Can I buy domain from GoDaddy and host elsewhere?

The domain is independent of hosting your website. So you can buy a domain at GoDaddy and host at the different provider.

What you will need from your host are nameservers. Then you simply add nameservers addresses inside domain management and domain will point to your new web hosting. Usually, nameservers are shown inside your Cpanel account.

Example Hostgator c-panel:

How you can add custom nameservers for a domain registered with GoDaddy you can check on the official website tutorial GoDaddy add custom nameservers

After updating nameservers your domain will point to a new server after 24 hours. It takes about 24 hours that DNS servers are updated.




Can you own a domain name forever?

The short answer if you can own domain forever is no.  You can’t buy a domain and own it forever. But you can buy a domain for a longer time period.

For example, if you check on the website of domain registrars Namecheap you will see that you can buy the domain for a period of 10 years.

The price for a longer period is usually cheaper as the renewing domain every year but be careful every domain registrar has its own rules.

Example of Namecheap .com domain is more expensive for 10 years period (calculation per year):

If you buy the .com domain each year this will cost you $8.88 per year.

If you buy the domain for 10 years it will cost you: $105.80 for a period of 10 years.  $10.58  per year.

One of the options, when you are buying a domain name, is the AUTO-RENEW option.

Auto-renew option means that every year a domain registrar will automatically renew your domain name if you have enough money on your credit card. You can always turn off an auto-renew option usually inside the domain registrar control panel. The auto-renew option can be cheaper as buying the domain for a longer time period.

Example: Auto-renew option when buying a domain.




Can I use WordPress without a host?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can use WordPress without a host.

Let’s check together what are possible options for using WordPress without a host.

A free account on

You can go to the website: and create your first WordPress site without worry to take care of hosting.

On website click:

Enter your data: email address, username, and password.

Select what kind of website do you want to have (For this example I click in Blog):

I have entered the topic of the blog (For this example I click on food topic):

Then you will see the first preview of your website. Enter the blog name and click the continue button.

Then you can choose a style for your WordPress blog. I skip this step with the continue button.

Then you will need to select a keyword for your blog. Based on keywords you will get some domain suggestions. You can select the payable domain or try to use a free domain. For this example, I have chosen a free domain.


After domain pickup, you will get a pricing list for the hosting option. (For this example I have chosen a free option)

The next step in preparing and installing WordPress for you, Don’t worry will do everything automatically.

Example: installation is finished my WordPress is live now.

On the left side, you will see a menu you can write your your first posts.

So to sum up you can use for creating your first WordPress website. You can create an entirely free account.
In this way, you will leave the hosting of your site to the professional team no need to worry about hosting for your WordPress website.

Installing Bitnami as your WordPress host

One thing you can do to use WordPress without a host is installing Bitnami on your local computer. In that way, you will host WordPress on your local computer.


Go to website:

Click download installer for win 64bit.


After click on “Download for Windows 64-bit”, you must use sign-in to download .exx installer on your computer. Double click on .exe file bitnami….exe.

The installation will start in the next step you must select language for installation.


Check components for installing.

in the next step, you define the installation folder.


Enter data for the admin user.

After defining the login data enter the name of your WordPress website.

You can configure the default email provider.


Now Bitnami will start installing WordPress


Setup finishes.


After that, your browser will be opened and you will be transferred to a new website:

Your WordPress is ready.

For admin, login add wp-admin to the end of URL:


Now your WordPress is ready you can test it. You should know that the installation of Bitnami on your computer if totally free but your WordPress is now seen only to you. Because you have installed WordPress on your local computer. If you want that your WordPress website will be seen to others to your must-buy payable WordPress hosting on the internet like Bluehost or create port forwarding to your local computer (for this you need some extra IT knowledge).

How much does WordPress cost per year?

The CMS WordPress is FREE but there are some hidden costs which you may have.

If you want to have a professional web site with all the components you will need hosting for your WordPress and domain name. So what is the cost for all per year?

Let’s check the standard web hosting price which you will need.

The standard web hosting price is around: $5,85 / monthly  example: Bluehost

Then you will need a domain name. The price of the domain depends on the domain extension. For .com extension, you will pay around: $11.99  / yearly.

So today, you will pay for the basic WordPress site around $82,19.

