HiSuite by Huawei

Manage Your Phone Files Efficiently By Installing HiSuite

Managing contents or transferring files between a computer and a mobile device has become a usual practice nowadays. When you look for an application, which can facilitate these tasks, the best option is to go for the software tool provided by the manufacturer of the mobile device. If you are a Huawei smartphone user, you can use HiSuite for fulfilling your file management tasks easily.

Reasons for Using HiSuite

HiSuite sports a friendly and nice interface, which allows users to transfer data between computer and handheld device in short time. The software supports two kinds of connections that can be set between the PC and the smartphone. You can use USB cable or Wi-Fi network to synchronize files of your mobile phone.

The process of transferring files from mobile phone to PC or vice versa is protected with the activation of a security feature. This feature secures the privacy of the information exchanged between the devices.

HiSuite comes with handful utilities. These functions can take your mobile experience to a whole new level.

App Management

HiSuite sports app management features. The app management solution allows you to view the app of your choice with ease. Based on your requirements, you can download and install an app in short time. If you think that an application is required no more, just press the delete menu. Just by applying one click, you can get the latest updates.

Download you applidation

Manage your application



While surfing the internet, if you come up with a favorite text or picture, you can directly take the screenshots from the computer.

 Screenshoot taker

Take Screenshot

Fullfill Your Backup and Restoration Tasks

When you use a smartphone for a long time, chances are there that you may dispose your old device and purchase a new one. On the other hand, your phone may encounter malfunction or undergo pick pocketing.  In that case, you would lose all your valuable data like contacts, pictures, videos, songs, call logs, messages, etc.

If you install HiSuite on the computer, you can create a backup of your important files and restore them as per your requirements.

Backup your data

Backup you important files

Messaging Facilities

The messaging feature present in HiSuite allows you to manage, receive or send messages from a PC. By activating the export feature, you can transfer messages from your phone to the computer. When you have an important announcement to make like birthday treats, brand promotions, etc, you can easily compose and send the message to multiple recipients.

Manage messages on your mobile phone

Manage messages

Contact Management

The best part this file management application is that you can manage contacts in groups. Import or export contacts as per your requirements.

It may happen that you have met a new client. You would like to store his or her contact information in your phone. “Add contact” menu helps you to create a new contact in a few simple steps. While creating a new contact, if you have made a mistake, you can rectify the same by using edit option.

Your phone gets loaded with lots of contacts with the passage of time. Under this kind of situation, it becomes difficult to find important contacts. When you feel that some information is of no use, you can remove them by using the “delete” option.

manage your contacts

manage your contacts

Install New Software Updates

HiSuite releases new software updates regularly. Get such alerts on a timely basis and install the same to enjoy a flawless mobile experience.

HiSuite install new software

Install new software on your mobile phone

Image Management

HiSuite allows users to browse and select more than one picture at a time. You can easily set your preferred picture as wallpaper or share the same with your friends.

Manage picture from your mobile phone

Picture manage

Video Browsing

With HiSuite, you can search and view videos in different modes. The export/import feature allows you to transfer these files between mobile device and computer conveniently.

Hisuite video manage

Export/import videos with Hisuite

You have seen how using HiSuite can revolutionize your mobile journey. Now, you would learn how to install HiSuite on the computer and perform file management tasks safely.

System Requirements

Your computer should run on operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Minimum RAM required is 1GB. Screen resolution should be 1024×768. Available free hard disk space should be 500MB.

HiSuite is compatible with Huawei Android smartphones like Huawei Nexus 6P, Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 4 Play, etc. This phone management suite also supports Ascend series smartphones.

Download Huawei Hi Suite

Before installing download Hi suite from site Hisuite download.

Steps for Installing HiSuite

Step 1 – Establish a connection between computer and Huawei smartphone with USB cable. “Mobile partner” icon appears on the screen. Click that icon twice for opening the folder that contains the link for downloading HiSuite.

Step 2 – Wait for some time for the software to get installed on PC. When the installation process is complete, disconnect the computer and the mobile device and restart the computer.

Step 3 – When the PC restarts, connect the computer and the mobile phone with the help of USB cable. USB mass storage would appear on your phone screen. Do not click on the “USB mass storage” menu.

Click on the “back” menu of the phone and go to the “settings” option. Then, click on the “HiSuite” menu that appears on the computer screen.

Step 4- After clicking the “HiSuite” menu, provide tap on the “connect” menu. Open the “setting” option of your mobile phone.

Step 5 – After you have opened the phone settings menu, select the “applications” icon. Then choose the “development” menu. Ensure that “stay awake” and “USB debugging” modes are switched on.

Step 6 – The drivers would be installed automatically. Then select the “connect” option. Once your phone is connected with HiSuite, you would be ready to sync pictures, music, messages, contacts, etc from computer to phone.

Backing Up Important Data

Your phone may contact valuable business information or other important contacts. There are chances that your phone may go out of order. When your device experiences a malfunction, it becomes a tedious task for you to gather the same old information. In that case, you need to create a backup of your important files. See how you can use HiSuite for creating a backup.

Step 1 – Visit the official website and download the HiSuite software.

Step 2 – Install the software on the computer.

Step 3 – Go to the “settings” menu of your smartphone, open the “applications” menu and go to “development” option. Click “USB debugging” menu to enter into USB debugging mode. These steps should be carried out if your phone runs on Android 2.3 or 4.2 version.

If you use higher version of Android 4.2, you have to go to the “settings” menu and open the “about phone” option. Here, you would come across build number. Click on the build number for 7 times. After that, the “developer options” menu would appear where you can activate the USB debugging mode.

When the software detects that your phone runs on Android 4.3, the “confirm” icon appears. Click that icon and the USB debugging would be activated.

Usb debugging for backuping data

Usb debugging

Step 4 – Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. The home screen of the computer would display data that require backup. Click at the “backup and restore” icon.

