Can I use WordPress without a host?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can use WordPress without a host.

Let’s check together what are possible options for using WordPress without a host.

A free account on

You can go to the website: and create your first WordPress site without worry to take care of hosting.

On website click:

Enter your data: email address, username, and password.

Select what kind of website do you want to have (For this example I click in Blog):

I have entered the topic of the blog (For this example I click on food topic):

Then you will see the first preview of your website. Enter the blog name and click the continue button.

Then you can choose a style for your WordPress blog. I skip this step with the continue button.

Then you will need to select a keyword for your blog. Based on keywords you will get some domain suggestions. You can select the payable domain or try to use a free domain. For this example, I have chosen a free domain.


After domain pickup, you will get a pricing list for the hosting option. (For this example I have chosen a free option)

The next step in preparing and installing WordPress for you, Don’t worry will do everything automatically.

Example: installation is finished my WordPress is live now.

On the left side, you will see a menu you can write your your first posts.

So to sum up you can use for creating your first WordPress website. You can create an entirely free account.
In this way, you will leave the hosting of your site to the professional team no need to worry about hosting for your WordPress website.

Installing Bitnami as your WordPress host

One thing you can do to use WordPress without a host is installing Bitnami on your local computer. In that way, you will host WordPress on your local computer.


Go to website:

Click download installer for win 64bit.


After click on “Download for Windows 64-bit”, you must use sign-in to download .exx installer on your computer. Double click on .exe file bitnami….exe.

The installation will start in the next step you must select language for installation.


Check components for installing.

in the next step, you define the installation folder.


Enter data for the admin user.

After defining the login data enter the name of your WordPress website.

You can configure the default email provider.


Now Bitnami will start installing WordPress


Setup finishes.


After that, your browser will be opened and you will be transferred to a new website:

Your WordPress is ready.

For admin, login add wp-admin to the end of URL:


Now your WordPress is ready you can test it. You should know that the installation of Bitnami on your computer if totally free but your WordPress is now seen only to you. Because you have installed WordPress on your local computer. If you want that your WordPress website will be seen to others to your must-buy payable WordPress hosting on the internet like Bluehost or create port forwarding to your local computer (for this you need some extra IT knowledge).

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