iPhone iCloud

iPhone iCloud

Apple has introduced a new solution for managing files and documents across iOS and OX X platforms. This solution is named iCloud Drive and you can use this if you have upgraded to iOS 8 recently. Depending on your storage needs, using iCloud could cost you zero to $19.99 per month. If you are thinking that it is an app that you have to run on your iPhone, you are wrong. It is not present physically in your iPhone, but can mysteriously help you share and manage data seamlessly.

Why is iCloud Designed?

The first reason for creating iCloud is allowing the users to share data. When you use iCloud and your Internet connection, it allows you to share data automatically to all your iOS devices and computer. It is possible to share any data from your Safari bookmarks to anything from Camera Roll. Suppose you have clicked a picture using your iPad. When you use iCloud, it automatically adds that picture to your iPhone’s Camera Roll and to your Mac device’s iPhoto.

The next reason for creating iCloud is that you can store documents online. You can grab any document anywhere using your iPhone or any iOS device and connect to the Internet. It is also capable of storing your iPhone backup that allows you to restore your data and settings in case there is any need of wiping off everything from your iPhone to clean it back to factory settings.

However, while accessing iCloud, you need to use your Apple ID. This helps the system to identify other computers and devices that need to work in synchronization. Therefore, in order to ensure proper performance of iCloud, all your iOS devices and computers should use the same Apple ID. However, you can only synchronize the data that you want to share with other computers and devices by tweaking your iCloud connection easily.

How to Setup iCloud on iPhone?

You have to follow the following steps to set up iCloud:

Step1 – Access the home screen of your iPhone and select the Setting menu

Step 2- On Settings, you will find iCloud, tap on it


turn on icloud on iphone

icloud on iphone


Step 3- First thing that you will notice on the iCloud menu is Account, which you have to tap. If you already have an Apple ID and password, put them in the fields. if not, set your ID and password.

sign in to iCloud

sign in to iCloud


Step 4- Once you have provided login details with your Apple ID and Password, you have to set up your storage plan on iCloud. 5GB of storage is free already, which is more than what most of the iPhone users require generally. However, there are options for upgrading the storage plan for a yearly fee. If you think 5GB is not enough, then you have to select 10GB, 200GB or 500GB storage upgrades according to your need. For example, if there is a large number of photos or increasing number of documents, you may want to upgrade to 500GB storage space. Similarly, you can anytime downgrade the storage if you think you don’t need that much anymore.

Upgrade icloud storage

Upgrade icloud storage

Step 5- When you are done with the last step, you have to return to the iCloud settings. You can do this by simply tapping the Done button.

Step 6- Set the option of your iCloud mail account. Look at the Account screen’s bottom, you can notice your iCloud email address.

Step 7- Synchronize iCloud by turning on or off your preferred information. Suppose you want to synchronize your list of contacts between your iOS devices, Mac and iPhone. All you need to do is switch on the Contacts by tapping the button. If you want to switch off synchronizing iCloud for reminders, just tap the button of Reminders off. There is separate screen for Data, Documents and Photo Stream with numerous options.

Step 8- Exit the Settings. Just press the Home button and you are out of Settings menu.

Using iCloud Drive on iPhone

Using icloud on Iphone

Using icloud on Iphone

The biggest advantage of iCloud Drive is that it works wonderfully and leaves nothing for you to configure or do. All you need to do is remain signed into your iCloud Drive account and any app that is compatible with iCloud Drive will allow you to save and open its documents.

Here, in the image, you can see that from Scanner Pro you can choose files and documents to save in iCloud Drive and at the same time, you can browse through the folders and select where you want to save them.

iCloud Drive works wonderfully with OS X and Windows. You can dump any document into the drive and they will be available to any iOS supported app instantly and vice versa.

There is also an option called Find My iPhone, which helps you to track your iPhone from the website. You can remotely lock your iPhone or erase it completely if it is stolen.

Apple also provides a free program to allow your Windows PC to join the fun. All you need to do is install iCloud Control Panel for Windows and your PC will be able to sync Calendars with Outlook, Contacts, Mail, Photo Stream with your specified folder, and Bookmarks with Internet Explorer.

How to Check the Storage of iCloud?

Do you want to check how much storage memory is remaining on your iCloud? To do this, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1- Tap Settings from the Home Screen of your iPhone

Step 2- Choose iCloud

Step 3- Choose Storage & Backup and tap the manage option (Manage Storage)

backup on iphone icloud

backup on iphone icloud


Here, you can see how much space is left and how much you have used for your backups. If you want to remove backups for the devices that you do not use anymore, you can do it from here and increase your iCloud storage. There is another option that allows you to disable or enable backups of your iPhone data.

How to Manage Photos on iCloud?

Most of the users will probably notice that the photos are taking most of the storage space of their iCloud. By tapping on the Manage storage option, you can see exactly what files and documents are using the space of your iCloud along with the storage amount being taken by each individual app.

storage manage on iphone

storage manage on iphone


iCloud Photo Library makes use of iCloud storage for keeping all your videos and images up to date across all your devices. The good thing is that you can reduce your iCloud Photo Library size. By using iCloud Photo Library, you can free the storage  by deleting the videos and photos from the photos app on your devices or by choosing Optimize device storage in Settings.

