Connect to internet in PC with phone bluetooth DUN connection

In smart phones,we mainly use USB tethering and WiFi tethering for sharing phone’s data connection with PC.In this post we will see how to use your smartphone’s internet connection in PC using Bluetooth.

Connecting to internet using Bluetooth dial up connection

This method works with any phone model provided your phone supports Bluetooth dial up feature.

Add phone as a new Bluetooth device

  • Activate Bluetooth in your phone and PC.Make phone discoverable in Bluetooth settings.
  • Now open Bluetooth in PC and Select add a new device option.
  • PC will search for active devices.Select your device from list and add to device.

Adding a new COM port

In order to create a dial up connection,we need to create a COM port for your phone.For creating a COM port:-

  • Launch Bluetooth settings.You can open Bluetooth settings by right clicking the Bluetooth icon in task bar.
    internet in pc using bleutooth
  • Select COM port tab in Bluetooth settings window.
  • Click Add to choose your phone model to add COM port.
    connect to internet in PC using phone bluetooth
  • Check outgoing(computer initiates connection) option and click browse.
    connect to internet using bluetooth
  • In next windows,phone will show list of Bluetooth devices added to your PC.Select your phone from list and follow the instructions to create a new COM port.
    internet using phone bluetooth

You can check the com port number in device manager.Right click My computer and click manage.Choose device manager from the left navigation and you can see the com port number under Ports (COM port & LPT).See the below image.The com port for Bluetooth is com 16 and 11.
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Installing modem in COM port

Next step is to install modem in the com port number you created for phone.
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  • Go to control panel and open phone and modem option.
    bluetooth dun connection
  • In phone and modem window,under modem tab click Add to create a new modem.
  • In next window,check don’t detect modem.I will select from a list and click next.
  • In next wizard,choose standard modem type from left option and standard 28800 bps modem from right option.Click next.
  • In next window,check all port and select the com port which you have installed your modem.Click next.
  • android-bluetooth-internet

Create dial up connection

Next step is to create a dial up connection for the modem you created for the Bluetooth com port.

  • Go to control panel and open network and sharing options.
  • Create a new internet connection.Select dial up connection.
  • In next window,choose the 28880 modem in the next window.
  • In next window,Add your service provider phone number,username and password.In India,most of the service provider is *77#.
    dial up connection using bluetooth

Connecting to internet with android phones using Bluetooth

You can do this with the help of an App or can do it manually by creating dial up connection.
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Connecting using Applications

This is easy as no need for any manual configurations.There is an app called Bluetooth Auto Tethering which helps to setup a tethering similar to WiFi tethering.

  • Install Bluetooth Auto Tethering in your phone.You can download it from this link.
  • Now activate Bluetooth in your phone and PC.Make phone  Bluetooth discoverable.
  • Launch Bluetooth  in PC and add your phone as a new Bluetooth device.
  • Now activate data connection in your phone.
  • Go to Settings – wireless & networks – tethering and portable hotspot. Activate Bluetooth tethering.
  • Restart your phone.Now phone will share internet with PC over Bluetooth.

This application supports android 3.0 to up.Another such application is BlueDUN which supports from rooted android 2.3 to 3 phones.

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Connecting to internet using Bluetooth is useful if you can’t connect using USB tethering or WiFi. But Bluetooth dial up connection is very slow compared to USB and WiFi.