China mobile PC suite Download

Downloading and installing correct PC suite which works for china mobile is a difficult task .Because most china mobile manufactures does not provide any kind of software or PC suite along with the mobile.

But if you can find the chip set model of your phone, you can easily find the correct PC suite which will work for your china mobile.You can Install it and use it like any other mobile PC suite.

Finding the chip set(processor) model of your china mobile

The reason why you need to find the chip set model is that you need to install the driver for that chip set in your PC.This driver is called modem driver.This driver helps PC to detect you phone when connected to it.

Most of china mobile comes with MEDIATEK chip set and chipset name will be starting with ‘MT’. For example,MT6225 is the chipset of GFive M6 mobile.
china mobile PC suite free download

To find chipset model

  • Check the manufacturer website for specification of your phone.You may get the chip set name or modem driver model.
  • If it is not listed.Connect your phone to PC.Select COM port from the options shown in the phone screen.Now PC may show a window or notification regarding new hardware found which will have the hardware name like MT6225 device found.
  • If such a message is not shown do this. Connect phone using USB and select COM port.Now right click My computer and click manage.Go to device manager.In device manager window,your phone will be listed either in other devices option or under Ports(com LPT) option.

Downloading and installing modem driver

  • Download china modem driver from here .Extract it and Save it in a drive.
  • Connect phone to computer.
  • Select COM port in phone as connection.
  • Go to device manager in your phone.
  • Phone will be listed in other device or COM port.Right click it and update driver.
  • When asked to select driver,choose modem driver downloaded.

China mobile PC suite download

You can download china mobile PC suite from here.Download

Download the file and extract  and launch the PC suite by clicking ‘phone suite’ application file.

  • Connect your phone using USB and choose the COM port option
  • Now go to settings in PC suite and select the com port number which you have installed the modem driver from the list.Make sure you have connected your phone before selecting any COM port,because the com port which you installed modem driver will be showed only when you connect the device.
    china mobile PC suite download
  • Select the memory as SIM or phone.
  • Now your phone memory will synchronized with your PC and your files will be shown in File manager option and contacts will be shown in Phone book option.

features of china mobile PC suite

China mobile PC suite provide six facilities.

  1. Phone book:- Phone book syncs your phone contact and PC.You can create new contacts within your PC.And bulk transfer contacts from PC to phone.Its very useful if you have so many contacts.
  2. Messages:-Messages helps to compose new messages and send messages within your PC.You can backup your messages to PC.
  3. MMS:-Multimedia messages can be easily created using this PC suite.
  4. File manager:-Transfer files between your phone and PC easily using this china mobile PC suite.
  5. Melody:-Use this feature manage your music and ringtones.
  6. Images:-Edit photos and wallpapers within your PC and transfer it your phone.You can see a preview of wallpapers using this china mobile PC suite.

List of china phones which supports this PC suite

Almost all china mobile works with this PC suite.I have tested the below china mobile phones and it worked with every model.

  • Gfive.
  • Haeir.
  • K touch.
  • ZTE.
  • Symphony.
  • huawei.
  • TCL.

PC sync manager PC suite work well for most of the china mobiles.If you are still facing problem in installing PC suite for china mobile,post it here as comments with your phone model and we will help you find it.