PC suite for Pantech phones free download

Pantech mobile PC suite can be used to connect your Pantech phone with PC and do various tasks like file sharing,backup contacts etc.These PC suite for Pantech work for all smart phone models like :-

  • Pantech discover.
  • Pantech Flex.
  • Pantech Marauder.
  • Pantech burst.
  • Pantech post.
  • Pantech verse.
  • Pantech renue.
  • Pantech swift.

PC suite for Pantech smart phones download

Pantech smart phones works with android platform.So any android PC suite can be used as PC suite for Pantech phones.Some of the best PC suite for Pantech android phone is my phone explorer and Mobiledit.Both of them works well for Pantech android phones.
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Download Mobil edit PC suite for Pantech phones

Mobiledit is the best PC suite for  Pantech as Mobil edit have the feature to download drivers for your Pantech phone.
You can download Mobiledit PC suite for Pantech from here.

  • Download the mobile edit PC suite for Pantech to your PC.Download  meconnector.apk (android version) to your Pantech phone .Install both.

Installing modem drivers for your Pantech phone

Modem drivers need to be installed in order to detect your phone in PC.Mobiledit will help to install driver for modem drivers in PC.
Make sure you are connected to internet.
pantech pc suite free download

Now launch your mobiledit.If you are opening it for the first time,mobiledit will show a window to download the necessary drivers.Check the box corresponding to Pantech.Click next and your driver will be installed.
Make sure your haven’t connected your phone while you installing drivers and also if you are opening the software and its not showing the window to install modem drivers,you can manually open it by clicking the ‘Download drivers ‘option inside the software.

Connecting  PC suite for Pantech to PC

Connecting using USB

  • Install modem drivers
  • Go to settings and enable USB debugging.
  • Now connect your phone to PC and Launch mobiledit.
  • Click connect and select phone option if you want access contacts,sms etc.If you want to access internal memory,choose internal memory(you need to login to Google account in order to get connected).
  • In the next window select USB cable and phone will get connected.
    pc suite for pantech mobiles

Connecting using WiFi

This does not need drivers installed but your PC and phone need WiFi facility.

  • In phone go to settings>>wireless and networks>>Tethering and hotspots and select WiFi tethering and activate it.
  • Now go to launch mobiledit in your phone(install meconnector.apk) in your phone .Note down the IP address shown in the phone
  • Now launch software in PC and click connect.
  • Select phone option and select WiFi in next step.
  • Now enter the IP address shown in your phone in mobile edit and click next.Software will detect the phone and get connected.


Connecting using Bluetooth

If you have a Bluetooth dongle or have inbuilt Bluetooth in your PC,then you can connect pan tech PC suite using Bluetooth.

  • Switch on Bluetooth in your phone and make it visible in Bluetooth settings.
  • Now switch in Bluetooth in PC by launching Bluetooth software(in case using a dongle) or switching wireless networks(in case of laptop).
  • Now launch software and click connect.
  • Select phone option and select Bluetooth.Software will search for available devices and get connected.

My phone explorer PC suite for Pantech phones

Downloading my phone explorer

My phone explorer is one of the best PC suite for android phones and You can download it from here.
Also you need to install its android version in phone.You can download the android version from here.
After downloading,install .exe version in your PC and apk file in your phone.
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Connecting it is almost similar to mobiledit.
Mobiledit is the best Pantech PC suite as it comes with a lot of features and modem drivers.