Transfer data from your Android

Android transfer (Transfer data from your Android to other phone)

When you use a smartphone, it may happen that the phone may get misplaced. It may also happen that you have purchased a new model and you wish to transfer all your old data to the new one. Now the question is how to transfer or back up data? Recovery Android Phone Transfer is a tool that allows you to shift data from one device to another through a PC. The tool works well on Windows and Mac computers.

Why Should You Use Phone Transfer?

Works on Many Operating Systems

Recovery Android Phone Transfer is a superb tool that allows users to transfer data from one device to another. The added advantage of using this tool is that data transfers can be performed between various operating systems like iOS, Android, Symbian OS and Blackberry. As for supported data is concerned, call logs, music, video, contacts, messages and other useful applications are included in this suite. Therefore, this data transfer tool will offer you with seamless mobile experience.

Now, it will not be a difficult task to stay connected with your friends or your peers. Functions like messaging, sharing music and video, etc will take the mobile phone usage to new heights.

Backing Up and Restoring Your Phone

When you wish to protect your valuable data, you have to back up your phone on regular basis. For that purpose, Phone Transfer is the suitable option. This tool helps you to backup your iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian iPod devices free of cost with just one click. When the backup task is completed, you transfer your valuable files back to your Symbian, Blackberry, iOS or Android phone or tablet easily.

Backup you iPhone,Android,Symbian,Blackberry

Backup multiple devices from your home

Ensures Privacy

It may happen that the smartphone you are using has grown old and you want to dispose of it, as you have found an improved model at a reputed online store or have gone through a TV commercial. Do not worry. You can safely sell your old phone. Phone Transfer sports “erase your old phone” that allows you to delete all your existing data permanently. Therefore, there is no issue of a privacy breach.

Backup calender,phone book

Backup and transfer all data from your phone

Managing Apps

You can easily save your favorite apps like Facebook, Mashable, Myspace, YouTube, etc. with Recovery_ Android Phone Transfer. You can smoothly download Google Play apps, YouTube videos with one click.

How to Use RecoveryAndroid Phone Transfer Software?

Nowadays, the usage of a smartphone is rising as it allows a user to perform various tasks with ease and that too in short time. This device also offers feasible ways to satisfy entertainment needs. Now, the challenge, which a user faces, is regarding the transfer of data from old phone to new one. One option is to arrange for backing up files to a PC on the daily basis and then copying the data to the other device. This kind of process consumes a lot of time and chances are there that some discrepancies might occur.

Phone Transfer software possesses the powerful ability for transferring files like SMS, contacts, videos, music, call logs, apps and calendar between iOS and iOS, Android and Android and iOS and Android with one click.

Download and install software from:

Steps for Transferring Files from Old to New Phone Directly

Step 1 – Download and install Phone Transfer on PC. Here, you can avail two options. If you use Windows computer, you need to download the Windows supported software. Mac users can go for Mac version.

Step 2 – After downloading the software, you have to connect two phones to the PC through USB cables. The software will detect the phones and you can see the following display on the computer’s screen. For your convenience, you can use flip option for changing the locations of the devices.

Connecting two Android phones for data transfer

Transfer data from phone to phone

Step 3 – Once the phones appear on the screen, it is time for performing data transfer. Select the files that you wish to transfer between two mobile phones. The click the “start copy” tab and the process begins. After the process is completed, click the “completed” option.

Some Precautionary Measures That You Need to Ensure While Transferring Data

  • You have to install iTunes on your computer.
  • If required, you can erase contents of the destination phone by clicking “clear data before copy” option.
  • Ensure that phones are connected firmly during the data transfer process.

Transferring Contacts between Two Phones

It may happen that you are using an Android phone currently. If you purchase an iOS powered phone, you may think how to transfer contacts into the new one. You need not worry, as suitable data transferring option is available. With Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer contacts from one phone to another if they run on different operating systems. Under this option, it becomes convenient to copy and paste contact details like phone number, name, email address and other data from source phone to a destination phone.

Steps for Contact Transfer

Step 1 – Download and install Phone Transfer on Windows or Mac PC. The interface of the software looks like this

Phone to phone transfer mode, restore from backup

Select transfer mode

Step 2 – After the software installation process is completed, connect phones to the PC with the help of USB cable. The software will detect the phones within few seconds.

Select items for transferring (Calendar, Photos,Music,Videos )

Select Contacts, Text messages,Calendar, Photos,Music,Videos

Step 3 – Choose the “contacts” option and click at the “start copy” menu. The process will begin and end within a short time. Ensure that both phones are connected well to the PC, so that the process ends up successfully.