Step 5 – Choose backup and click “next” menu.

Backup your mobile phone

Chose backup

Step 6 – Select files with which you wish to create backup and press the “start” button.

Select files for backuping

Select important stuff for backup from your mobile phone

Step 7 – When the backup process is complete, press the ‘OK’ button.

Backup process is complete

Your backup is finished

Restoring Data with HiSuite

Step 1 – Download HiSuite software from the reliable resource link and install the drivers on the computer.

Step 2 – Enable the USB debugging mode of your smartphone. If your phone uses Android 2.3 or 4.2 version, first, you have to click the “settings” option, then open the “applications” and click the “development” icon. After the “development” menu has been opened, click the “USB debugging” option.

Step 3 – Connect the smartphone to the PC by using USB cable.

Step 4 – Go to the “backup and restore” section of HiSuite and click the “restore” option.

Restoring files with Hipcsuite

Restoring files

Step 5 – Click next to choose the backup file. Press start to begin the restoration process

Restore file with Hisuite

Restore file

Sending SMS to Multiple Recipients

Sometimes, you have to make important announcements to your friendships related with partying or other entertaining activities. Selecting a single contact number at a time and sending SMS is a tedious task.  HiSuite allows you to save time and effort as you can deliver a message to your friends at one go. Follow these steps.

Step 1 – Download the latest version of HiSuite from the official website. Install the software on the computer.

Step2 – Switch on the USB debugging mode of the mobile device. Establish a connection between your phone and PC by using USB cable. After some time, the software recognizes the phone and displays the model on the computer screen.

Step 3 – Open the message section of HiSuite.

Step 4 – Click on SMS icon. Select the contact numbers from the phone book.

Step 5 – Compose the message in the message box. Preview the message and click send.

Therefore, you can easily synchronize contacts of your Huawei phone with the computer by using HiSuite. The message section allows you to compose a message with 765-character limit and send it to multiple recipients. The performance of the computer is not affected as memory and CPU usage remains low most of the time.

Mi PC Suite

days, Xiaomi phones are increasingly becoming popular due to their sleek design, fast processing of data, better photo shoot abilities, etc. If you are one of the proud owners of this brand, you will definitely like to secure your valuable data. You can create a backup of your important files by using Mi PC Suite.

MiSoftware - start screen


Specialty of Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is a one-stop solution that allows you to take backups of your valuable data and restore them when required. When you wish to transfer some files to your new mobile device, you can use this software to do the same.

At some occasions, you may need to display the mobile phone screen on the PC screen. When someone among your friends asks you to give a demonstration about your new Xiaomi phone, you will find that by using Mi PC Suite, you can perform the task with ease.

When you have connected your mobile phone to computer, the software detects the device automatically. If your phone fails to establish connection automatically, then the software suggests you click the “connect to device” icon and after that, you can connect your phone to computer in short time.

Easily Navigable

Mi PC Suite features elegant and sleek user interface. This kind of features allows a person to navigate menus easily even if he or she is not a tech savvy person.

Features of Mi PC Suite

Update and Recovery Tool

Mi PC Suite helps you to flash your mobile device with custom ROM. With this tool, you can go for update and perform backup operations of firmware for future recovery.

Mipcsuite Backup your phone

mipcsuite Backup

File Management Capabilities

Mi PC Suite comes with built-in file manager. This option allows you to clear cache and organize photos. You can transfer or modify any file with fast pace by using this software.

Mi PC Suite fie organizer

Mi PC Suite file manager

App Management Option Available

When you open the program, you will find app management option under the “my device” menu. With this feature, you can update all the apps easily. You can also transfer the applications on PC and delete apps that are not required. If you do not want to run the internet, you can disable the same by turning off Wi-Fi or mobile data in “my device” menu.

Multimedia Playback Option

Mi PC Suite allows you to play music and video files. You can draw the best graphical experience by using this software. With this tool, you can choose your favorite music numbers and set them for message notification, incoming calls and alarm purposes.

Mi PC Suite play music

Manage music with Mi PC Suite

Screenshot Facilities

You can take screenshot of your Xiaomi phone on PC with Mi PC Suite. With the screencast option, you can display your phone on computer without using emulators like BlueStacks.

Mi PC set your screenshot

Screenshot Mi PC

Mi Devices That Support Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite has been designed for supporting file management activities across various Mi phones. This software supports all the latest Xiaomi phones including Redmi devices. The supported devices are Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi Mi 4i, Xiaomi Mi Note, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi Pad, Redmi 2, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, Xiaomi Mi 3, Redmi 1S and Redmi Note.

You have seen that Mi PC Suite allows you to transfer, update or modify files of your Xiaomi phone. Now, you may be thinking how to install the software on PC.

Downloading Mi PC Suite

Before downloading Mi PC Suite, you have to open a Mi account. This software is useful for managing various data of your phone. You can also use this suite, when you want to eliminate unwanted data. This software offers great help to you when you wish to transfer larger file from computer to your phone. You can download  Mi PC Suite from: Download

Follow These Steps

Step 1 – Visit Mi page and open an account.

Step 2 – After you have become a registered user, click a suitable resource link for downloading the official English version of Mi PC Suite. After the download is complete, install the application on computer.

mi pc suite installing

mi pc suite installing

Step 3 – When the installation process is complete, connect the phone to computer by using USB cable. Now you can see the interface of the software on the computer screen, with various application features.

First screen Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite first screen

Step 4 – By going through the application window, you can easily mange your Mi phone. You can manage SMS and contacts, uninstall and upgrade apps, play video and music files. This software allows you to create notes that can be accessed through your phone.

manage your app

manage your video/files etc.

It may happen that your phone may get stolen, lost or incur damage. All your valuable data will be lost. This is a painful situation. Therefore, for ensuring safety, you need to backup the files.

