How to create screenshot on your Android mobile phone

Sometimes while surfing the internet, or a favorite social media platform, we come across interesting things that we may want to save for later. It could also be that we want to grab an information, or photo or even a video on our screen to save for future use. Whatever the reason, the screenshot feature of android phones is a welcome feature as most of us will testify.

On most Android phones you can create screenshot by pressing two buttons at the same time:

  • Power button and volume down

Example: on my Huawei mobile phone

Although screenshots are quite easy to create, the process varies from phone to phone, and yet, most android phone do not usually come with instructions regarding creating screenshots. While users may find it easy on one phone, they may find it tricky on another. Also, some users may be in search of new methods to create screenshots. If you are in need of this knowledge, sit back and let’s walk you through the process of creating a screenshot for a range of phones.

Inside this article you will find:

How to create screenshot on Samsung mobile phone

Samsung android mobile phones are nice phones which tend to differ in operation from other android phones in terms of creating screenshots.

We now take a look at how to create screenshots on three of Samsung’s consecutive flagship phones. There are four methods to be described here.

  1. How to take screenshots with the Power button + Home button.
  2. How to use the palm swipe feature.

Without using Print screen button

  1. To create screenshots using an app.
  2. Using Hey Google AI
  3. Using the Power button + Home button.

  • On Galaxy s5 mobile phone: Creating a screenshot on samsung Galaxy s5 is quite easy using the Power button + Home button. All you need do is to pull up the screen you want to screenshot and then hold down the Power button simultaneously with the Home button. You should hear a shutter sound if the device has not been silenced.
  • On the Galaxy s6 mobile phone: To create a screenshot, simply press the Power button and the Home button at the same time
  • On Samsung Edge mobile phones: Like the above, you simply hold down the Power button and the Home button together.

Note that, the Power button is located on the right side of the phone along the edge, while the Home button is located just below the screen. Also, due to some associated button functions, the trick of getting this is to hold the Power button slightly earlier than the Home button and you’ll get your screenshot.


Example: Home and Power button on Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. What is PALM swipe capture on Samsung mobile phone:  PALM swipe capture on Samsung mobile phone is a feature that exploits the motion sensor on the front of your device. First you must turn it on by going to settings, then enter the Motion and gestures option and then the Palm swipe to capture. I.E Settings —Motions and gestures — Palm swipe to capture. Once you are done, you then pull up the screen you want to capture and then swipe your palm from left to right or from right to left. You swipe the underside of your palm (I.e the flat) across the screen in either direction. This is tricky and can take a while to master, but once you do, it becomes easy.


How do you take screenshot without Printscreen button

You can also take a screenshot without using the home screen button. There are two ways to do this.

  • Using an application
  • Using Google assistant

How to take screenshot with the Screenshot Touch application for phone

The Screenshot touch app for android is a smart screen capture app that supports Android version 5.0 and above. It is a very useful app that does not require your phone to be rooted before it works. This app supports screenshot feature over three methods; you can either capture by touch of an icon in the notification area, or an overlay icon or just by shaking the device. After installing the app, there is a drop window from which you can select either of the above methods to make a screenshot.

There is also an awesome feature called Web page scroll capture that helps you capture whole sites even if they are not in the current display. This means you can capture everything in an entire browser window without having to scroll down.

To scroll capture, you can either copy the link of the page and paste in a web browser and then select Screenshot touch; or you can use the in-app browser by when you touch the globe icon in the settings page.

You can download application from your google Play on link:

After you install application you must start capture monitoring service.

Click application

Click application


Start screen monitor service

Start screen monitor service


Take screenshot

Take screenshot

How to take screenshot with google assistant Hey Google

Google Assistant ” Hey Google” is an artificial intelligence feature that smartphone users can employ in a variety of ways. It is a very important feature that makes devices more user-friendly and intuitive. There are so many things an android user could do with a simple voice command such as set alarms, send money to friends and even check  movie schedules. So taking a screenshot with a voice command is definitely possible.

First tap and hold the home button below the screen and your Google assistant should come on or you can simply say “OK Google”, if it doesn’t, you will have to enable it from your settings. You can follow on-screen instructions to set up the voice commands so it can recognize your voice.

Once the Google assistant comes on and is set, tap the mic button by your right once and say ”take a screenshot”.

How to create screenshot on Huawei mobile phone

Huawei mobile phones have a feature that allows you take screenshots easily. The only thing you have to do is hold the Power button + Lower volume button at the same time.

To do this:

  1. Locate the screen you want to take a shot of
  2. Press the Power button + Lower Volume button
  3. A pop-up will appear showing that your screenshot has been taken. You will have some moments to select other options like share and edit before the pop-up disappears.

Latest Huawei devices have the scroll capture feature that allows users to take scrolling screenshots.

If your device can do this, all you need to is

  1. Take a normal screenshot (Power button + Lower Volume Button)
  2. When the pop-up appears, quickly tap on the screenshot option.
  3. Your phone will start taking screenshots until you stop it by tapping the screen. The scrollshot will then appear for further actions.


You can also employ the “Knuckle Smart Screenshot” by going to Settings, then Smart assistance and finally Motion Control, now under the Knuckle Gestures, turn on the  Smart Screenshot option.

The Knuckle Smart Screenshot enables you to take screenshots by tapping your knuckle lightly on your screen. To take a screenshot:

  1. Simply knock once on your screen and it will take a screenshot.
  2. Or you can knock once and then, without lifting your hand, draw a square or circle to take a screenshot of the selected area. This Knuckle Smart Screenshot method could be tricky if you have not mastered it.

Where do screenshots go? (How to find screenshot on mobile phone, where screenshots are saved)

 To locate your saved screenshots, simply open you gallery and click on the “Screenshots” folder. If you are unsure, you could also enter your file manager and locate your picture/photos folder, then locate the Screenshots folder within. If you are using an app to screenshot, it is usual for them to have the option of selecting a folder to which the screenshots will be saved. Navigate the app’s settings and select this folder. If you are still unsure, you can enter your File manager and begin a search, then begin to type “Screenshot” and pictures named screenshots will begin to show. Usually the path of the file will appear beneath.

Example of screenshots folder on my Huawei:

Point to Local ->  Internal storage -> Pictures -> Screenshots

How to transfer screenshots to computer with USB (\Internal storage\Pictures\Screenshots):

To transfer your screenshots to a computer over a USB, simply connect the USB to your phone and to the computer appropriately, make sure it is firm and not shaky.

Your phone should appear as a storage device on your computer. Now open the folder and navigate to Internal storage > Pictures > Screenshots and you will see the screenshots there.

Alternatively, you can navigate to any other folder where you selected the storage of the screenshots.

Once you locate them, you can select individual screenshots or “select all” if you want to transfer all. Once selected, right-click on your selection and click “Copy” or “Cut” depending on your preference.

Now navigate to the folder on your computer that you want to save the screenshots. Right click and select paste.

How do I edit screenshots on Android

Screenshots can be edited like any other photos on your android. Simply select the screenshot, enter options and select “Edit”.

Most screenshot apps also give the option for you to edit screenshots just after taking them, or later. You can also get other photo editing apps to use in editing your screenshots.