How to connect to internet in PC using android phone

We are getting a lot of request from visitors to provide a PC suite which can be used to connect internet in PC using an android phone.Actually you don’t need any PC suite for connecting internet in PC using android phone’s.In this article,we will discuss different ways which can be used to connect internet in PC with your android phones.

Connecting to internet using USB Tethering

Connecting using USB tethering is fast and easy when compared to other methods.Just follow below steps for connecting using USB.

Activate data connection in your phone

You need an active internet plan or data connection in your phone.You can activate data connection by tapping data connection option in the top navigation or going to settings – sim management and tapping data connection option.

USB Tethering

For connecting internet in PC using android phones with USB you can use a feature called USB tethering.

  • Activate data connection in your phone.
  • Connect your phone using USB
  • Go to settings – wireless & network connection – tethering and portable hostpot and activate USB tethering by checking the box corresponding to USB tethering.

I have connected using USB tethering.But not connecting to internet

Most of the people is asking solution for this.The main reason for this will be your PC is not recognizing your phone as a modem.You need to manually install modem drivers in such cases.Each phone manufacturers will have different modem drivers which will be available in manufactures official website.You may not face any problem if you are using Windows 8 as it comes with most of the modem drivers.

Manually installing modem drivers

  • Download modem drivers in your PC.If it is in compressed version extract it and save it in a folder.
  • Connect your phone and activate USB tethering.
  • Now go to device manager.For going to device manager right click my computer and click Manage.
  • If modem driver is not installed,your phone will be listed as unknown device.Otherwise it will be listed under com port &LPT.
  • Right click unkown device and click update driver.Now a new installation window will appear asking to choose driver to install.Browse and select the folder in which you have saved your modem driver and install driver.

Now your phone will be recognized by PC.Reconnect your phone using USB and activate USB tethering.

Connecting Using WiFi tethering

Connecting using WiFi is easy as you don’t need to install any modem drivers for it.

  • Switch on Wireless networks in your PC or Laptops.
  • Activate data connection in your phone.
  • Now activate WiFi tethering in your phone.You can activate it by going to settings – wireless & networks – tethering and hotspot and tapping WiFi tethering.

The main drawback of connecting using internet using WiFi is it will drain battery fast.Speed is almost same as that of USB tethering.

Connecting using Bluetooth

Bluetooth methods comes to handy when you can’t connect using WiFi or USB.Connecting using Bluetooth is slow.
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Steps to connect internet using Bluetooth

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your phone and wireless networks in your PC.
  • Now in your phone go to Bluetooth settings (settings – wireless & network settings).
  • Make device discover able by checking the box corresponding to discover able.
  • Go to Bluetooth advanced settings and activate network access points (NAP services).
  • Add your phone as a new Bluetooth device in PC.
  • Go to networks and sharing and create a new new internet connection.Choose dial up connection as connection type.Give a name to connection.Leave other fields blank.
  • Choose modem as standard Bluetooth modem.
  • Start the connection by double clicking.Phone will ask for Bluetooth permission for NAP connection.Accept it.Make sure you have activated data connection in phone.

Creating a dial up connection manually

If you can’t connect using USB,Bluetooth or WiFi ,you can manually create a dial up connection.
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USB dial up connection

  • Install modem drivers :- Modem drivers can be downloaded from manufactures website or search with your model name for modem drivers.
  • Connect your phone to PC and activate USB debugging.You can activate it by going to settings – developers mode.
  • Go to device manager in PC.Your phone will be listed under COM ports/LPT or modem section.
  • Now go to phone and modem option in control panel.
  • Under modem tab,click add to create a new modem.Now PC will search for modem devices connected to it.After searching it will list your phone.Select it and click next.
    internet in PC using android phone dial up connection
  • In case your phone is not listed when PC is searching for modem.Choose i will choose a modem manually from list.
  • In next window,choose standard 360000 modem and click next.
  • In next window,choose all ports if you don’t know the port of your phone.If you know it, select port from the selected port.You can select multiple ports also.Port number will show only if you have connected your phone.
  • Create a dial up connection in network and sharing.Select the standard 36000 modem as modem.
  • In next window,give phone number (*99# for indian mobile users).You will get it from your service providers website.
    dial up connection using bluetooth

Bluetooth dial up connection

Bluetooth dial up connection is almost similar to USB Tethering.Check the detailed article here.
Connect to internet in PC using Bluetooth DUN connection
Hope this article helps to share data connection of your android phone with PC.If you face any problem,post it here as comments.We will help you.