Backing up Files

With Mi PC Suite, you can easily and quickly create backup of your Xiaomi phone files.

Step 1 – Connect the Xiaomi phone to PC with USB cable.

Step 2 – Open Mi PC Suite and click at the “backups” menu. You will see a notification regarding the date and time of your last backup activity.

Step 3 – Click the “back up now” icon. When the backup task is complete, open the “view backup file” menu. A new folder will be created where you can save your files. Then click “OK”. Close the window.

Mi pc suite backup

Backup device with mi pc suite

Your backup operation is successful. It may happen that your phone has faced malfunction. You may use another phone to take care of your daily activities. When your previous phone has been rectified, you will definitely like to restore the old data.

Restoring Data with Mi PC Suite

Step 1 – Connect the Xiaomi phone to computer.

Step 2 – Ensure that the connection is firm. Open Mi PC Suite. Here, you will find “click recovery” menu. Click the same.

Step 3 – After clicking the recovery icon, the backup file window will pop up. Now click at “restore now” button. When the restoration process is complete, your phone will undergo automatic rebooting. When your phone is switched on, close the restoration window.

restore sucessfully

restore mobile phone with mi pc suite

Sometimes, you delete the operating system of your Xiaomi phone accidentally, while going for upgrades. Therefore, your phone no longer becomes operational. You can rectify this fault by flashing fastboot ROM with Mi PC Suite.

How to Flash Fastboot ROM?

Few steps are followed to flash fastboot ROM with Mi PC Suite. During this process, all data will be deleted. Therefore, take backup and ensure that the phone is fully charged.

Step 1 – Download and install Mi PC Suite on computer.

Step 2 – Download ADB and fastboot drivers from a reliable resource link and install them on the phone. Now, turn off your phone.

Step 3 – Activate the fastboot mode by pressing power and volume buttons together. After the activation of fastboot mode, connect the phone to PC with USB cable.

Flash Fastboot with mi pc suite

Flash Fastboot

Step 4 – Open Mi PC Suite, where you will see the phone on the application screen. You will also see a new screen showing fastboot ROM files.

Chose zip file for flashing (Stable,Beta)

Chose zip file for flashing

Choose the “stable” icon, which will download the fastboot files. After download is complete, the fastboot files will be flashed on the bricked phone.

Mi PC Suite allows Xiaomi phone users to manage or update valuable data with ease. The added advantage is that you can use this software free of cost.

Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer

Android is by far the most used   OS in the handheld and mobile devices market. Over the years, Android devices have penetrated the mobile market and there are a growing number of smartphones and tablets running Android OS. As such, there are also a large number of apps and tools specifically made for Android, which try and cater to the ever growing needs and demands of users. Of many such tools and programs, Droid Explorer is one which allows users better control over the management of unrestricted or rooted Android devices.

Why Use Droid Explorer?

An open source tool, Droid Explorer offers users a Windows Explorer like interface which greatly simplifies the process of management of an Android device. Droid Explorer is a state of the art suite of tools, which offers a very powerful feature – the ability to use a computer to access an Android phone. Apart from this basic feature, there are many other exciting features that the software suite provides, making the tool well worth trying out for all rooted Android users, especially testers and developers.

Droid Explorer pc suite

Droid Explorer software


Prerequisites for using Droid Explorer

Before you get started with the many features and capabilities of Droid Explorer, there are some prerequisites for using the suite which need to be followed. These include:

  • You will need a rooted Android phone, which has busybox installed on it
  • You will need a PC running Windows XP or any later versions of Windows
  • Your PC will need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed
  • You will need to install Windows USB drivers and OEM drivers on your PC
  • You will need to install Java Web Start and Java Runtime Environment on your PC for using some plugins of the suite
  • You will need the Android SDK (although this will be automatically be installed by the Droid Explorer setup installer)

Let’s now take a look at how to install the Droid Explorer suite on your PC.

Download Droid Explorer:

Download Droid Explorer from: https://www.allpcsuite.com/download-droid-explorer/

Installing the Droid Explorer tool

Installing the Droid Explorer suite of tools on your PC is a relatively straightforward task. Here is the process laid out in a series of steps.

Step I: Download the Droid Explorer archive and extract the contents to a folder and then run the installer file.

Step II: The setup wizard will then guide you through the installation process. Upon completion, the installer wizard will also ask you the path for Android SDK on your PC. If you have the SDK already installed, you will need to provide the path, or alternatively, you can choose to allow the installer to set up Android SDK on its own. Once Android SDK has been located and configured, the setup is complete. Step III: To start using Droid Explorer, you will need to initialize the program on your PC, connect your Android device via USB and activate USB debugging feature on your phone to start using the tool.

Install Droid Exporer

How to install Droid Exporer

Enabling USB Debugging on your Android Device

Before you are able to start using the Droid Explorer tool, you will first need to access Android developer settings on your device and enable USB debugging. Here’s how to do so:

Step I: Press the menu button on your Android device and make your way to the settings tabs.

Step II: Find the developer options menu, which is typically located at the bottom of Settings menu field.

Step III: Once you have located this, enable developer options and navigate to the debugging category and enable USB debugging for your device.

Connecting your PC to your Android Device

Once you have successfully enabled USB Debugging on your Android Device, you are ready to start using the features of Droid Explorer. Here’s how to go about it:

Step I: Connect your device to your PC using a USB data cable.

Step II: Launch Droid Explorer. You will see a “Select Device” screen come up.

Step III: Locate your Android Device and select it. If it so happens that you do not see your device listed, Droid Explorer offers you an option named “I don’t see my device” which can help you out with the issue.