Copying data process - Transfer
Transfering data process

Transferring Pictures from Android to iOS Device

Suppose you have purchased a new iPhone, you may think how you can transfer images from the existing Android device to the latest phone. First, you can connect the Android device to the PC by dragging the photos from the phone to the PC. After that, you need to establish a connection between the iPhone and the PC, add photos in iTunes and synchronize your iPhone with the same. The process is time consuming. Through Phone Transfer, you can easily share pictures from one phone to another with a single click.

Steps for Transferring Android Images to iPhone

Step 1 – Download and install the software on your PC or Mac. Ensure that you install the current version of iTunes.

Data from android to iphone

Transfer data from android to iphone

Step 2 – After you enter the interface of the Phone Transfer, connect the Android and the iPhone to the computer. The software detects two phones in short time. After the detection task is completed, your phones will be listed as source and destination devices separately. In case you need to alter the positions of the phones, click the “flip” option.

copy content from android to iphone

transfer data from android to iphone

Step 3 – In front of other files, you will find a box. Before copying images from Android phone to iOS phone, remove the box and then click at “start copy” in order to begin the process. When this is done, click “OK”.

Transfer in progress android to iphone

Transferring process

Transferring SMS from iPhone to Android Device

SMS is the basic features all mobile phones that help in establishing easy communication. The feature also includes other functionalities like iMessages and MMS that contain images, texts, videos and audios. With Phone Transfer, you can easily move SMS from one phone to another.

Steps for Transferring SMS from iPhone to Android Device

Step1 – Download and install Phone Transfer on the computer. Select the blue field and click at the “phone to phone transfer” mode.

Step 2- Connect the iPhone and the Android phone to the computer with the help of USB cables. Set the Android phone as destination and iPhone as a source by clicking the “flip” option. Choose “text messages” and then click “start copy”. If you wish, you can delete old messages of the destination phone.

When the process is on, do not disconnect the phones from the computer. Within few minutes, the process gets completed.

Transferring Music Files between Two Phones

If you have purchased a new Android phone, you can transfer music files to it from your old iPhone. However, every time finding apps for the transfer is a tedious task. Phone Transfer is the option, as it helps in sharing such files at one go.

Step 1- Install Phone Transfer on your computer

Step 2 – Connect the phones to the computer with USB cables. Ensure that the connections remain firm for the flawless completion of the process.

Step 3 – After you have connected the phones to the PC, the software will detect the two devices and will mark them as source and destination separately. Choose the iPhone list and then select “music”. All songs on your iPhone will be listed. Tick the songs that you wish to transfer to the Android phone. The click the “export” button. Wait till the process ends.

Transferring Apps from One Android Device to Another

Various Android apps have been launched in the market and they are playing a major role in lives of Android users. A market survey has revealed that Android users use apps most often. If you purchase a new phone, will you transfer apps one by one into it from the old phone? It will be a time consuming affair. Phone transfer can help transfer apps with few simple steps.

Steps for Transferring Apps

Step1 – Install the software on your computer.

Step 2 – Connect the android phones to the computer with the help of data cables. Phone transfer will detect devices in short time and will mark them as source and destination separately.

Step 3 – Choose the apps that you like to transfer and click “start copy”. After the completion of the process, click “OK”.

You can see how RecoveryAndroid Phone Transfer offers great mobile experience with its valuable features. Transfer or retrieve your valuable data like contacts, apps, media files, etc with this software in short time. Try it now.

Recovery data from your Android phone

Recovery data from your Android

Nowadays, smartphones act as efficient aids for performing important tasks every day. These devices have a wide range of options to suffice various needs. As a smartphone user, you will not live at rest if your device encounters breakdown or lost somewhere in a busy way. At last, you will definitely repent for all the valuable data that are lost in the mishap. Now, you need not worry, as you will be familiarizing yourself with RecoveryAndroid’s Android Data Recovery, which is a data retrieving tool.

When Data Loss Takes Place?

Data loss takes place due to following reasons

  • OS corruption during software updates
  • Deletion of data accidentally
  • ROM flashing
  • Screen damage, etc.

What is Special about Android Data Recovery?

This RecoveryAndroid allows you to retrieve your valuable data like text messages, call history, contacts, videos and other documents when your device has undergone malfunction. Surprisingly, the process gets completed in short time.

Elaborating a Bit

Offers Unmatched Compatibility

Android Data Recovery is compatible across popular smartphone and tablet brands that run on Android versions ranging from 2.1 to 5.0, such as:

  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • Sony, etc.
All device Compatibility (HTC,Samsung ,Motorola,Sony..)

Android Data Recovery device Compatibility


Quick Scanning and Previewing of Lost Android Data

Android Recovery Data scans your device for retrieving the lost data instantly. After all the files have been traced and listed on the interface of the tool, you can preview them at a glance and decide about the files that you wish to restore.

Show files for recovery

Deleted files for recovery

What Android Recovery Data Can Do for You?