But be careful your WordPress website can be made of payable plugins like WPML etc. for these plugins you must pay support and updates usually most often annually. Example of WPML plugin you will pay around: $59 for yearly account renewal.











How do I find out what plugins are installed on my website?

Manually check if you have admin access to the WordPress website:

If you want to check what plugins are used on your WordPress site there is a simple way to do that.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website and click the Plugins button inside the left menu.



Click the Active button inside the filter to display only active plugins on your website.



All active plugins are now displayed inside the table:


Automatically check with the website: wppluginchecker

On the internet, I have found a simple tool to detect the most popular WordPress plugins.

Go to the website: and enter the website name. Example: After that click button Check site. The site will start checking your WordPress website. After 2-3 min you will get a list of plugins that they are installed on your WordPress websites.

Notice: Currently the website WordPress Plugin Checker detects only 50 most popular WordPress plugins. So probably not all plugins will be detected!

What platform is a website on?

Automatically check what platform is used by the website:

If you want to know what CMS/ platform is used on the website you can use What CMS website checker.

Go to the following website:

Enter a URL of the website and click the button “Detect CMS”.


The website will display what CMS/Platform is used by the website.

Example: our website: use WordPress platform.



Manual check what platform is used by the website:

Most often popular CMS systems generate a meta tag generator inside the source code of the website. So you can manually check the source code and check if the generator meta tag is added.

For example, open a website you want to check. Then open an additional popup menu with a right mouse click. Click View page source button.


Inside source code find generator meta tag.

Example: <meta name=”generatorcontent=”WordPress 4.9.10” />    inside content you can find what CMS is used on website and CMS version in our example websites use: WordPress version 4.9.10.

Best OCR programs test

In our work, we are currently using Abbyy as our main OCR program. Because OCR programs are getting better and better every year. We decided that we will test currently available OCR programs and try to define which OCR program is currently the best on the market. We test online and desktop programs.

What OCR software is best?

Currently, the best OCR software from our test are: FREE online OCRFREE online OCRGoogle drive. The following OCR applications have recognized 99%-100% of all text from the image. But the best OCR program which recognizes most of the text and does the best final formatting of text is Abbyy FineReader.

Is OCR software accurate?

In our tests, the best OCR applications recognize about 99%-100%  (total 200 words) of all text from the image. But you must know that it all depends on how text is seen inside your image. If your text is very hard to read the accurate of OCR application can be worse. We recommend that you test some of the best OCR programs from our rating.

What is the best OCR software for Windows 10?

All programs which we test are working on Windows 10 operating system. Independently of your operating system, you can always use the OCR programs which are working on the web so you don’t need to install anything on your computer. Example: FREE online OCR or Ocr space.

Final results of OCR program testing:

Until today, we have included 10 most popular OCR programs in this test. (We are regularly updating this list with new programs)

General results:

Program experience Word Recognized 199 total Formating after export into docx Final score
Abbyy FineReader 10 194 15 219
FREE online OCR 10 199 10 219
OmniPage 10 196 5 211
Google drive 10 199 0 209
Ocr space 10 199 0 209
Readiris 7 3 0 10
Simple OCR 5 0 0 5
LigthPdf 5 0 0 5
Boxoft Free OCR 5 0 0 5
Capture2Text 0 0 0 0
FREE OCR program 0 0 0 0


Results per word recognized:

Word Recognized 199 total
FREE online OCR 199
OCR space 199
Google drive 199
OmniPage 196
Abbyy FineReader 194
Readiris 3
Simple OCR 0
LigthPdf 0
Boxoft Free OCR 0
Capture2Text 0
FREE OCR program 0


So how we test OCR program

We print one of famous story Romeo and Juliet on our printer. Then we make some coffee stain on this paper draw over text with a pen – some blue lines and finally I take my mobile phone and take pictures of that text. For the extra hard work, I rotate my mobile phone and create some extra shadows on this picture.

So the final result is here (.jpg file 3.4 MB size):


Scanned picture for OCRT test

Scanned picture for OCRT test

The source file in a word is available here: Juliet Summary.docx for ocr

How we counted the final results:

  • 10 points   of rating there was a user experience of program,
  • 199 points  1/point per correctly recognized word –  how many words were correctly recognized from this  picture,
  • 20 points How to program format all text after the final export option.

