Micromax PC suite free download

Micromax PC suite can be used to manage your micro max phones with PC.With a micro max PC suite,you can easily transfer files,contacts between phone and PC.

Micromax manufactures two types of phones – featured phones and smart phones.We will discuss the best PC suite for both models.

Micromax smart phones PC suite

Any android PC suite can be used as PC suite for micromax android smart phones.Below is the list of PC suites works with micro max smart phones.

My phone explorer

My phone explorer leads on top of the list.My phone explorer have options to connect phone with PC suite using USB, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Download My phone explorer

You need to download My phone explorer for phone and PC.
You can download My phone explorer for phone from here. Download.
You can download My phone explorer PC version from here.Download.

Connecting Micromax PC suite with phone

You can connect my phone explorer with USB,WiFi and Bluetooth.

Connecting via USB

For connecting using USB,we need to install modem driver for your phone model.
You can download and install modem driver from micromax official website.
micromax modem driver and PC suite
You can download micromax modem drivers from here.

Installing modem drivers
  • Select your phone model from the list.Click driver option to download driver.Extract the file and save it in a drive.
  • Connect your phone to PC.In your phone,go to settings – wireless & networks – tethering & hotspot and activate USB tethering.
  • In your PC,go to device manager.You can go to device manager by right clicking My computer and click manage.
  • In device manager,Under unknown device or COM Port list.Your phone will be listed as unknown device or with name micromax device.Right click it and select update driver.
  • When installation wizard shows option to browse the driver,select the folder which you saved the extracted driver.

Now PC suite will be able to detect your phone when connected using USB.For synchronizing PC suite with phone.

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
    micromax pc suite my phone explorer
  • In your phone activate USB tethering.If not detecting phone,go to settings – developers option – activate USB debugging.
    micromax pc suite for android
  • Launch My phone explorer.Click f1 or click file > connect.
  • In next window,select phone type as phone with android OS and connect with USB cable.
Connecting via WiFi

Connecting using WiFi tethering is fast and easy.You need not install modem drivers.So WiFi can be used if you can’t connect using USB.WiFi connection is fast but drains battery fast.
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  • Switch on WiFi in your PC.
  • In you phone,Activate WiFi Tethering.
  • Launch My phone explorer.Click f1.
  • In next window,select phone type as phone with android OS and connect with WiFi.
  • Wait for a minute for PC to detect your phone and get connected.
Connecting via Bluetooth

If you can’t connect using USB or WiFi,you can use Bluetooth.Bluetooth connection is slow compared to other two connections.

  • Activate Bluetooth in your phone and PC.
  • Launch Bluetooth software in PC and add phone as a new Bluetooth device.
  • Launch My phone explorer and click f1.
  • Select phone type as android and connection type as Bluetooth
Features of My phone explorer
  1. Contacts :- Helps to manage your phone’s contacts.You can transfer contacts between PC and phone,create new contacts etc.
  2. Messages :- With this feature you can send message directly from PC.You can also backup messages from phone to PC.
  3. Organizer :- Manage calenders,reminders,alarms etc.
  4. Files :- Transfer files between phone and PC.
  5. Call log :- See all dialed numbers,answered calls,missed calls of your phone directly from PC.

Mobil edit PC suite for micromax

Another good PC suite for micromax android phones.Mobil edit supports micromax phone models like :-

  • Micromax canvas.
  • Micro max bolt.
  • Micro max ninja.

Mobil edit download

You need to download android version and PC version.
Download android version from here download
You can download Mobil edit PC version from here.Download.

Connecting phone with Mobil edit

Similar to My phone explorer ,mobil edit can be connected using USB,WiFi and Bluetooth.
PC suite for micromax

Connecting using USB
  • Connect your phone to PC.
  • Go to settings – developers settings and activate USB debugging.
  • Launch mobiledit and click connect.
  • Select phone as what would you connect and type of connection as cable connection.
Connecting using WiFi
  • Activate WiFi in PC and Activate WiFi tethering in phone.
  • Launch android connector in phone.You will get a IP address from it.
  • Launch mobil edit and click connect.Select phone as what would you connect.
  • Choose WiFi as connection type.Enter the IP address displayed in your phone.Click next.
Connecting using Bluetooth.
  • Add your phone as a Bluetooth device to PC.
  • Launch Mobil edit and click connect.
  • Select phone in next window and connect using Bluetooth.

Features of Mobiledit

  • Backups :- Helps to back up your phones files.
  • Archive :- Manage messages and MMS of your phone.
  • Phone copier :- transfer files from phone to PC and PC to phone.It comes to handy if you want to copy files from one phone to other.
  • Video editor :- Manage videos in your phones.You can do simple video editing like cutting,combining etc.
  • Ringtone :- You can create ringtones from MP3 and videos you like.
  • Photo editor :- Edit your photos in phone gallery directly from PC.

Micromax PC suite for featured phones

Phone manager can be used as PC suite for micromax featured phones like :

  • Micromax X.
  • Micromax GC.
  • Micromax C.
  • Micromax CG.
  • Micromax q series like q3,q5,q75.

Download micromax pc suite

Download Micromax PC suite from this link.Download.
Download file and extract it.

Install Modem driver

In order for PC to detect your phone,you need to install modem driver.You can download micromax modem drivers from official website. ( link to page is given on top ).
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  • Extract the modem driver and save it to a folder.
  • Now connect your phone to PC and select com port as connection.
  • Now go to device manager.Your phone will be listed in unknown device.
    micromax q pc suite
  • Right click the unknown device and update driver.Browse the folder which you saved the driver and install it.

After installing,your phone will listed under COM port /LPT list.Note the COM port of your phone modem (example:- com 3).

Connecting PC suite with Micromax phones

  • Connect your phone to PC.Now your phone will show option to select type of connection.Select COM connection.
    micromax PC suite free download
  • Now launch PC suite by clicking the phone suite icon.
  • Click the settings option. Select the com port which you have installed modem driver of your phone.

Features of phone suite

  1. File manager :- Helps to transfer files between phone and PC.
  2. MMS :- Create multimedia messages and transfer it to phone.
  3. Images :- Edit images and save it phone.
  4. Message :- Send messages from your PC.Create and edit messages.
  5. Phone book :- Helps to manage your phone contacts.

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Some other PC suite which can be used are mobogenei and moborobo.