Select device for connecting computer and your android phone

Select device for connecting

Using Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer boasts of a plethora of features, which make it extremely simple to manage your Android device using your PC. Here are some of the things that you can do using the Droid Explorer tool:

Manage Files

The most basic feature of Droid Explorer is to manage files. Once you have connected your device successfully to your PC, the Droid Explorer tool will display a screen split into right and left halves. The right half will list all folders on your Android device, while the left half contains a description bar, listing directory content. Droid Explorer will also display SD card contents within the tool itself, without the need of having to mount as a mass storage device.

In order to copy files from your PC to your device or vice versa, you simply need to drag and drop content and the tool will take care of the rest. All options become visible when you simply click on a file within the tool. If you want to add Droid Explorer to your Windows Explorer menu, simply navigate to “Tools” and select the “Register” option. Following this step, every time you open up Windows Explorer, the Droid Explorer icon will be visible.

Showing your files form Droid explorer

Droid explorer view your files

Installing and Uninstalling of Applications

Droid Explorer allows you to easily install and uninstall applications on your Android Device. Within the tool, you can simply double click on an APK file to install an app on your device. Droid Explorer also supports batch processing – allowing you to select multiple APK files and have them installed one after another.

For uninstalling an app, you will need to navigate to the “Data” tab and locate “App” in order to list all installed applications on your device. To uninstall any particular app, simply right click on the app icon and select uninstall from the menu.

Droid explorer Install/Uninstall

Installing/Uninstalling of Applications with Droid explorer

Taking Screenshots

Droid Explorer makes it incredibly easy to take device screenshots and store them on your PC. Simply click on the screenshot button in the menu and a preview of the shot in landscape mode will be shown to you. You can then move on to save the screenshot on your PC.

Make Screenshots of your phone with Droid Exporer

Take Screenshot

Recording Videos of Device Screen

Droid Explorer makes it possible to record video shots of tasks that you perform on your Android device. Simply click on the “Record” button and continue doing a task on your device of which you want a video. Once you complete your task, click on the record button once again and the video will start getting processed.

Droid Explorer is able to record a video by taking screenshots one after another and then stitching the together. During processing, you may see some delay in response, but this is not reflected in the final video. It is recommended that for best results, you slow yourself down when performing the task on your Android Device.

 Installing Update Files

Droid Explorer makes updating of files and installing of patches extremely simple. All you have to do is to click on the “Update” button and select a valid update.zip file. Once this is located, Droid Explorer will install the update without any hassles at all.

Backing Up and Restoring Files

Droid Explorer allows you to easily create a backup of all files of your Android Device on your PC. Simply locate the backup option in the menu bar and on clicking the option, the program will automatically create a backup of your device. Restoring of files can also be done in the same manner within a matter of seconds.

Droid Explorer device backup

Backup you mobile phone with Droid Explorer

Other useful features of Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is not limited to just the basic features that we have listed above. Some other interesting things that you can do using this software suite include:

  • The tool allows you to capture as well as save debugging logs.
  • You can easily compress and decompress files with zip support built-in.
  • The tool supports almost all types of Android Devices. However, in case you are using the latest Android version, it is best to check for compatibility before using the tool.
  • You can send files to and from an Android device via Bluetooth or through email.
  • The built-in command shell allows you control over how you want to structure data storage

While these are some of the more interesting things that you can do using the Droid Explorer tool, its capabilities are much more. You will need to install and start using the tool in order to be better acquainted with all the features of this powerful software suite.


While Droid Explorer is an absolute must for Android developers and testers, normal everyday users can also enjoy a number of benefits of using this tool. This free to use program is a full-fledged tool, which can be used as a file explorer, an advanced device root explorer as also as an application manager.

JoinMe ZTE PC Suite Tutorial

ZTE is a China-based mobile manufacturing company that started its operation in 1985. The company introduced the world’s first CDMA phone with detachable SIM card in 2000. According to the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone tracker findings, ZTE emerged as the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer of the world in the third quarter of 2012. The company manufactures all kinds of phones ranging from entry to professional levels.

ZTE has introduced a new solution for managing documents and files on ZTE phones. The solution is called JoinMe for ZTE phones, which is a PC Suite. The best part of this PC side management tool is that users need not pay any money to use it.

Why should you use JoinMe for ZTE phones?

This file management solution offers several benefits that can make the experience of using ZTE phones easier. When a ZTE phone is connected to the computer, you can use JoinMe ZTE PC suite to check the storage of SD card and phone along with number of contacts, call records, short messages, video files, music files, applications and images.

When many Android devices are connected to the computer, you can use JoinMe ZTE PC Suite for switching between the devices easily. If you have lost your phone, you need not worry about losing information as restoration and backup functions are available in this software. The SD card function makes it easier for exporting and importing files.

Enjoy Seamless Messaging

In order to enjoy seamless messaging, JoinMe ZTE PC suite transforms all messages into single contact and displays them in sequential order. You can easily initiate conversations with your nearest and dearest ones through messaging. With tabs like failed to send, sent, unread, unsent or stored, it becomes easy for checking the messages.


ZTE software

ZTE software


Managing Contacts

Contact management assists you in segregating contacts into different groups. You can view the contact list as per the frequency of contact. By using the smart search function, you can spot your friends quickly by entering their contact number or part of their name in the search bar.

After you find a contact, you can type a message or edit the contact information. You can manage contacts on your phone and also edit, delete or add contacts on your SIM card. This tool helps in attaining mutual backup and transferring contacts on SIM card and phone. For easy recognition, you can set an icon for each friend.

Contact manager ZTE

Contact manager ZTE

Check Status of Calls

You can quickly analyze the nature of call by using the JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. You can add the unsaved contacts to the contact list directly or select a contact for sending a message.

Calls manager ZTE

Calls manager ZTE

Take Care of Your Entertainment Needs

The entertainment section of this software tool includes picture, music and video management. You can manage every kind of audio file on your device and set ringtones by using the JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. This tool also helps you in checking each type of video files. You can rotate, edit and crop images by using this tool.