For the comparison of plan text, we have use website:

1. test FREE OCR program from ( )

I have download and install this program on my PC. When I try to open the image with open function the image was not loaded inside the program.

The image was not loaded inside the program. I have to try to reduce the image size to 1.3 MB and convert it to. PNG but there was no success with loading image inside this OCR program :/


So the final score for this program – nothing was working.

  • Program experience: 0 points
  • Word recognized: 0 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program: 0 points


2. test FREE online OCR program from (

So I have upload image to this service:

After convert I receive an online preview of text:


Download to Word file:

You can check final export to word – here: free_online_ocr_to_word.docx

So the final result:

  • Program experience: 10 points
  • Word recognized: 199 points
  • Text format after export: 10 points – basic formatting was done (headlines) 
  • The final score of the program: 219 points

Overall experience with this service is quite good. You have some free OCR recognitions inside free account – without registration. If you want you can register and buy more OCR recognition.


3. test Simple OCR program from (

I have download and install program.

When the program has started I have chose a machine print option.

Then I have to click the select button:

After that, I just add a new page and import image from the file option.

The result was not good. The program didn’t recognize any of word.

Example:şimple ocr final result


Saving to Word (.doc) failed completely. Result SimpleOCR to Word SimpleOCR export image to (.doc)


So the final score for this program – I think that program is outdated – old. I didn’t find when the program was last updated. The OCR service inside the program is very poor.

  • Program experience: 5 points
  • Word recognized: 0 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program: 5 points


4. test Readiris program from (

I have download and install program.

After import, I rotate the image inside the program. After import, I export into word  (.docx) the result was not very successful.

For example, only a few words were recognized. You can see the whole .docx file Readiris export to word


So the final score for this program. Programs have a modern interface lot of the future for working with different types of files. But on our test OCR recognition was very poor.

  • Program experience: 7 points
  • Word recognized: 3 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program: 10 points


5. test OmniPage program from (

I have download and install program. When I open the program and import test image program automatically rotate the image.


OCR recognition was very good. One of the good things inside this program is the OCR suggestion tool. If OCR will not recognize word correctly it will show a dialog where you can check the word and help the program to better recognize this word or correct this word right inside the program.


Final result inside word .docx file:


So the final score for this program. The OCR recognition inside this program was very good. But when we export this text to Word .docx the formatting of text was not 100% correct. The image was not on the right place and some text was at the end of the document not on the start of the document.  You can check the final result in Word here. But overall experience with this program was very good.

  • Program experience: 10 points
  • Word recognized: 196 points
  • Text format after export: 5 points
  • The final score of the program: 211 points


6. test Google drive (

I have upload images to my google drive. Then I open the same image with Google Docs


Example: text recognized from the image inside Google Docs



So the final score for Google Drive OCR.  The OCR was 100% all words were correctly recognized. Only weak point is that formatting is not supported.

  • Program experience: 10 points
  • Word recognized: 199 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program:  209 points

7. test online LigthPdf (

I have upload images to lightPdf to test OCR service. In free mode, LightPdf offers only export to a .txt file. To test there OCR engine that was fine for us.


After convert, I have download .txt file inside no text were added. No word was recognized.


  • Program experience: 5 points
  • Word recognized: 0 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • Final score of program: 5 points


8. test program Boxoft Free OCR (freeware)(

I have to download and install this program. When I try to load the image inside the program the image was not loaded into the program. I even try to run a program with Administrator right try different image … The program was not working on my computer.



  • Program experience: 5 points
  • Word recognized: 0 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program: 5 points

9. test program Capture2Text (

I have downloaded this program and install it on my computer. When the program was installed I have a small icon at the bottom-right of my screen. Then I open and rotate test image and call program with shortcuts Windows Key + Q. The select box on screen appears I select text on test image but there were no results with OCR recognition – no words were recognized.


  • Program experience: 0 points
  • Word recognized: 0 points
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program: 0 points

10. test program Abbyy FineReader (

I have downloaded this program and install it on my computer. Then I try directly convert to word.


Abby convert to Microsoft Word

The final result is available here: Abbyy_export_to_word

  • Program experience: 10 points  (simple)
  • Word recognized: 194 points 
  • Text format after export: 15 points (very good formatting paragraph, headlines very correct. Only fonts and top images is missing )
  • The final score of the program: 219


11. test program OCR Space (

We have tested a new web OCR program. I have upload test image to website Ocr space.