How to remove videos and photos from iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone?

Step 1- Start Photos app. Check the bottom of the screen and you will get Photos. Tap on it.

Step 2- Tap Select. This will allow you to select the videos or images that you want to remove.

Step 3- Tap on the Delete icon and then remove the selected items by tapping Delete Photo.

It is possible to recover the deleted videos and photos for thirty days from your Recently Deleted album. In case, the storage limit of iCloud has exceeded, the iPhone will immediately remove the videos and photos, which means they will no longer be available in Recently Deleted album for recovery. You can also remove items from Recently Deleted album. For that, you have to tap Select and choose the items you want to delete forever. Then tap Delete.

Manage Default Contacts Account

Your device may use many third party accounts like Google, Yahoo, etc. apart from iCloud. First, you have to set up that your iPhone is showing only iCloud contacts. For that, open Contact and check the upper left corner where you will find Groups. Tap it and make sure to select all iCloud contacts. If you edit or store contacts using iCloud instead of any third party accounts, it will update the contacts automatically.

Step 1- Open Contacts and tap Groups

Step 2- Deselect all third party account options

Step 3- Select only iCloud

Step 4- To see your contact list, tap Done. If the contacts you are looking for is not in the list, it means those are stored in another account. You can import those contacts from the third party account to iCloud.

If your device uses multiple accounts, you have to set iCloud as default contact. For this, you have to select Settings and then move to Males, Contacts, and Calendars. In the section of Contact, tap Default Account and select iCloud.

How to Turn iCloud Contact on and off?

Step 1- Go to Settings and select iCloud

Step 2- Turn off Contacts

Step 3- If any data exists on contacts, iCloud.com and one or more devices, you can choose Delete from My (device). If similar data does not exist, you can choose Keep on My and wait for some time.

Step 4- Turn on contacts

How to Set Back Up of your iPhone on iCloud?

You .can set iCloud to automatically backup your iPhone. Turn on the iCloud Backup settings and leave it like that. In case, there is any need for resetting your iPhone to factory settings, your phone’s data will be restored automatically.

Though iCloud keeps backup automatically, you can do this manually also.

Step 1- First tap the Settings icon from Home Screen

Step 2- Tap iCloud and select Storage & Backup

Step 3- Let it start taking backup by tapping Back Up Now

It will indicate how much approximate time is left to complete the backup with a progress bar. If you want your iPhone to start taking iCloud backup automatically, you have to ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is turned on.

iPhone PC Suite Tutorial

In a world where constant, fast and effective communication is very crucial for personal and business relations, we all want mobile gadgets that are easy to use and manage. An iPhone is one of the most important gadgets for the modern man or woman because of its convenience, functionality and the content it carries.

Think about the precious memories stored in your photos, messaged and videos. What is the value of your contacts, music and playlists? Backing up and managing your iPhone files is now very easy, thanks to iPhone PC Suite. Here is a systematic account of how exactly you can enjoy the merits of this exceptional software.

About iPhone PC Suite

This is a revolutionary program that allows you to back up the materials in your iPhone and to transfer files from your iPhone to PC and back. It also enables you to edit, add and group your stuff and even print or share it. In essence iPhone PC Suite is complete backup software for your iPhone that ensures you don’t have to struggle to retrieve you data in case of any malfunctions or loss of your gadget. This is what iPhone PC Suite does, but with greater functionalities not possible with iTunes.

Prerequisites for installing iPhone PC Suite

Before you install iPhone PC Suite on your computer, it is important to ensure your machine meets the following specifications. iPhone PC Suite works with Windows operating system particularly Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003 (64-bit & 32-bit). It also works with Mac PCs especially Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard. In addition to having any of these operating systems, your processor must be 750 MHz Intel or AMD CPU or more. You also must have 1GB or more space on your hard disk, while you RAM must be 512 MB or more.

How to install and use iPhone PC Suite

Step 1: The iPhone PC Suite website contains a prompt that enables you to download the software and install it in your PC.

Download software

Download software

Step 2: The installation process is simple and fast.
Download the software and click on Run. The first screen will open like the one below:

Installing iphone software

Installing iphone software


Step 3: Once you click OK, the installation process will start.

Step 4: Click Next and follow next few screens with the default option.

Installl iphone dialog

Installl iphone dialog


Step 5: Finally you may see a screen like the one below. Click Install and installation will start.

Installing iphone software

Installing iphone software

Step 6: After installation completes, you will be prompted with a screen like the one below:

Finish installing Iphone pc suite

Finish installing Iphone pc suite

Step 7: As you launch the application, you will be prompted to connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.

Iphone pc suite connection

Iphone pc suite connection

Step 8: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod and it will start initializing the device:

Connecting Iphone

Connecting Iphone

Step 9: The initialization may take few minutes:

initialization  of your Iphone

initialization of your Iphone

Step 10: Click OK when you get a popup like the one below:


Once all the above steps are complete, you can proceed to carry out various functions with the software.

