Spice mobile pc suite download

Spice mobile PC suite will help you to manage your phone using computer.Spice mobile have two type of phones.All Smartphones of spice mobile is android and featured phone supports mrp format.

So if you have a spice android phone check this article PC suite for android phones free download.

PC suite for spice featured phones

Spice featured supports mrp format.Some of the spice featured mobiles are:-

  • Boss champion pro.
  • Boss thumb.
  • Boss Connect.
  • Boss Amplifier.
  • Boss dura.
  • Boss trendy.
  • Boss marathon.
  • Boss Delite

PC suite we recommend for above spice mobiles is My phone suite.You can download it from this link.

Download driver for spice mobile

You can download spice modem driver from spice official website.

spice mobile pc suite free download

Connecting Spice mobile to My phone explorer

  • Connect spice phone to PC using USB.Select com port from the phone screen.
  • Right click My computer and click manage.
  • Go to device manager and find the com port number of your spice mobile (eg:-COM 1).
  • Now launch My phone suite.
  • Go to settings and select COM port of spice mobile.Now PC suite will refresh and get connected.

Connecting via Bluetooth

It is very difficult to find the correct modem driver of spice featured phones.In such cases use Bluetooth for connecting spice mobile with PC suite.You need a Bluetooth dongle or inbuilt Bluetooth in your PC.Make sure your have installed Bluetooth software in your PC.

  • Now launch Bluetooth software and Make COM connection with your phone and PC.
  • Go to device manager and check the COM port of the Bluetooth.You can see it in COM/LPT section in device manager.
  • Now launch my phone suite.
  • Go to settings and choose COM port of Bluetooth.

Main features of my phone suite

  1. Phone book :- For managing your contacts in your phone.You can create new contacts using spice PC suite and move it phone.
  2. Messages :- Send messages directly from PC.Compose new messages,back up old messages etc.
    spice boss pc suite
  3. File manager :- Transfer files between phone and PC.
  4. MMS :- create multimedia messages and transfer it phone
  5. Images and Melody :- For editing wallpapers and ringtones.

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Spice android phone PC suite

All Spice smart phones are android.So you can use any android PC suite for spice mobile.Some of the android spice mobile are :-

  • Spice stellar 3g Phones.
  • Spice smart 3g phones.
  • Spice pinnacle.


PC suite we recommend for spice android mobiles are Mobil edit PC suite.This PC suite supports most of the android phones and have all necessary tools to manage your android phone.
spice mobile pc suite for stellar smart phone

Download Mobil edit

You can download Mobile edit PC suite for PC from here.
You also need to install its android version in your spice mobile.
Download it here .

Connecting Mobil edit PC suite

You can connect your spice mobile and Mobil edit PC suite using three ways.

  • USB.
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Read this article to get detailed tutorial on connecting your Spice mobile and Mobil edit. :- how to connect android phone with Mobiledit PC suite.

Main features of Mobil edit

  1. Phone copier :- This feature is to copy your spice mobile contacts to PC or online storage like Google contacts.Also you can copy contacts from outlook or from PC to your phone.
  2. Video editor :- Edit a video and move it your phone.
  3. Ringtone editor :- Edit music in your PC or phone and make it a ringtone.
  4. Photo editor :- Helps to make wallpapers.
  5. Cloud :- Helps to move files or contacts from your phone to a cloud storage safely.Also you can connect to Google contacts and edit.

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Hope this article helps to find your spice mobile PC suite.If you have any doubt relating to any PC suite of any phone model,post it here as comments.