Final result:

Final result  .txt file ocr_space_final_result.

Final result export to .pdf. ocr_space_export_to_pdf – only text was inserted to .pdf.

  • Program experience: 10 points  (simple)
  • Word recognized: 199 points 
  • Text format after export: 0 points
  • The final score of the program: 209



Can I track my girlfriend’s phone?

Have you ever thought of the possibility of tracking your girlfriend’s phone? Yes, we know what you are thinking, but far from it, she could be truly in wrong hands you see 😉.  Well it’s indeed very possible to track your girlfriends’ phone if you have access to her phone and can install apps such as spy app, iKeyMonitor to mention but a few. Below are procedures to follow if you wish to track your girlfriend with varying apps without her knowledge.

On this website we have articles about:

How to copy photos from phone to computer (A helpful guide with images)


How can you transfer photos from your mobile phone to a computer using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable,Google Drive app,Dropbox or google Photos? You might ask. You are definitely not alone, as many people seek such knowledge for a variety of reasons. Most often, it is because we want to keep a backup of those beautiful photos taken during the last trip to Iceland, or the Safari in South Africa safe in case we lose our phones. Other times, it could be because we intend to edit or even print these photos out.

For whatever the reason, transferring photos from a mobile phone to a computer is quite the surmountable task. Here are methods on how to effectively go about transferring your photos to your PC.


1. How to Transfer Photos from Mobile Phone to Computer Over USB

Method one: Direct copy

Step1: Make sure your mobile phone is well connected to the computer via the USB cable. It is better to place the phone on a firm and steady surface to avoid shaking and disrupting the process later, especially if your USB cable is weary with age. If you are using an android phone, you might need to switch on the USB Debug mode on your android device if your computer does not recognize or show the mobile phone. To do this, refer to your phone support.

Put USB cable to mobile phone

Put USB cable into mobile phone


Usb connected to computer


Mobile phone connected to computer over USB cable

Mobile phone connected to computer over USB cable

Be careful some USB cables are just for charging the phone not for data transfer. If your computer does not recognize your phone try with different USB  cable.


Usb cables just one is for data transfer

Usb cables just one is for data transfer

Step 2: If you are using Android mobile system you should set USB connected mode. After you connect mobile phone and computer with USB cable your mobile phone will show notification:

Set mobile phone to "FIles mode"

Set mobile phone to “FIles mode”


Step 3: The phone should show up as a storage drive or a device on your PC folder, depending on the version of your phone operating system.

Example: My computer/This PC:

New icon show inside my computer

New icon “Your mobile phone name” inside this PC on your computer

Step 4: locate the storage location (a memory card, or the phone’s primary storage) and locate the folder where the photos are stored. (Usually DCIM, or Camera in most android devices).

Internal storage

click inside DCIM folder

click inside DCIM folder


select Camera

select Camera


Step 4: Once you locate the folder, you can select the photos you would like to transfer by highlighting them, or you could simply select all if you intend to transfer all photos to your computer. Next, right click on the selected photos, and select “Copy”.

select and copy photos

select and copy photos

Step 5: Navigate to the location on your computer to which you intend to transfer the copied photos. Once you do so, right click and select paste.

Paste images to your computer

Paste images to your computer

Now you can sit back and watch the process go on.

Copy process begin


Note that it if you want to move your photos, it is safer for you to select “Copy” in step 4 instead of “Cut“, this is because sometimes, when you select “Cut” and the transfer process is interrupted before completion, the photos which were not transferred might get deleted from your mobile phone.

2. How to transfer photos from phone to Google Drive

You can transfer photos from your mobile phone to computer with Google Drive. First you must download Google Drive application to your mobile phone.

Go to Google Play:


Search for Google Drive application:

Install google drive application

Search Google Drive application


Click install google Drive application.

Install google drive application on your mobile phone

Install google drive application on your mobile phone


After install find application on your mobile phone. On my phone Huawei I must click Google applications on my basic screen:

Inside Google application list find Google Drive Application and click on it:


After application is opened check if you are sign into google account.

Tab on account icon:



You will see which google account is used inside your google drive application. 


Now we will upload our first image. Slide account tab into left and click “Plus blue icon ” on your mobile phone.