ZTE images manager

ZTE image manager

App Management

In JoinMe ZTE PC Suite, you can go through all system applications and apps. The favorite apps include various cool games and office management solutions. The best feature of these applications is that without uninstalling, you can easily transfer apps between the phone memory and SD card.

App manager

App manager

Allows Easy Upgrade

Upgrading an Android OS system is critical. JoinMe ZTE PC Suite can allow you to fix system bugs for making your phone operate smooth. In addition, by using this tool, you can try new functions and upgrade the existing OS.

Calendar Management

Schedule management is one of the best features of JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. This tool allows you to display all schedules in the form of week, day or month view so that you can prioritize your tasks easily. For additional security, you can create a backup of your schedules on the PC.

Calendar Management

Calendar Management

These are the benefits of using JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. Now, it is time to download and install the software tool on your PC.

Steps for Installing JoinMe

Step 1 – First, you need to open the installer. Then, you have to spot the installer file and apply double click to open the same.

Step 2 – After opening the installer, click on “run” or “yes” option. In this step, you have to authorize the installer by using the security dialogue.

Step 3 – After running the file, you will come across a set of instructions. Read the instruction for installing the software.

After the installation is complete, you can easily manage information on your device by connecting to the PC. Enter contacts in PC, create a backup or transfer them to another device. With this software tool, you can send messages to your friends in short time. By connecting to the internet through your mobile phone, share music, video or image files between the computer and your device.

How to Take Backup and Restore Data?

It may happen that your phone may get misplaced in the future. Will you lose all your valuable information? Do not worry. JoinMe ZTE PC Suite allows you to create a backup and restore data. This tool helps you to save your important data on PC and restore it in future.

First, you have to download the JoinMe ZTE PC Suite software. It is easy to perform the installation procedure. Once the installation is complete, you have to start the application.

What do You need to Do?

If your phone works on Android 4.2 or earlier version, then you have to go to the phone menu. Then click at “go to settings” and open the “applications”. Go to “development” and click “USB debugging” and go through the checkbox.

Before proceeding further, check USB debugging options. The way of checking options depends on the version of Android you use.

If you are using Android 4.2, then you have to go through following steps.

Step 1 – Go to settings

Step 2 – Then click at “applications”

Step 3 – Open “development”

Step 4 – Then click on “USB debugging”.

If you are using Android version below 4.2, then you can perform USB debugging in following ways.

Step1 – Go to “settings”

Step 2 – Click on “development”.

Step 3- Then click on “USB debugging”

If you are using a version above 4.2

Step 1 – Click on “build number 7 times in “settings” menu.

Step 2 – Go to “about phone” menu

Step 3 – After clicking “about phone”, open “build number” icon. Then go to settings interface where you can check the status of USB debugging.

You can also use ZTE phone by using Wi-Fi connection. If you want to create backup through a wireless connection, you have to ensure that your computer shares the same Wi-Fi router. However, you cannot restore the data via Wi-Fi. For that, you need USB cable.

Step 1 – Connect USB cable to the ZTE phone and PC.

Step 2 – After you have connected the phone to the PC with USB cable, within few minutes, it will install the driver software.

Step 3 – After the installation of the driver software, the mobile will be treated as a connected device.

Step 4 – Click on the icon or on the device’s name, which is located next to the battery icon in order to list music, apps, images, etc. Check the USB cable in case the phone is not listed.

Step 5 – For creating the backup, click on the “backup” button.

Step 6 – A window will pop up, where you can choose all the information that you wish to save. Your SMS, call logs will fail to list if you switch off the GSM wireless mode.

Step 7 – Tap on the check box and click on the “begin” icon for initiating the backup procedure.

Step 8 – After clicking the “begin” option, then click the “OK” menu.

Step 9 – There will be an automatic creation of the backup folder.

A password will encrypt the file. So, you cannot open it on the PC.

Step 10 – After the completion of the backup procedure, click “finish” menu to close the window.

Now, you can view the backup folder.

Restoring Backup Files

Step 1 – Connect the phone to the computer by using USB cable.

Step 2 – Tap the “restore” button and a warning box will appear.

Step 3 – Click on “OK” option.

Step 4 – Choose your preferred backup file and click on the “next” option.

Step 5 – After the completion of step 4, you need to choose the data you wish to restore. If you want to restore the entire data, click at “check all” menu. Tap on the “next” menu and then click on “OK” button.

The restoration process will be completed within few minutes. The time for restoration varies depending on the size of the backup data.

This is how seamlessly you can manage the data of your phone by using JoinMe ZTE PC Suite. With this tool, you can raise productivity at your work by scheduling your tasks with ease. Spend your leisure time comfortably by sharing pictures, videos, music with your friends by using this software free of cost.


I’m not often so excited about new software like I’m on WEB PC SUITE.
For running it you just need to install software from Google play to your mobile phone.

No installation on your desktop PC is required you just need browser like (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox…).

So let’s go step by step.

How to connect your mobile phone and your computer:

First with you mobile phone go to Google play store and download WEB PC SUITE app.
You can use link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geeksoft.wps

Then install and run application on your mobile phone

The simplest way is that you connect your mobile phone and your computer to same Wi-Fi network.

After connection open WEB PC SUITE application. You will get welcome screen with steps what to do now.
You can go to your browser on your personal computer and type listed url on your mobile phone.
In my case I get IP of my mobile phone:

accept connection on web pc suite

accept connection on web pc suite

After you open website you must conform on your mobile phone that you allow connection from PC to mobile phone.
You can also go to website http://www.webpcsuite.com/ and scan QR code. You must scan QR code with reader inside Web PC Suite application!

After that you browser will automatically redirect you to home page of your mobile phone.

main of your phone

Main of Web PC suite

Description of TABS


You can open files from your mobile phone. You can create new folder/copy/move/download and rename all of your files.
With these functions you can easily organize files on your mobile phone.


