Maxx mobile modem driver and pc suite download

By using pc suite ,Maxx mobile can be used as a modem to connect to internet in windows PC and also we can transfer files,messages,contacts between maxx mobile and pc.

Before connecting pc suite,we need to install modem driver for maxx mobiles.You can download maxx mobile modem driver from here.
After downloading modem driver,unzip the driver and save it in a folder.Now connect your maxx mobile to PC using usb.Phone will now show three options – mass storage,com port and web cam.You need to select com port from three options.
Now go to control panel >> device manger and expand ‘other device‘ option.Your phone will be listed there as unknown device.Right click on it and select update driver. Select the folder which you saved driver and click update and your driver will get installed.

You can either use a software called maxx my sync or pc suite for all mobiles as PC suite.
You can download my sync PC suite from here.Download
After downloading,install it and connect your mobile and select com port. My sync  will automatically detect your phone and it will get connected.
maxx mobile pc suite free download
Features of My sync

  • We can transfer files between PC and maxx mobile
  • Connect to internet in windows using maxx mobile
  • Transfer contacts between maxx mobile and pc
  • Send text messages from PC

My sync  will not be able to recognize some maxx mobiles,for such mobiles you can use pc suite for all mobiles(used for china mobiles). You can download it from this link Download PC suite.
After downloading this PC suite,open it and in settings option,give the com port number which you have installed modem driver for maxx mobile.You will get the port number from device manger. The below figure show the com port of maxx mobile modem driver installed in my PC.The port number was com port 3.It varies from pc and you need to enter the correct modem driver to connect successfully.
maxx mobile pc suite install

pc suite for maxx mobile

Using this PC suite,we can transfer files,messages,contacts,transfer ringtones .images between your maxx phone and  pc.

If you are using maxx android phone like Maxx MA440 -BRAVA,you can use another PC suite called mobogenei. You can download it from here.Download mobogenei android PC suite

If there is any problem in installing PC suite or in connecting PC suite and phone ,please share it as comments section.I will help you.