Let’s upload images which you already have on your mobile phone. Tab Upload button and search for image on your phone.


Select image which you want to upload to Google drive.

Select image for upload to Google drive


Now upload to Google Drive begin.


Upload is finished when you see image inside your google Drive application.


Now go to your computer open browser and sign inside your gmail account.

Click Google Drive application:


Now Google Drive application will open. You can see image which you have upload from your mobile phone. If you click on your image with right mouse button you will get drop down menu. If you want to download image to your computer click “Download button”.

After that image is transferred to your computer.

3. How to transfer photos from phone to Dropbox

Dropbox is simply a cloud storage and file synchronization service which enables users store their files on the cloud servers. Cloud storage applications like Dropbox are indeed extremely efficient thanks to technological advancements in the areas o cloud technology and visualization. Most users would normally use the Dropbox application as an option to saving files that they’d rather not risk being deleted or corrupted.

Storing your files on Dropbox, allows you the same access as it ordinarily would in the event of a localized file storage situation (i.e. storing your files on your phone’s memory). Except, you may need an up to par internet connection to ensure a seamless data transfer process between Dropbox servers and your device.

Other advantages of storing footage on Dropbox include the ability to share specific files and folders with select individuals, as well as the issues associated with risk mitigation, in that you have now shared the risk associated with loosing this data with a third party.

Despite the advantages of using Dropbox applications, many individuals remain oblivious of the need and ease of use with regards a Dropbox account.

Hence, we’ll provide the most basic steps to take in a bid to create a Dropbox account, install the application on your mobile device to ensure easy access wherever and whenever, the steps involved in uploading and downloading pictures from your Dropbox account respectively:

How to create a Dropbox account

  • Open your website and go to:
  • Click the sign on button.
  • Type in your forename, last name, e-mail address, and a countersign for your account. Your e-mail address and countersign are going to be your account credentials to log in.
  • Click the “I conform to Dropbox Terms” checkbox.
  • And select “Create Account”

  • After sign up don’t forget to confirm your Dropbox account.
  • Go to your email and click url:


How to install Dropbox on your mobile phone

  • Install Dropbox on your mobile phone

  • Sign into your dropBox account

Now Dropbox will offer you two option. You can select Free option for 30 days after 30 days the price will be 8.25€/month (Dropbox pricing)

For this tutorial I select Continue with basic (2 GB option)


Now Dropbox application will open:


If you want to upload image tab “Plus icon”:

Tab on Upload photos or videos


Search for photos you want to upload to Dropbox


Tab the image you want to upload to Dropbox


Dropbox is validating image:

Image is uploading to Dropbox:

Image is successfully uploaded to Dropbox:


Now you can download images from Dropbox to your computer.

Open browser on your computer and go to website:

Enter login credentials for your Dropbox account:


Inside you Dropbox account you can download your image to computer:


4. How to upload images from your mobile phone with google Photos

Google Photos is the Google default application for photos in Android and it allows you to back up your photos and videos on the Google servers very easily. You can use the Google “Back up & Sync” service which allows you to save your photos into Google Photos Library and you can also set the privacy for your pictures so that no one could access them. You can also add a partner account where you can share the collection with your partner.

The best thing about this service is that it regularly synchronize the photos. For example, if you edit the photo on your smartphone, you will find the same changes in the picture stored in Google Photos Library.

How to start using google Photos on your smartphone?

The first thing you need to do is to enable the Google “Back up & sync” service on so that it could transfer the photos to the Google Photos Library. You can follow these steps to enable it.

Open Google Photos application on your android phone:



If you want to add photos to Google photos you must enable Backup & sync inside application Settings:


Select your google account and turn on Back up & sync option:  

Once you complete these steps, your photos will start to upload on the Google Photos.  Every picture which will be taken with you mobile phone will be automatically added to you google Photo.


Picture taken from your mobile phone will automatically be uploaded into google Photo service:

If you want you can manual upload images to google Photos:

Go to you image gallery and open your image select Share and Upload to Photos:

Upload of images is completed now you can see your image inside google Photo application:


Now let’s open google Photos on your computer and download image to your computer.

Open your browser and go to website:

Sign into your google account:

Open google Photo from you account:

Now you can see all images from your mobile phone:

If you want to download image. Click on image. Image will go to full screen. Now click on image and select: Save image as…



How to Connect iPhone 7 to Computer?