Message Recovery

The tool displays phone numbers, contents and sending dates of deleted messages in XML, CSV or HTML format.

Contact Recovery

Android Data Recovery exports email, job title and names stored in the contact menu in HTML, CSV or VCF format.

Call History Recovery

This tool restores call log that includes phone numbers, names, call durations and call types.

WhatsApp Recovery

The data recovery tool recovers WhatsApp contents and attachments such as MMS, photos, videos and messages and stores them in XML, CSV or HTML format.

Gallery Restoration

This tool lists deleted images of Android phone in sequential order in its interface for easy recovery.

Audio File Recovery

If your favorite music numbers are lost, you need not worry for the same. You can still groove with the popular numbers, as the size, format and name of audio files can be restored easily with Android Data Recovery.

Video File Recovery

How much painful it becomes when you are unable to devote some time to view your favorite videos or unable to share some of them to your friends due to phone malfunction. Android Data Recovery acts smartly in retrieving lost videos and stores them in 3GP, MP4, WMV, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MOV or M4V format.

Document Restoration

Android Data Recovery supports document in XLS, DOC, PPT, HTML, PDF, RAR or ZIP format.

See How Easy is the Data Recovery Process with Android Data Recovery

The process gets completed in three easy steps – connect, scan and recover.

Connect your mobile phone and recovery files

Easy recovery of your deleted files


Prerequisites for Data Recovery

If you are using Windows PC, the supported OS should be Windows 8.1, 10, 7, 8, XP or Vista. The CPU should have 1 Ghz speed. RAM should have 512 MB capacity and hard disk should have 1 GB or more capacity.

Now, you will be curious to know how you will use this data recovery tool. It allows you to recover deleted data like videos, photos, SMS, contacts, audio and other documents from Android tablet or phone. Sometimes, you lose your valuable data, when you transfer it from one device to another.

Before, going further, first, download Android Data Recovery software on Windows or Mac computer.

Recovering Deleted Files from Android Phone

Step 1 – Download and install android recovery software on following url:

Step 2 – Ensure that your data is not overwritten. When your valuable data is lost, do not use your Android device or perform the update. If you fail to follow this advice, your backup files will get overwritten. In addition, the files that you deleted accidentally cannot be restored any longer.

Step 3 – Ensure that your data is not overwritten. When your valuable data is lost, do not use your Android device or perform the update. If you fail to follow this advice, your backup files will get overwritten. In addition, the files that you deleted accidentally cannot be restored any longer.

Step 4- Connect your Android phone directly to the computer via data cable. Ensure that the SD card remains fitted in the phone.

Connecting your phone and computer

Connect your mobile phone and computer

Step 5 – You have to go for USB debugging before Android Data Recovery establishes a connection with your Android phone.

If you are using Android version ranging from 3.0 to 4.1 on your phone, then you have to go to the “settings” menu. In that menu, you have to click the “developer’s options” and then click the “USB debugging” button.

Turn on USB debugging

Select your device and turn on USB debugging

This suggestion is for those, who use Android 4.2 or higher version. Go to the “settings” menu and click on “about phone”. After opening the “about phone” menu, provide a tap on the “build number”. Repeat the process several times till you come across a message that says, “you are under developer mode”. Then go back to the “settings” option, click on the “developer options” and get the status of USB debugging.

USB debuging

Enable usb debuging


Step 6 – After completion of the USB debugging process and connecting the device to your computer, it is time for analyzing the data on your android phone. Simply click the “start” option and the process begins. You need to ensure that the battery is fully charged, so that no interruption takes place during the process.

Start searching lost files

Searching files

The best part of Android Data Recovery is that you can easily select the files that need scanning.

Select type of files for recovery(Contacts,Call history,Videos,Documents)

Select file types for recovery

After you have chosen the files that need to be recovered, click the “allow” menu. This will create super user authorization option on the screen of the Android phone. In case, the software fails to scan files for long time, after you have clicked the “allow” tab, you have to check your device again. Some models offer “allow” option several times. Click till the software performs the scanning task.

Allow control on your mobile phone

Allow super user control for mobile phone


Step 7 – After the software recognizes your phone, you have to tap the “start” button for finding out the lost data.

Search result (contacts,media files....)

Result of searching(contacts,media files,messages,call history )

Step 8 – This step deals with previewing and checking of lost files. All retrievable data are classified into various file types like contacts, message, videos, gallery, etc. Check these files thoroughly.

Select files for recovery

Check files from your mobile phone

Step 9 – After you have checked the files minutely, click on the “recover” menu for saving them on your PC. That’s all.

You may accidentally delete your favorite videos or photos from your Android phone if you are in a hurry. It is obvious that you will become sad as those contents were of great value to you. You can once again live a joyous life if you use Android Data Recovery tool for retrieving your lost videos or photos.