LG PC suite free download

LG PC suite helps to manage your LG phone with the help your PC.LG provides PC suite for almost all models.Based on the configuration and operating system LG provides different PC suite for different phone models.We will discuss how to install and connect LG android and featured phones with LG PC suite in this post.

Download LG PC suite for android smart phones

You can download LG PC suite from their official website.Here is the link to download.Download
Double click to start installation.Select language and click install.
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Connecting LG phones with PC suite

We can connect LG pc suite with android and other LG smart phones using USB and WiFi.Connecting using USB is a better option as it is fast and easy.Using WiFi tethering needs WiFi feature in your PC.If you are using a laptop,it will have inbuilt WiFi adapter so there will be no problem in connecting using WiFi.One of the main disadvantage of connecting using WiFi is it will drain your battery fast.
lg pc suite for android phone

Connecting using USB

  • Launch LG PC suite in your PC.
  • Connect your phone to PC using USB
  • Your phone will show two to three options.USB charging,Media sync etc.
  • Choose media sync from the option.

Not connecting using USB?

Some times your PC may not detect your phone while connecting via media sync.Try following methods for connecting.
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USB Tethering

Almost all smartphones have USB tethering feature.

  • Connect your phone using USB.
  • Go to setting – wireless & networks – tethering & portable hotspot and activate USB tethering.
Activate USB debugging

Another method you can try is activating USB debugging which is a feature for developers to install and test their application in phones.

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • Go to settings – application settings – Development and activate USB debugging.


Still your PC not detecting your phone it will be device driver problem.Download modem driver for your phone LG model and install it.

Connecting Using WiFi

As i said before your PC or laptop needs WiFi feature for connecting using this.

  • Switch on Wireless network in your PC.
  • In your phone,go to settings – wireless and networks -tethering and hotspot and activate WiFi tethering.
  • Launch LG PC suite and click connect.
  • Click WiFi connecting tab and click search for mobile device.
  • PC suite will search and detect your LG mobile.

Features of LG PC suite

  1. Music :- Transfer Music files between your phone and PC by simply dragging music files from PC into PC suite window.
  2. Video :- This feature is similar to Music.You can transfer video files easily between your PC and LG smart phones.
  3. Photos :- Drag and drop photos to transfer files between phone and PC using this feature in LG PC suite.
  4. Applications :-This feature helps to manage your application installed in your phone.You can back up applications in PC using this feature.Also you can easily transfer application to phone and install it.
  5. Smart share :- One of the best features in this PC suite.You can access the files in your phone via smart TV.You can play video or music file from phone in your smart TV

LG PC suite for featured phones

LG provides PC suite which support its featured phones called LG mobile sync.The main advantage of LG mobile sync is it comes with modem drivers for all LG phones.
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Download LG Mobile sync

You can download it from LG official website.Click here to download.
lg pc suite for featured phone

Connecting phone with PC suite

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • Select media sync option from phone option.
  • Launch LG mobile Sync.Click tools >> COMM option and choose port number of your phone from list.
  • Click connect test to check if phone is connected to mobile Sync.

Features of LG Mobile sync

  1. Phone book :- Helps to manage your contacts from PC.You can backup,create new contacts or edit contacts.
  2. Messages :- Manage your messages using PC
  3. Multimedia :- Helps to transfer videos,images and ringtones between phone and PC.

LG PC suite for basic phone

LG basic phone can be connected to PC using Bluetooth or USB .PC sync manager is the best PC suite for these LG basic model phones.The best way for connecting is Bluetooth because PC does not detect most of the LG basic phone when connected using USB.We will discuss how to connect using Bluetooth.
lg pc suite for basic phones
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Connecting using Bluetooth

  • Switch on wireless or Bluetooth network in your PC and Bluetooth in phone.
  • Launch Bluetooth application in PC and add your phone as a new device.
  • Install your phone as a Bluetooth modem.Read this article to know how to create a Bluetooth modem.
  • Now launch PC sync manager.Go to settings page and change the COM port to port number of Bluetooth modem.
  • Now PC suite will search for your device and get connected.

Features of LG mobile sync

  1. Phone book :- Helps to manage your phone contacts.Helps to create and backup contacts in your PC.
  2. Message :- compose new messages and send to your contacts directly from your PC.
  3. Images :- Transfer photos between phone and PC.
  4. Melody :- Helps to create ringtones and transfer music files.
  5. File manager :- Transfer files between phone and PC.

Hopes this article helps to connect your LG with LG PC suite.