Best chrome extensions for every web developers should have

going to deep for the best chrome
extensions for web developers,
let’s start with a story. Every web
developer should read this.

was always one of the brilliant students in his class. He was also successful
in his career. But the surprising thing is, when he checks Tweeter, he sees
those who were average in class have now achieved more.

why the average students have achieved more?

the article. The answer is inside.

let’s dig into our main discussion.

Have a look

5 best chrome extensions for web developers should have


This extension is very popular for those who are using the Firefox browser.

Getting sad hearing this news?

Don’t be sad. It is finally available
for chrome with over 2 million downloads!
Wow, that’s fantastic.

I understand now you are eager enough
to know how this chrome extension helps for web developers. How to use it? Is
it really one of the best Chrome
extensions for web developers?

Don’t be crazy. I’m explaining.

Suppose, you have seen an image of a
lady on Pixabay and you fall in love with that image color. You are developing
a site and want to use the color on the top bar of that site. But the problem
is, you don’t know the young lady’s name to whom you fall in love.

Getting confused? Ha..ha..ha.

I mean you don’t even know the name
of that color and the color code. Then how you will use that on your site?

Here ColorZilla comes in. It solves that problem.

Step 1: Add the extension from the chrome web store. Check Chrome web store.

Step 2: Click on the ColorZilla icon.
After clicking a status bar will show.

Step 3: Place your cursor on your desired color. Just click on that. You’re almost done! That desired color code has been copied.

ColorZilla status bar
ColorZilla status bar after clicking pick color from page

Step 4: Open a notepad and
paste that color code and done. How easy it is!

Step 5: Now you can use that
color on your website top bar. This tool can be also used for any type of artwork
to know the color code.  

Other features—

  • Ultimate
    CSS gradient generator.
  • Webpage
    color analyzer – get a color palette for any site and more.

ColorZilla add to Chrome

Full Page Screen Capture

This is another best chrome extensions for web developers.

You have developed a site for a
client and want to show that to him before submitting the project. Don’t worry.
There is a great tool to capture the whole site just in a click and boom!

Step 1: Add the extension from the chrome web store link.

Step 2: Open that site into your

Step 3: Click on the Full Page Screen Capture icon. It will automatically scan the whole site top to bottom and capture that in a form of image. This image will automatically open with a new tab.

Screen capture in progress

Step 4: From that tab just click on
the download icon and save it and it’s done.

Step 5: Provide it to your client to
show the outlook of that site and done.

No ads and no unnecessary
permissions-just like a pro tool. This is a simple way to turn a full webpage
into an image and done!

The tool includes advanced screen
capture technology that can handle complex pages. For example, embedded iframes
as well as inner scrollable elements and more. It has already won the 3,000,000+ users’ hearts. That’s great,

Full page screen capture add to Chrome


This is a font detector tool. Using
this extension anyone can easily find out the fonts used in a webpage. You can
inspect any web font by just hovering on them.

For example, you have visited a
website and liked a couple of fonts. You want to know the name of those and
will use those during developing your site. Now the question comes how?

Could you please have a look below?

Step 1: Add the extension from the web store. Check.

Step 2: Go to your desired site.

Step3: Click on the WhatFont icon and take your cursor to the desired font, I mean hover on it. You will see the result (font name) near the cursor and it’s done. It is simple and elegant.

Hover over text box and WhatFont will show you what font is used on website.

Are you getting bored to read?

Sorry, dear. Just allow me 2 minutes.
I am going to finish this boring article.


is one of the best chrome extensions for
web developers
. Want to know why? This is the tool that uncovers the
technologies on websites. Cheers. It detects web frameworks and content management systems.

I mean if you want to know which
language a website has been used to design, this tool can help you.

Step 1: Add the chrome extension. Check Google Chrome webstore.

Step 2: Go to that website.

Step 3: Click on the Wappalyzer icon and
it will show you the whole details. For example, this tool will show the site
is based on WordPress and used JavaScript framework and programming language is

This way you can inspect and uncover the technologies of a site. It’s a very cool tool.

When clicking on Wappalyzer plugin will check website and dispaly usefull information about website.

Web Developer Checklist

This tool has made easier for web
developers to work. I think you want to know how?

This chrome extension analyses a
webpage for violation of best practices. It easily finds out problem areas on
your website before delivering the project to your client. This way you can be
sure you follow best practices.

Among the hundreds of chrome
extensions for web developers, this really helps.

Step 1: Install the extension.

Step2: Go to your web page.

Step 3: Click on the Web Developer
Checklist icon and boom.

It will show the checklist. If there
are green colored tick icons mean that is ok. But if red, means you have to rectify that section.

Web Developer Checklist Chromer Plugin
Install Web Developer Checklist from Chrome Web store

You may be thinking now,

“Hey, Mr. Writer,

where is the answer that has written
in the intro?”

Hmm, I’m telling it now. The average
students were achieved more because of their smartness. In their professional
career, they smartly deal with all the things. That’s the only reason Paul was
behind them.

Just like that, every web developer
knows how to develop a website. I mean at least basic things everyone knows.
But how a developer can differentiate him from others?

The answer is very simple. He has to
think smartly. For example, now you are here to know the best chrome extensions for web developers.


Smart Developer,

You already know the best chrome extensions for web developers. Just polish yourself once again. ColorZilla
helps to identify the color code of any image, Full Page Screen Capture extension
helps to take a screenshot of any site in one click. Can you recall the other
extensions? Thank you for recall. Yes, WhatFont detects the font name. Wappalyzer
shows the programming language and framework. What else? Ohh yes, Web Developer
Checklist. It’s an awesome extension. It easily discovers the problem area of
any website if any. Wow, you know lots of things. Congrats! You’re a very smart
developer now. Cheers!

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