You have purchased a new iPhone 7. With your new phone, you went for a long drive and you have taken some snaps on your way. After you have returned home, you have gone through those pictures and found one of them as best. Now, you want to set that picture as a wallpaper on your desktop. How will you do this? It is only possible when you connect the iPhone 7 to the desktop and share the file.

For connecting your iPhone 7 to the computer, you need to take care of a few steps. Beforehand, you have to ensure that your phone and the desktop are equipped with the required drivers and hardware.

Prerequisites for Connecting iPhone 7 to Computer

  • Internet connection
  • PC or Mac USB 3.0 or 2.0 port
  • Operating system of the computer – OS X version 10.6.8 or later, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later
  • USB cable with 30- pin or Lightning system

Connect iPhone 7 to the computer by using the USB cable. You have options for proceeding further. Interfacing can be done through iTunes or third party software.

Interfacing Through iTunes

iTunes should be your first option for connecting iPhone 7 to the desktop.

Step 1 – You need to connect iPhone 7 to the desktop in order to sync the phone.

Step 2 – Turn on iTunes on the desktop. If you face difficulties in syncing the phone, you can go the “Help” menu of the phone and open “iTunes Help” menu. After clicking on the iTunes Help, choose “Sync your iPhone 7” option.

Step 3 – Ensure that Wi-Fi syncing is turned on. The phone will sync when it is connected to a power source.

Step 4 – Check whether the phone and the PC share the same wireless network. Now, you can see “iTunes” menu on the desktop.

You can perform the syncing task by connecting iPhone 7 to the desktop or you can set up iTunes for syncing the wireless with Wi-Fi.  You can turn on iTunes for syncing apps, music, pictures and much more.

If the phone does not appear in “iTunes” menu, then you have to install the latest version of iTunes. If you cannot install the latest version, then you need to upgrade it. If the image of the phone still does not appear, then you have to restart the PC.

If you are using Mac, press the “Option” key and click on the “Apple” menu. Then select “System Report” or “System Information”. Then choose “USB” menu from the list located on the left. If you see your iPhone7 under the USB Device Tree, then you need to uninstall the third party security software.


Connecting iPhone 7 to Computer by Using Third Party Software

iPhone 7 can be connected to the desktop through third party software like Anytrans. This software tool works well on Apple products. Third party software tools can also transfer music or other files from the phone to the computer. Some software tools can copy pictures or music from old iPhone 7 to new iPhone 7.

Step 1 – Download your preferred third party software tool on the desktop and install it.

Step 2 – Open the software and connect the phone.

Step 3 – After opening the software, the home page will appear and perform your desired task.

Now, your iPhone 7 is connected to the computer. It is time to share files. If you want to transfer music, MP3 or songs from your phone to the computer, follow these steps.

If you wish to transfer a music file from iPhone 7 to the computer, iTunes can make you impatient. iTunes is as good as a music library. It becomes handy when you wish to upgrade the phone with iOS 10.

When settings are applied to iTunes, it syncs the entire music library every time, provided the phone is connected to the computer with USB cable.

iphone data transfer

Transfer data from your iphone

Transferring Music from iPhone 7 to PC with WinX MediaTrans

Download the free WinX MediaTrans iPhone music manager.  This program works on Windows 7, 8 or 10 easily. The music manager easily enters into the music library of your iPhone 7 and helping you to select songs, MP3 or playlist to be transferred to the computer.

Install and launch the music manager on the computer running on Windows 10, 8 or 7.  The music manager has to be coupled with the latest version of iTunes.

Step 1 – Connect the phone to the computer by using USB cable.

Step 2 – At the homepage of Winx MediaTrans, click on the “Music Manager” button.

Step 3 – Select the music to be transferred to the PC.

Step 4 – Click on the “Export Music” menu appearing next to the music title.

If you want to transfer a batch of songs, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Press the Ctrl key and choose the music titles to be transferred.

Step 2 – You can use “Select All” option if you wish to transfer all music titles stored on your iPhone 7. Press Shift key while you check the ending title for selecting all music between them to transfer from the phone to the computer.

