Lava PC suite free download

Lava PC suite can be used to sync your lava phone with PC.PC suites are  to handy if you want to transfer files or contacts between your phone and computer.

Lava mobiles have two type of phones in market.Smart phones and featured phones .
Lava Smart phone models are :-

  • Lava Iris.
  • 3G models .

Featured phones are:

  • Lava KKT.
  • Lava discover.
  • Lava arc.
  •  Lava spark.

Lava does not have any official PC suite for their models.But we can use some android PC suites for Lava phones .PC suite for lava smart phones and featured phones is listed below.

Lava PC suite for smartphones

All lava smart phone are android.We will review two PC suites that works with lava smart phones – my phone explorer and Mobil edit PC suite.Also i will list of bunch of PC suites that works with lava phones.

Download lava modem driver

Before installing PC suite you need to install modem drivers.Otherwise your phone will not be detected by computer.For downloading modem driver, click here to download.

Mobil edit PC suite

Mobil edit PC suite can be used as PC suite for all phones.It works with lava smartphones also.
lava phone android PC suite free download for windows
Make sure you have installed modem driver properly in you computer.Otherwise Mobil edit will not be able to detect your phone.

Mobil edit PC suite download.

Download from this link – download

Installing Mobil edit PC suite.

After downloading Mobil edit from the link.Click the setup file to install software.During installation,you will get window for downloading drivers.Since you have already installed drivers,you can skip it by clicking cancel.

Connecting lava phone with PC suite

We can connect lava PC suite in three methods – WiFi,USB and Bluetooth.Connecting using USB is preferred since it is easy and fast.

Connecting using WiFi and Bluetooth is also easy.But it is slow when compared to USB.Also battery drains quickly when you connect WiFi and Bluetooth.

Connecting PC suite using USB.
  • Make sure you installed modem driver.
  • Connect your phone using USB.
  • In your phone,go to setting – wireless & network connection – tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Activate USB tethering.
  • Now launch lava PC suite (Mobil edit).
  • Click connect option.
  • In new window,you will get option like phone,internal memory etc.Select phone from the option.
  • In next window,select the type of connection.Select cable connection for USB.
  • Click next for connecting your phone with lava PC suite.
Connecting Using WiFi

For connecting using WiFi you need to download mobile connector application in your phone.You can download it from here.

Install the mobile connector application in your lava phone.

  • In your phone,go to setting – wireless and network connection – tethering and portable hotspot.
  • Activate WiFi tethering.
  • Launch mobile connector in your phone.
  • You will get a IP address from it.
  • Launch Mobil-edit PC suite.
  • Click connect and select phone as next option.
  • In type of connection select WiFi.
  • In next window,enter ip address that is shown in your phone app.
  • Click next to connect.
Connecting using Bluetooth.
  • Switch on Bluetooth in your phone and PC.
  • Make phone Bluetooth discoverable in your phone.
  • Click notification icon in desktop task bar.Click add a Bluetooth device.PC will search for available device and list your phone.Select your phone name from list.And add it.
  • Launch Mobil edit in PC.
  • Click connect and select phone in the next window.
  • Select Bluetooth as type of connection.Click next.

My phone explorer as lava PC suite.

My phone explorer is also similar to Mobil edit.It can also be connected using USB,WiFi and Bluetooth.
You can download My phone explorer from here.

You also need to download the android version of the application in your phone.Download it here.

Above two can be used lava PC suite for windows 7,8 and Lava PC suite for windows XP.

List of Lava phones that works with above two PC suites

      Lava iris 405 PC suite.
      Lava iris 501 PC suite.
      Lava PC suite a10.
      Lava iris 349.
      Lava iris 403e.
      Lava iris 3G 402,356.
      Lava iris pro.

Lava PC suite for featured phones

Lava featured phone includes branded under name KKT.You need to find modem driver model for these phones.

finding lava modem driver model

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • Select COM port from the screen option.
  • Now go to device manager.Your phone modem driver will be listed under other device or Ports section.

After getting modem driver model,Google search and download it.Install modem driver.

Lava KKT phone PC suite

Download it from this link.

  • Extract file and open phone suite application.
  • Go to settings.Change COM port to port number which you installed lava modem driver.

Now your phone will be connected to phone suite.

features of phone suite.

  • Phone book:-This is to transfer files between your phone and lava phone.
    lava PC suite lava kkt phone PC suite free download
  • Messages:- This is to send messages with in your PC.
  • File manager:-For transferring files between phone and PC.
  • MMS :- This is for composing multimedia messages.
  • Melody:-This feature is to play ringtones,music etc.
  • Images:-Create and edit images.

List of best lava PC suite for windows