Sony xperia pc suite free download

sony xperia PC suite can be used to sync your Sony xperia phone with computer We can easily transfer files,backup files,connect to internet etc using Sony Xperia PC suite.

PC companion PC suite for Sony Xperia phones.

PC suite for Sony Xperia  have updated to PC Companion with new features and functions.

Download Sony Xperia PC suite

You can download Sony Xperia PC suite from this link .Download

Installation of Sony Xperia PC suite

The software you download from here will be an older version.Make sure you update it to a new version.Download the file and click the setup file to start installation.Select your country to install the PC suite.After installation,software will ask to update.Update the file to get the new version of Sony Xperia Companion PC suite.

Sony xperia PC suite download
Sony PC suite free download

Synchronizing Sony Xperia phone and PC suite

There are three ways by which we can connect phone and PC suite – USB,WIFI and Bluetooth.USB is easy to connect and fast when compared to WiFi and Bluetooth.
Sony PC suite

Connecting via USB

  • Connect USB to your Sony Xperia phone and PC.
  • Now open Sony Xperia companion and click ‘How to connect’.
  • Software will search for the phone and will automatically get synchronized.

note:-if your phone is not detecting ,then it may be problem relating to drivers.Make sure modem drivers for your Sony Xperia phone is installed.If not search for appropriate drivers and install it.You can check whether your phone is detected in device manager. (Right click my computer>manage>device manger).

Connecting via WiFi

This facility is only for android phone.If you have WiFi facility in your PC or laptop,then you connect using WiFi.I prefer connecting using USB over WiFi because,connecting using USB is easy.WiFi is slow when compared to USB.Also it will drain your battery fast.

  • In your phone,go to settings>>wireless & network connections>>tethering & hotspot. Activate WiFi tethering.
  • Now open PC suite and Click ‘How to connect’ .Select  WiFi connection. Click next and software will search for WiFi device and get synchronize with your Sony Xperia phones.

Connecting PC suite using Bluetooth

Sony phones which is java supportable and not android can be connected to PC suite using Bluetooth.Your PC or laptop must have inbuilt Bluetooth facility or external Bluetooth dongle.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on in your PC and phone.
  • Sync your phone to PC using Bluetooth by using ‘add a device’ option in Bluetooth.
  • Open sony PC suite and click ‘How to connect’ and choose Bluetooth connection (will be active only if Bluetooth is enabled in your PC).

Features of Sony Xperia PC suite

Update your Sony Xperia phone

Using Sony Xperia companion,we can update our phones to latest version of software.This facility is available in the ‘Support zone’.Connect your phone to PC and after synchronizing phone to PC suite.Click Support zone new option and the PC suite will go online and download and install necessary files for updating the software of your phone.

Xperia transfer new

This feature is for transferring backup files from  iPhone to your Xperia  phone.

Contacts setup

This feature will help you to manage your contacts in your phone.It helps to backup all contact in your phone to PC and transfer it to a new phone.

Media go

This option comes with a lot of useful features for your phones media and files like audio ripping,transferring files between PC and phone, audio converting. Sensme  is another important application in this Sony PC suite.It is a music enhancing software from Sony.

Phones which support Sony PC suite

  • xperia Z 2.
  • xperia M 2.
  • xperia T 2.
  • xperia E 1 Dual.
  • xperia Z 1.
  • xperia C.
  • xperia M Dual .
  • xperia tipo.