Iphone pc suite welcome page

Iphone pc suite welcome page

This means that whatever you can do with files when using your iPhone you can accomplish with the iPhone PC Suite from the comfort of the PC. However, bear in mind that you mobile device must be compatible with the iPhone PC Suite, which means only Apple devices are supported by this software.

iPhone PC Suite works with numerous Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), several iOS versions. It supports a wide range of formats for movies, videos, music and photos. This software connects your iPhone and PC or other devices through USB cable. It is significant that iPhone PC Suite is available to try out for free with the option of buying a fully functional version after you are satisfied with the trial version.

The advantages of using iPhone PC Suite

There are numerous reasons for you to download and install iPhone PC Suite on your iPhone today. It is important to always bear in mind that some of the information contained in your iPhone is so precious that backing it up is not a hard choice to make. Explore the merits of this software to see exactly why this software is a must-have.

Back up your files and other important information to PC and iTunes Library

Although iTunes is known to provide a lot of essential benefits to iPhone users, iPhone PC Suite has more capabilities than iTunes. With this program, you can select the items you want to back up so that in case you lose your iPhone or it is damaged, no significant information will be lost.

Playlist iphone

Playlist iphone

The materials to back up include photos, photo albums, music files (like play counts, ratings, playlists skips and artworks), text messages, iPhone contacts (on Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, Google, Outlook AOL), videos, audiobooks, TV shows, MMS etc. These materials will be stored in readable formats and you can restore them to your iPhone without losing any content through erasure or otherwise. This implies that you can access your files and contacts when you need them and there will be no problem with the kind of format they are stored in.

Sync iPhone to create an iTunes option

In addition to functioning as a backup for iPhone files, iPhone PC Suite will help you to sync files from iTunes Library and PC to your iPhone as an alternative to iTunes. Where necessary, the software will convert files from PC and iTunes Library into formats that are compatible with your iPhone. This will come in handy when you want to install stored files in a new iPhone.

You can also transfer contacts from Outlook Express, vCard files, Windows Live Windows Address Book, Mail and Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 to your phone straight from PC.  All your worries about your iPhone being wiped out come to an end with iPhone PC Suite. This software is therefore a more powerful and accessible alternative to iTunes.

Exchange data between iPhone, iPad and iPod through direct transfer

Have you ever wanted to transfer data from one iPhone to another or to an iPad or iPod but did not find a less risky and convenient way to do it?  iPhone PC Suite backs up data from iPhones, iPads, iPods and iTunes and allows you to send data directly from your iPhone and other devices.

This function will come in handy when you want to use a new device that is compatible with your iPhone. Apart from iPods and iPads, you can transfer data to iPad mini, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod nano versions such as the latest iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 3 iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2. The ease of transferring data from one device to the other using iPhone PC Suite is one of the most outstanding aspects of this software.

Manage your iPhone from your PC

Managing files on an iPhone is sometimes a tedious activity. The size of the gadget may even make you to do what you never intended to. For example, you can delete or wrongly modify a file while in the real sense you only wanted to rename it. That is why you need software that allows you to handle your files from a broader interface, like you PC screen. You can use iPhone PC Suite to manage the files on your iPhone from your PC.

This means you can delete, add, modify, group, reshuffle and eliminate duplicate contacts on your iPhone. Think about the many times you find one person with so many contact details on your phone that you don’t know which one to use. Some of these details are from emails, phone calls, text messages and so on.

Iphone contacts

Iphone contacts

From the wide screen of your PC, you can use iPhone PC Suite to arrange the contacts and delete those that are repeated. Consider this to be like a general cleaning exercise where you get rid of all dirty and materials that you don’t use often. Similarly, you can create new music and video playlists, add music and video files, create additional photo albums and manipulate all you photos stored on your iPhone from your PC. Music, whether in audio or video formats, would be more enjoyable of your files were arranged in such a manner as to facilitate easy identification.

iPhone PC Suite will help you to arrange your entertainment department conveniently thus affording you the time to enjoy music when you are travelling without having to worry over how files are arranged. In essence, this software allows you to organize your files in a when you are more relaxed thus making it easy to view and enjoy them when using the iPhone.

Drag and Drop files effortlessly

Modern technology exists to make our work easier. Being able to move files within your iPhone conveniently is one advantage that this software affords you. You can carry our major functions on your IPhone by simply dragging files from one location and dropping them in another.  This may involve syncing, backing up, transferring, managing and moving iPhone files using iPhone PC Suite. You will find yourself doing this work from your iPhone often and it will not be as easy as when you do it from your PC.

Toolkit on Iphne pcsuite

Toolkit on Iphne pcsuite

Further, video and audio files that are moved from one location to the other are automatically made compatible with the destination file format. You may have come across files which fail to open or play when transferred from one device to the other. iPhone PC Suite is designed to ensure that any files transferred to another device will still be ready for use.  iTunes cannot offer you such functions.