Blackberry PC suite free download

Blackberry have launched an official PC suite for blackberry phones.Blackberry PC suite will help you to manage your phone with your PC.It also helps to install necessary drivers to make the phone synchronize your phone by PC.

Blackberry PC suite download

You can download blackberry PC suite from blackberry official website.Download.

  • Download the file and save it in a folder.
  • Double click to open installation window.Follow the instructions to install it.
  • While installing,software will automatically install all the drivers needed.

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blackberry PC suite free download

Connecting Blackberry PC suite to PC.

You can connect your blackberry phone using USB or Bluetooth.Connecting using USB is easy and fast.

Connecting blackberry PC suite with USB

Before connecting your phone,we need to get the COM port number.COM port number is number in which you install the modem drivers for blackberry phone(example:COM 3). For that right click My computer and click manage.Now go to device manager and click COM Port & LPT options.Your phone will be listed with a COM port and note that number.

blackberry pc suite free downlaod

  • Now connect your phone using USB.
  • Open Blackberry device manager.
  • Click connection settings and select USB Pin as the COM port which we installed drivers.Click connect.Your phone will be connected automatically

Connecting blackberry PC suite with Bluetooth

Connecting blackberry PC suite with Bluetooth is slow.But is useful in case your phone is not recognized using USB.
pc suite for blackberry mobiles

  • Make sure Bluetooth is activated in your PC.Now add your blackberry phone device using ‘Add a device option’.
  • Activate Bluetooth in phone.Also make it discoverable.
  • Launch Bluetooth in PC. Click add a device.Windows will search for active devices and will show your it and add.
  • Now launch blackberry desktop manager.Click tools and select desktop options.
  • In desktop option,click Bluetooth tab.
  • Check  box near allow Bluetooth connection and automatically make a connection.
  • Click manage Bluetooth connection  to manage your connections.

Features of blackberry PC suite

Blackberry desktop manager comes with a lot of features like file manager,organizer etc.Some of main features of blackberry PC suite are :

  • Applications :-  helps to install and delete applications in your blackberry phone.
  • WiFi music sync  – It is a feature for music lovers.It sync your phone with music stored in windows media player of your computer.
  • Back up and restore  – This feature creates back up of files .All back up files can be restored when needed.
  • Install certificates :- Useful in case your phone is associated with blackberry enterprise server..You can install certificates stored in your PC to phone.Also can transfer certificates from phone to PC.
  • File manager :- transfer files between phone and PC.

If you are facing any problem in connecting blackberry PC suite to PC,post it here as comments.