Please plug in iPhone or iPad

Transferring Music from iPhone 7 to Computer with iTunes

Before you transfer music from the iPhone 7 to the computer, ensure that the music is not replaced with the contents of iTunes. For that, you need to go to “Edit” menu. In the “edit” menu, click on the “Preference Settings” menu. Then click on the “Device” menu and provide a tap on prevent iPhone from automatic sync with the computer.

Step 1 – Connect the phone to the PC with USB cable.

Step 2 – Open iTunes and click on the phone icon for viewing its profile.

Step 3 – If the music that you wish to transfer from the phone to the computer is purchased from the iTunes Store, then you need to feed your Apple ID and enter the pass code to log in.

Step 4 – Go to “Files’’ menu

Step 5 – Click on the “Device” menu

Step 6 – Provide tap on Transfer Purchased Item. It is done.


You are using iPhone 7 from the date of purchase. By now, you have shot pictures of your family, friends, peers and others. It may happen that you want to share those snaps on your computer. This is possible. There are various ways to do it.

Beforehand, you should know that iTunes does not allow you transfer pictures from iPhone to PC for privacy issues. Some users have reported that mobile data syncing starts soon after the phone is connected to the PC. Users cannot open the file even if they trace it, as there is no file extension. In addition, the worst part is that images that are downloaded from the computer to the iPhone cannot be deleted. This is the reason many users prefer to transfer pictures to computer without using iTunes. There are three ways for transferring photos from iPhone 7 to computer without using iTunes.

Using WinX MediaTrans

Step 1 – Download the extension file of WinX MediaTrans on the computer running on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Step 2 – Install the iPhone photo media manager by checking the “End user license agreement” box. Click on the “Install” tab.

Step 3 – Connect the phone to the computer by using a certified USB cable. An alert box will pop up and you have to adjust iTunes settings to ensure that data does not get erased automatically.

Step 4 – Click on the “Photo Transfer” menu appearing on the main interface of WinX MediaTrans. You will find that all images have been grouped.

Step 5 – Choose photos that you wish to sync to the computer.

Step 6 – Click on the “Export” tab and it is done

The syncing speed of WinX MediaTrans is amazingly fast. The iPhone to PC transfer software supports transferring of music and videos from iPhone to computer and vice versa. Video conversion capability incorporated into the iPhone photo manager is amazing.

Using Windows AutoPlay

If You Are Using Windows 7

Step 1 – Connect iPhone 7 to the computer with USB cable. An AutoPlay box will appear on the screen.

Step 2 – In the AutoPlay box, select “Import pictures and videos” option.

Step 3 – Adjust the location path

Step 4 – Transfer images from the phone to the computer

If Your Are Using Windows 10

Step 1 – Connect the iPhone 7 to the PC. An AutoPlay box will appear.

Step 2 – In the Cortana search bar, type photos.

Step 3 – Access the Photos app

Step 4 – Click on the right button

Step 5 – Choose the images that you wish to transfer to the computer

Step 6 – Click on the Import tab to begin the process

By Using iCloud

Step 1 – Go to the “Settings” menu of your iPhone 7

Step 2 – Select “Photo Stream” option

Step 3 – Switch on the “Photo Stream” option

Step 4 – The images are uploaded to iCloud automatically

Step 5 – Download iCloud and install the same on the computer

Step 6 – Log into the iCloud by using your Apple ID and password

Step 7 – Choose the “Photo Stream” box and click on the “Apply” button

Step 8 – Open the “File Manager” menu located at the taskbar of your computer

Step 9 – Find Libraries section and click on “pictures” tab

Step 10 – Choose “Photo Stream” option

Step 11 – Then click on “My Photo Stream” tab

Step 12 – Now images have been transferred from the iPhone7 to the computer.

Transferring Videos from iPhone 7 to Computer

Step 1-  Launch Winx MediaTrans software and connect the iPhone 7 to the computer with USB cable. The program automatically detects files stored on your iPhone.

Step 2- Click on the “Video” tab for entering into video transfer interface.

Step 3 – All the video folders are displayed in left sidebar including recorded video, home video, music video, TV show, films and many others.

Step 4 – Go through the video folders for selecting those files, which you want to transfer to the PC from iPhone 7.

Step 5 – Provide tap on the “Export” button on the toolbar for transferring the preferred videos to the PC.

Connecting iPhone 7 to the computer is worthy. You can transfer music, videos and other important to the computer and use those as backup.