Is driving with Bluetooth legal?

Yes, driving with Bluetooth is legal. But you must be careful before driving you must connect your device and your mobile phone you can’t touch your mobile phone when you are driving. 

Example let’s say that you have Bluetooth earphone. When your car is safely parked you must connect your mobile phone and Bluetooth earphones.

When you are driving you can only answer on Bluetooth earphone with voice command or short touch on Bluetooth earphones you can’t answer on your mobile phone! Be careful never lose sight of the road.

Those hands-free devices are very popular in the last years check different configurations for connecting your mobile phone with Bluetooth.

Some other Bluettoh options:

  • directly connected your mobile phone over Bluetooth with the car radio and voice command answer when you are using mobile phone option while driving. The big advantage of this option is that most cars already have built-in Bluetooth connection option so you don’t need to buy new equipment. Another big advantage is that when you will receive a call on your mobile phone your car radio will automatically turn off your music and offer you the option to answer on the call.



  • Bluetooth earphone. Bluetooth options are very popular especially if your car does not have a hands-free option. You can simply connect your mobile phone with your Bluetooth earphone and talk when you are driving.



Why does my phone use battery when its off?

You have probably noticed if you turn your phone off and you leave your phone for a month without turning on the battery discharge a little bit.

Those are the reasons why this happens:

  • your mobile phone is off but your mobile phone is still monitoring buttons to check when you will press turn On button and turn the mobile phone back.
  • the battery has so-called self-discharge chemical reaction. The most used material for mobile phone batteries is Li-ion which has between 2%-3% self-discharge effect per month.
  • when your phone is off there are some back processes which are still running example: an internal clock for time, alarm ring if your phone has a function to alarm in turn off mode etc..



What is the difference between a smartphone and an iPhone?

There is no difference between the smartphone and the iPhone. iPhone is a smartphone and smartphone is an iPhone.

The word smartphone indicates all phones which are very smart devices (for making calls, texting, sending emails using navigation etc…).

So basically the smartphone is a word like cars.

You have different manufactures of cars: Honda, BMW etc….

And you have different manufactures for mobile phones: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc…

Example: smartphones of diffrent manufactures:



How long does it take for a phone to charge to 100?

For average phone, it takes about 2-3 hours that your mobile phone is charged to 100%.

But in some cases can take longer:

  • You already have a bad battery.
  • Your charger is a cheap charger, not a charger which is recommended by your mobile phone manufacturer.
  • The temperature, where you are charing your mobile phone, is very low

Keep in mind that batteries inside the mobile phone can be different. Depend on battery capacity (mAh) and your charger it can take the different time that your mobile phone will be charged to 100%. 

How you can check battery capacity on your mobile phone

Most mobile phones have integrated battery inside so you can’t open and see what battery is using your mobile phone.

One way to check what is your current battery capacity is to download AccuBattery from Google Play. Inside this app, you will find what is the battery capacity of your mobile phone.

Example: From google play download app Accubattery:  Google play 

Inside app check battery capacity.

Keep in mind that chargers can be different too. You can buy cheap chargers which will charge your battery at 1A but it can damage your battery and it will take forever that your mobile phone will be fully charged. So use only charges which are compatible with your mobile phone and original chargers which are recommended by your mobile phone manufacturer!




Is it bad to use your phone while charging?

You can use your mobile phone while charging. I have look inside the official manual of the mobile phone manufacturer and I didn’t find any warning that I can’t use a mobile phone while charging.

But be careful:

  • while charging your mobile phone is hot to touch.
  • use the only charger which is compatible with your mobile phone! Don’t use cheap chargers which can damage your mobile phone!
  • Watch out that you don’t pull the power cable out of the socket while using your mobile phone.
  • Forcing the charger out of the phone can damage the charger port so be careful when you are using your mobile phone while charging!
  • And keep in mind when driving and charging your mobile phone look on the road, not on your mobile phone!
  • Be careful not to spill any liquids on your mobile phone and your mobile phone charger when you are charing your mobile phone. This can damage your phone and you may be shaken by electricity!



What is the difference between a laptop and an all in one computer?

Both laptop and all in one computer will do the same thing you can use it for your daily work. The main difference between a laptop and all in one computer is that if you will use the laptop you don’t need an extra keyboard and mouse to carry around. Everything is built inside the laptop. If you are using all in one computer you must have a keyboard and mouse to start your work. Most often the all in one computer are larger than laptops.

Example laptop vs all in one pc.

All in one pc:






Can you plug keyboard into monitor?

Most computer monitors don’t offer such functions like plugging keyboards into a monitor. Because monitor cable can transfer the only video signal from computer graphical card to your monitor. But the exception is confirmed by the rule on the internet you can find monitors who have an extra USB hub inside. Those monitors have two connection to computer one USB cable and VAG, HDMI or other video transfer options.

All in one computer

One of the very popular options inside the last years is all on one computer. Those compute have everything inside the monitor. Basically, the whole computer is inside monitors so you don’t need to carry around a monitor and computer box you just have a monitor because the whole computer is based inside the monitor. Those computers often have USB ports, inside the monitor.

Example all in one computer HP-all in one:


For this computer, you only need a keyboard and mouse and you are ready to work.




Can I plug my mouse into my keyboard?

In general, you can’t plug in a mouse into your keyboard. Most popular keyboards and mouses have a seperate USB cable to the computer.


Example: USB ports on a computer. Usually, most USB ports are in the of your back of your computer.

USB ports on the front of the computer.


But some keyboards offer Extended US ports on the keyboard so that you can plug-in USB mouse inside or USB key.

Example of a keyboard:

Can I buy domain from GoDaddy and host elsewhere?

The domain is independent of hosting your website. So you can buy a domain at GoDaddy and host at the different provider.

What you will need from your host are nameservers. Then you simply add nameservers addresses inside domain management and domain will point to your new web hosting. Usually, nameservers are shown inside your Cpanel account.

Example Hostgator c-panel:

How you can add custom nameservers for a domain registered with GoDaddy you can check on the official website tutorial GoDaddy add custom nameservers

After updating nameservers your domain will point to a new server after 24 hours. It takes about 24 hours that DNS servers are updated.




Can you own a domain name forever?

The short answer if you can own domain forever is no.  You can’t buy a domain and own it forever. But you can buy a domain for a longer time period.

For example, if you check on the website of domain registrars Namecheap you will see that you can buy the domain for a period of 10 years.

The price for a longer period is usually cheaper as the renewing domain every year but be careful every domain registrar has its own rules.

Example of Namecheap .com domain is more expensive for 10 years period (calculation per year):

If you buy the .com domain each year this will cost you $8.88 per year.

If you buy the domain for 10 years it will cost you: $105.80 for a period of 10 years.  $10.58  per year.

One of the options, when you are buying a domain name, is the AUTO-RENEW option.

Auto-renew option means that every year a domain registrar will automatically renew your domain name if you have enough money on your credit card. You can always turn off an auto-renew option usually inside the domain registrar control panel. The auto-renew option can be cheaper as buying the domain for a longer time period.

Example: Auto-renew option when buying a domain.