Gfive pc suite free download

Most of the G five phones support NES or MRP software and applications.G five does not provide any PC suite for their phones.You can use some universal PC suite for G five phones.You can connect phone and PC suite using Bluetooth or USB.

Download G FIVE PC suite

You can use download PC suite for G FIVE from here download.
After downloading extract it using Winrar or winzip.
gfive pc suite free download

Connect using USB

Connecting using USB is fast when compared to Bluetooth.

Installing modem driver

The main problem in G five phones is that your PC won’t detect it.You need to install modem drivers for your phone.
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Find your phone’s modem driver model

  • Connect your phone with PC using USB
  • Now your phone will show three options – Mass storage , COM port ,Webcam .In order to connect to internet or PC suite in PC,you need to select COM port option.For accessing the files in your phone or File manager,use mass storage option.
  • If you are connecting the phone for first time,PC will show new hardware found wizard.The modem driver model will be written in desktop notification bar.(eg : MT6225 device)If you are not connecting it for first time new hardware wizard may not show.In such cases,you will get modem driver model from device manager.
  • To open device manager ,right click My computer and click manage.Your phone model number will be listed in COM port /LPT section.
  • After getting modem driver model search in internet and download the modem driver for your model.

Identify COM port number

You need to find the COM port in which you have installed modem driver.It will be shown in device manager under com port section .It will be like com 3,COM 5 etc.

Connecting PC suite with G five phones using USB

  • Launch PC syn manager.
  • Go to settings and select COM port of your phone model from select option.Now PC will search for phone connected to this COM port and sync it with PC suite.Make sure you have connected your phone as COM port option.Otherwise PC sync manager will not show the com port in which you installed your phone.
    connect Gfive phone with PC using pc suite

Connecting PC suite with G five using Bluetooth

Connecting using Bluetooth is simple when compared to USB port.You need not install modem drivers for synchronizing phone with PC sync manager PC suite.You must need an external Bluetooth dongle or inbuilt Bluetooth in PC.Connecting using Bluetooth is slow when compared to USB but it is useful if your PC does not recognize your phone when connecting using a USB.
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Connecting Bluetooth of your phone with PC

  • Switch on Bluetooth in your phone and PC.Go to phone Bluetooth settings and make it discoverable.
  • Now launch PC Bluetooth application and add your phone as a new Bluetooth device in PC.
  • Go to control panel – phone and modem options.Under modem tab,click add to create a new modem.PC will search for available modems and show Bluetooth modem.Select it and install modem.
  • Now launch PC sync manager and go to settings.
  • In settings page,select port number of your Bluetooth modem (you will get it from device manager).