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Periscope for Android is Finally Here

With the boom of social media and the use of smartphones, everyone is wondering for the new apps and option available on their smartphone. According to the Forbes, more than 600 million mobile run on Android. So Android users we have good news for you. Much awaited periscope, twitter live stream video app has finally arrived for Android. Sounds amazing?

Earlier this year, in the March, the Periscope app made its debut in the iOS. Once you’ll install it and explore it then you’ll come to know that the Android version is quite similar to iOS except some additional new perks. One of the perks include “return to broadcast feature”. It allows you to get back to your streaming home page when you directs to something else on your device. Means at any times you can switch to other page and can get back to oyur stream without any hassle.

Rival Meerkat who made a private beta launch at the start of this year, was also followed by the open beta. While making up all the efforts to build up MPV-level software for more advantage, Periscope appears in the market. Periscope developers made sure to launch it with new features even if it has to go ahead to iSO phones.

For a user to install it in the Android require KitKat 4.4 or later versions. But how does the app looks like? While talking about its looks, you’ll find its design elements are taken from the Google Material Design philosophy and guidelines.

With Persiscope installed in your Andorid you can finally share and experience the live video streaming video joy on your smartphone. Periscope is available on Google Play store and App store. You can also view it on the web. Install it now and get ready for the super video excitement. You’ll going to love it for sure!