The functions are basically same like on Files tab you can organize your files. Most interesting future is playing music and videos with double click on selected music it will play inside your browser.

music web pc suite

Playing music web pc suite

My favorite function is uploading. You can upload multiple files from your computer to mobile phone (Very usefully for music transfer).


In application tab you can view list of all applications on your mobile phone. You can uninstall and backup application.

Advantages and Disadvantages


– very easy to use
– no installing programs on your PC computer
– no connection cable on your desk between mobile and your PC


– for connection you need working network connection
– for now they don’t support organizer for phone contact

The Web PC Suite is definitely application which you must install and try.

Mobilego PC suite for android phones

Mobile go android manager helps to manage your android phone fast and easy with your PC.It comes with a lot of useful features like phone contact manager,app manager etc.

In this article,we will discuss how to connect mobile go to android phone and manage your phone using mobile go android manager.

Download Mobile go PC suite

You need to download two versions of Mobile go PC suite.One for PC and one for your android device.
You can visit mobile go product page to get more details about mobile go android pc suite .Visit mobile go product page .
You can download mobile go for PC from this link Download.
Download android version for phone from this link. Download.
Save apk file in phone and install it in phone.

Installing mobile go

  • Double click to launch the download manager.
  • Click install to start downloading and installing.
    mobile go android pc suite

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Syncing android phone with Mobile go

Mobile go can be connected to android phone using USB or WiFi.Connecting using USB is easy and fast.WiFi connection is also fast but consumes battery charge more.

Connecting Mobile go using USB

You don’t need to install mobile go android version for connecting using a USB.We only need to download and install android manager in PC.

  • Launch Mobile go software in PC.
  • Connect your phone to PC with USB.
  • In your android phone,go to settings – developers settings and activate USB debugging.
  • Or you can connect by activating USB tethering.For activating USB tethering,go settings – wireless & networks – tethering & portable hot spot and tap USB tethering option.
  • Now software will search for connected device and synchronize with phone automatically.

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Connecting using WiFi Tethering

You need to install Mobile go android app in your phone for connecting using WiFi.
mobile go android pc suite

  • Launch Mobile go in your PC.
  • Click ‘connect new device’ option shown on left side of software.
  • Switch on phone’s WiFi.You need to scan the bar-code shown in the software with your mobile phone’s camera for connecting.
  • Now open android app in your phone.For start scanning the QR-code,tap the small QR-code icon shown in top right of the android app.
  • In next window,tap scan QR code to connect option.Your phone’ camera will start and adjust your phone to scan the code.
  • After scanning phone will get connected automatically.

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Features of Mobile go

  1. Backup restore and restore :- With mobile go,you can easily create a backup of anything in your phone to PC.You can backup media files,messages,contacts,apps etc.You can restore it back in a single click.This feature is very useful if you are changing to a new android phone or factory resetting your phone.You can backup everything from your old phone to PC and then connect your new phone and restore files to it.
  2. File manager :- Mobile go comes with a easy to use file manager which helps to transfer files between your phone and PC easy and fast.
  3. Contact manager :- Mobile go comes in handy if you have a lot of contacts in your phone.Mobile go helps you to group contacts,create new contacts,delete unwanted contacts directly from your PC.
  4. Application manager :- This is my favorite feature of mobile go.You can directly download android apps in PC and install it in your phone.Another good feature is that you can delete pre installed apps in your phone without rooting.You can delete unwanted applications and create back up of apps also.If you are facing low phone memory problem in phone,then you can move apps from phone memory to SD card using Mobile go.
  5. SMS manager :- Mobile go have option to send bulk sms to your friends directly from your PC.You can also backup sms in your PC in text format.

Mobile go extras

Apart from normal features,mobile go have some extra useful features.

  • Performance booster :- Performance booster helps to make your android phone faster by optimizing RAM usage and boosting installed apps in your phone.For optimizing RAM,launch mobile go in your phone and tap the boost option in main page.For selectively boosting installed apps performance,tap app boost option in main page.In next window,mobile go will show a list of apps which can be boosted.You can select the apps and boost it.
  • Wontube mp3 downloader :- You can search and download music file directly using wontube.
  • YouTube :- Watch YouTube videos directly from mobile go.

Wondershare mobile go is a must have tool for every android user for manage your android phone easily.

Android PC suite free download

Android PC suite will help you to manage your android phone with PC.You can use a android PC suite for.:-

  • Transfer files between phone and PC.
  • Create and manage contacts.
  • Compose messages.
  • Update your phone.
  • Edit photos and ringtones

Here is list of best PC suite to manage your android phone.

1.Mobil edit android PC suite

Mobil edit ranks on top of this list.Mobil edit comes with all needed tool to manage your android phone.

The main advantage of Mobil edit PC suite is it comes with drivers needed to sync your phone and PC.You can select your phone model and download the driver during installation.

Download Mobil edit

You need to download two versions.One in your PC and other in your android phone.
Download windows version in your PC  here
Download android version in your Android phone  here

Installation of Mobil edit

Double click Mobil edit to launch installation.You need internet to download drivers for your phone.During installation,setup will prompt to download drivers.Click yes to enter driver installation setup.In next window,tick your phone model from the list and click next.This will install drivers for your phone.
android phone pc suite driver download

Synchronizing PC suite and phone

Phone and PC suite can be synchronizing using USB,WiFi and Bluetooth.
android pc suite mobiledit

Connecting using USB

Connecting USB is simple and fast.

  • Connect phone to PC.
  • Activate USB tethering in your phone.You can activate it by going to USB and WiFi hot spot in settings.
  • Launch Mobil edit and click connect.
  • Choose phone or internal storage in next window.
  • Choose cable connection in next window.

Connecting by WiFi

Connecting using WiFi is also fast.

