immediately your payment is confirmed, you will be sent the easy installation instructions.

B- Download and install the application on your girlfriend’s device. It is advisable to jailbreak your phone to get access to all the advanced features.

C- Start monitoring your girlfriend’s phone by logging into your control Panel.

3-Android Monitoring- This feature has three simple procedures

A- Buy mSpy and fill out the order form, immediately your payments has been confirmed, installation process will be sent to your email.

B- Download and install mSpy on your girlfriend’s phone. Rooting the phone is required to access mSpy premium features

C- Log into your Control Panel and start tracking your girlfriend’s activities


mSpy Pricing Features

Basic plan (android and iOs)

1-Month Costs $29.99

Premium plan (android and iOs)

1-Month Plan Costs $69.99

3-Month Plan Costs $119.99

12-Month  Plan Costs $199.99

No-Jailbreak (iOS)

1-Month plan costs $69.99

3-Month plan costs $119.99

12-month plan costs $199.99

Android devices – mSpy is compatible with android 4+. Capturing instant messages on an android device only works on rooted devices. You will also physical access to your girlfriend’s device to install mSpy.

iOs devices – mSpy is compatible with iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1. You will need physical access to your girlfriend’s jailbroken phone to complete installation.

iOS devices (no-jailbreak) – mSpy is compatible with any iOS version. You will need the iCloud credentials of your girlfriend’s device and physical access is required if iCloud backup isn’t activated or if 2-factor authentication is enabled.

It should be noted that demo account is also available.

Can I track my girlfriend’s phone?

Have you ever thought of the possibility of tracking your girlfriend’s phone? Yes, we know what you are thinking, but far from it, she could be truly in wrong hands you see 😉.  Well it’s indeed very possible to track your girlfriends’ phone if you have access to her phone and can install apps such as spy app, iKeyMonitor to mention but a few. Below are procedures to follow if you wish to track your girlfriend with varying apps without her knowledge.

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