  • Switch on WiFi in PC and activate WiFi hotspot in phone.
  • Launch Mobil edit in phone and note the IP address in it.
  • Launch Mobil edit.Click connect.
  • Select phone in next window.
  • Select WiFi in next step.
  • In next window,Enter IP address that is shown in your phone app.

Connecting using Bluetooth

Connecting using Bluetooth is slow.

  • Activate Bluetooth in phone and PC.
  • Choose Bluetooth as type of connection.

Features of Mobil edit

  1. Backups-Helps to create backup of files and application in your PC.
  2. Phone copier-moves file between phones
  3. Video editor-Edit videos in your phone.
  4. Ringtones:-Manage and edit ringtones.
  5. Messages:-Compose and send messages from your PC.
  6. MMS:-Create MMS messages.

2. My phone explorer android PC suite

My phone explorer is another PC suite for android phone.Functions are almost similar to Mobil edit.

Download My phone explorer

You need to download application in PC and android.
Download PC version here.
Download android version here.

Connecting My phone explorer

My phone explorer can be connected using WiFi,USB and Bluetooth.

  • Launch my phone explorer.
  • Click f1 or file >> connect.
  • In next window,select type of connection. WiFi,USB or Bluetooth.You need to activate USB debugging when connecting using USB.
    free android pc suite my phone explorer download
  • For connecting using WiFi,launch My phone explorer in phone.Activate WiFi hotspot in phone.You need to enter a PIN in it and enter the same PIN in PC software for syncing.

Main features of My phone explorer

  1. Contacts :- Add new contacts,edit existing contacts of your phone within PC.
  2. Call log :- Check all the call details like dialed numbers,missed call etc in your PC.
  3. Organizer :- Set alarm,manage calenders,create notes.
  4. Messages :- Compose new messages and backup messages in PC.
  5. Files :- Transfer files between phone and PC.
  6. Create back up :- Create backup in extras option.

Mobogenei android PC suite

Mobogenei is one of the best android PC suite with a lot of features.
Download mobogenei
pc suite for android mobogenie

Connecting android phone with Mobogenei

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • Go settings >> developers option >> activate USB debugging.

Main features of Mobogenei

  1. My contacts :- create contacts in bulk and transfer it to your phone.
  2. My sms :- For creating messages and backup messages.
  3. Oneclick root :-Root or jail break your android phone.
  4. Import outlook contacts :- Transfer your outlook contacts to your phone.
  5. Backup :- Back up file and app in your phone.
  6. Install app :- Install android app directly from your PC.
  7. Manage SD Card :- Manage files in your SD card.Copy,Move and delete files in your SD card.

Moborobo android PC suite

Another good important PC suite for android phones and IOS phones.Its features and connection procedures are similar to above PC suites.

Download Moborobo

You need to download moborobo for your phone and PC.
You can download android version of Moborobo from here.Install it in your phone.
android pc suite free downloads
Download windows version from here. Install it in your PC.

Synchronizing phone and PC.

You can connect phone to PC suite using USB and WiFi.

Connecting via WiFi

  • Launch moborobo in PC and mobile.
  • Scan the qr code shown in your PC with phone moborobo app to get connected.

connecting via USB.

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB
  • Now Activate USB debugging in developers options.
  • Scan QR code with your daemon mobile app.


  1. Data :- Data have three options.Contact manager,message manager and call log.
  2. Apps :- For managing installed apps.Update applications and install new applications.
  3. Themes :- Install new themes in your android phone.

The above four PC suite works well with most of the android phones.Some phone manufactures have their own official PC suite for android phones.You can download it from their official website.

Lava PC suite free download

Lava PC suite can be used to sync your lava phone with PC.PC suites are  to handy if you want to transfer files or contacts between your phone and computer.

Lava mobiles have two type of phones in market.Smart phones and featured phones .
Lava Smart phone models are :-

  • Lava Iris.
  • 3G models .

Featured phones are:

  • Lava KKT.
  • Lava discover.
  • Lava arc.
  •  Lava spark.

Lava does not have any official PC suite for their models.But we can use some android PC suites for Lava phones .PC suite for lava smart phones and featured phones is listed below.

Lava PC suite for smartphones

All lava smart phone are android.We will review two PC suites that works with lava smart phones – my phone explorer and Mobil edit PC suite.Also i will list of bunch of PC suites that works with lava phones.

Download lava modem driver

Before installing PC suite you need to install modem drivers.Otherwise your phone will not be detected by computer.For downloading modem driver, click here to download.

Mobil edit PC suite

Mobil edit PC suite can be used as PC suite for all phones.It works with lava smartphones also.
lava phone android PC suite free download for windows
Make sure you have installed modem driver properly in you computer.Otherwise Mobil edit will not be able to detect your phone.

Mobil edit PC suite download.

Download from this link – download

Installing Mobil edit PC suite.

After downloading Mobil edit from the link.Click the setup file to install software.During installation,you will get window for downloading drivers.Since you have already installed drivers,you can skip it by clicking cancel.

Connecting lava phone with PC suite

We can connect lava PC suite in three methods – WiFi,USB and Bluetooth.Connecting using USB is preferred since it is easy and fast.

Connecting using WiFi and Bluetooth is also easy.But it is slow when compared to USB.Also battery drains quickly when you connect WiFi and Bluetooth.

Connecting PC suite using USB.
  • Make sure you installed modem driver.
  • Connect your phone using USB.
  • In your phone,go to setting – wireless & network connection – tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Activate USB tethering.
  • Now launch lava PC suite (Mobil edit).
  • Click connect option.
  • In new window,you will get option like phone,internal memory etc.Select phone from the option.
  • In next window,select the type of connection.Select cable connection for USB.
  • Click next for connecting your phone with lava PC suite.
Connecting Using WiFi

For connecting using WiFi you need to download mobile connector application in your phone.You can download it from here.

Install the mobile connector application in your lava phone.

  • In your phone,go to setting – wireless and network connection – tethering and portable hotspot.
  • Activate WiFi tethering.
  • Launch mobile connector in your phone.
  • You will get a IP address from it.
  • Launch Mobil-edit PC suite.
  • Click connect and select phone as next option.
  • In type of connection select WiFi.
  • In next window,enter ip address that is shown in your phone app.
  • Click next to connect.
Connecting using Bluetooth.
  • Switch on Bluetooth in your phone and PC.
  • Make phone Bluetooth discoverable in your phone.
  • Click notification icon in desktop task bar.Click add a Bluetooth device.PC will search for available device and list your phone.Select your phone name from list.And add it.
  • Launch Mobil edit in PC.
  • Click connect and select phone in the next window.
  • Select Bluetooth as type of connection.Click next.

My phone explorer as lava PC suite.

My phone explorer is also similar to Mobil edit.It can also be connected using USB,WiFi and Bluetooth.
You can download My phone explorer from here.

You also need to download the android version of the application in your phone.Download it here.

Above two can be used lava PC suite for windows 7,8 and Lava PC suite for windows XP.

List of Lava phones that works with above two PC suites

      Lava iris 405 PC suite.
      Lava iris 501 PC suite.
      Lava PC suite a10.
      Lava iris 349.
      Lava iris 403e.
      Lava iris 3G 402,356.
      Lava iris pro.

Lava PC suite for featured phones

Lava featured phone includes branded under name KKT.You need to find modem driver model for these phones.

finding lava modem driver model

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • Select COM port from the screen option.
  • Now go to device manager.Your phone modem driver will be listed under other device or Ports section.

After getting modem driver model,Google search and download it.Install modem driver.

Lava KKT phone PC suite

Download it from this link.

  • Extract file and open phone suite application.
  • Go to settings.Change COM port to port number which you installed lava modem driver.

Now your phone will be connected to phone suite.

features of phone suite.

  • Phone book:-This is to transfer files between your phone and lava phone.
    lava PC suite lava kkt phone PC suite free download
  • Messages:- This is to send messages with in your PC.
  • File manager:-For transferring files between phone and PC.
  • MMS :- This is for composing multimedia messages.
  • Melody:-This feature is to play ringtones,music etc.
  • Images:-Create and edit images.

List of best lava PC suite for windows

Alcatel pc suite download

Alcatel PC suite can be used to manage your Alcatel phones easily using your PC.Alcatel one touch manager is a PC suite developed by Alcatel.
It can be used to manage phone books,contacts,messages and applications of all Alcatel one touch  smartphones.But Alcatel does not provide any PC suite for other models like Alcatel Idols etc.
So in this post,I will give you some good PC suites which can be used as Alcatel PC suite.And also discuss how to install these PC suite and sync phone with your PC.

Install modem and USB drivers for Alcatel

Before you download and install PC suite,you need to make sure whether USB drivers for Alcatel phones are installed in your PC.Sometimes windows may already contain modem drivers installed in it.You can check it by connecting your phone and go to device manager.Check whether your phone model number is listed in Ports section or other device section.
If you have Alcatel one touch or other smart phones like idols,then you can skip this step.Because PC suite listed below like one touch manager will help you to install modem drivers when they are installed.
If you are using some other models especially Alcatel which supports java ,you need to install modem drivers manually .If you are not able to find modem drivers for your phone,don’t worry we can connect it using Bluetooth.
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I have divided,this into two division.You can skip to appropriate section according to your phone model.
PC suite for Alcatel one touch phones
PC suite for Alcatel android ,java phones and non java phones

Alcatel PC suite for one touch phones

Alcatel one touch manager is the official PC suite for Alcatel one touch phones.It works for almost all Alcatel one touch model phones like

    1. One Touch Pro.
    2. One touch Star.
    3. One Touch Scribe.
    4. One Touch M Pop.
    5. pc suite alcatel ot 806

alcatel pc suite free downloads

Download Alcatel PC suite -One Touch manager

You can download one touch manager for PC from here. Download
You also need install Alcatel one touch android manager agent in your phone. You can download it using your Alcatel android phone from play store.

Synchronizing Phone with Alcatel PC suite

We can connect either using USB or WiFi.

Connecting using WiFi

  • First in your phone,open One touch android manager.
  • Enter a pin code and Idle time.
    alcatel pc suite one touch manager download
  • Now launch one touch manager in your PC .Click connection.
  • Now enter the pin code which you entered in android manager app in your phone . Click next.
  • In next window enter the IP address which is shown in android manager,Click finish.Now software will get connected automatically.


Connecting using USB

  • Go to settings>>application>>development and select USB debugging.
  • Now connect you phone using USB.
  • Launch software in your phone.Click settings and enable auto sync.Connection will established automatically.

Features of one touch manager


This feature can be used to manage you contacts using PC.Also you can import or export contacts to your phone from PC.To export or import,select contacts from the left navigation.Go to file and click import.


This can be used to send messages from your PC,back up messages etc.


This feature can be used to install application etc

PC suite for all Alcatel android phones

Since most of the Alcatel smart phones are android,all android PC suite will work for Alcatel smartphones as well.

Mobil edit PC suite( for all alcatel phones)

PC suite which work well for Alcatel phones is Mobil edit as it comes with drivers for Alcatel.
You can download Mobil edit from here.Download.

If you are using android phones,then also you need to install me connector in your phone.You can download it from here.Download.<h/p>
You can sync your phone with Mobil edit using USB ,WiFi,Bluetooth or infrared which makes it possible to use as PC suite for all Alcatel phone models.

My phone explorer(only for Alcatel android phones)

Another such PC suite is my phone explorer,but it cannot be used to Alcatel java and other phones.

You can download it from here.Download.
Above alcatel PC suite works in windows 7,8 and PC suite for 8.