Can I use Google Maps without a Google account?

If you are using Google Maps on your computer there is no need to having a Google account just navigate to the website: and start using Google Maps.

Is holding the power button on a computer bad?

Basically, yes holding the power button on your computer while your computer is on is bad idea. Let me explain why.

When you are holding the power button for about 8+ seconds your computer will cut off power inside all components in your computer – Hard reset. Some components like hard disk are sensitive to sudden power loss and if you hold power button for more than 8+ seconds it can damage your hard disk which leads to data loss. But let’s face reality if your computer is not responding to any pressing a key on your keyboard and computer mouse is completely dead and on your computer monitor nothing is happening you will probably need to use a hard reset button (holding the power button to reset of the computer) to wake up your computer.

How to check if your hard disk is damaged after holding the power on your computer?

If is always good to check your hard drive if your hard drive is damage after holding the power button. If you are using Windows 10 open your computer.

  • Select drive inside your computer.
  • Right mouse click on the selected drive
  • Select Properties

  • Select Tools and press button to Check hard disk error

After that process of checking disk will start. It depends on your disk size how long process of checking the disk will take. But for the standard disk you can expect from 5-10 min. In this process, Windows will check for errors on your disk and try to fix them.

How to prevent data loss when holding the power button?

You’ve probably heard it before but having solid backup is crucial to prevent data loss in such case. Check what are options to set daily backup of your important files on your computer.





Is Google maps free to use?

Yes, google maps is free to use. If you are using google maps for standard use for navigation on your mobile phone or viewing online maps… But if you are developer and you want to include google maps in your program with API you must pay a fee per 1000 requests.

Example: if you use Place Details API call you will pay $17 per 1000 requests. But there is a good side of using google maps API every month you get $200 FREE credit from google for using there API. Basically, unless you use google maps a lot you use will be totally FREE.

Mora about pricing for google maps API check on website:

How do you type Theta?

Theta: uppercase Θ or ϴ, lowercase θ

If you are using Windows 10 operating system then you probably have Microsoft build-in tool Character Map. Character Map is a windows tool where you can search and copy special characters inside your text.

How to open the Character map?

Simple in start menu type -> Character map -> select Character Map -> example:



The new window will open -> select Fonts and search for your special character in my case character Theta. Now you can select and copy the special character to your text tool…


The character map is a great program on windows platform. But if you are using another operating system and you have access to the internet you can you Google for searching special symbols. It is much faster 🙂

Just type the name of the special symbol into Google and look for result pages. Probably you will find special character in the listed result.

Example: open your browser -> go to Google and write your special character inside Google search – with words.

Now you simply select copy and paste special character where do you need it.

How do I put text under a picture in Word?

Adding text under images in Word is simple.


  1. First, insert an image into Word



2. Select image and click with the right mouse button. The new menu will open – Select Insert caption:



3. The new form will open insert the text you want and click OK button.


4. The entered text will display under image:







What is the difference between Excel and Excel online?

The difference between  Excel and Excel online is that Excel is a desktop app installed on your computer. The Excel Online is an application which is not installed on your computer but for working with Excel Online you will need an active internet connection and web browser (Mozzila, Chrome etc..).

The pros for Excel online:

  • Your Excel files are stored online you can access anywhere with internet connection no extra uploading files is needed
  • Excel online is cheaper
  • no need to install to the computer you only need a web browser for using Excel Online
  • you can basically use Excel online anywhere on any device which is connected to the internet

The cons for Excel online:

  • for working with Excel online is recommended-necessary to have an active internet connection.

Can I just buy excel?

Yes, you can buy just excel from Microsoft online store: MS online  store but keep in mind that price for excel is high about: $ 129,99 for single license PC or Mac. For about: $ 319.99 you can buy whole MS office package:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Is a mobile hotspot free?

Yes, mobile hotspot is free because all devices which are connected to hotspot are using mobile data from the device which serves hotspot. But be careful if you have created a hotspot on your mobile phone check mobile data expenses from your mobile provider. Most often mobile providers already have included mobile data usage in a monthly payment so you can safely create a hotspot and serve internet to your friends. But in some cases, you can overspend mobile data usage so if you don’t know what data you already have in your monthly payment there is good practice to call your mobile provider and check.


Is hotspot and WiFi the same thing?

No, the hotspot and Wifi are not the same things. The hotspot is usually physical location (your router, large antenna tower etc…) meanwhile WIFI is a type of connection which is served by hotspot.

Example in the picture: hotspot and WIFI connection:

Is Lan better than WiFi?

LAN and Wifi are two separate things.  LAN is a local area network which includes all devices: (computers, mobile phones, printers etc) connected over Wifi or cable inside your local network.

Wifi is a type of connection for connecting your devices inside your local network devices.

As far as your question is which connection is better cable connection or wifi connection. 

Every connection has own benefits the cable connection is mostly more reliable than a Wifi connection. But when you are using WIFI connection you don’t need extra cables to use the Internet. But keep in mind for WIFI connection you will need extra devices such as WIFI router and if you are using PC you will probably need WIFI USB adapters (check in our article) so that your PC can connect to the internet. On another side, you will need cable for connecting your network device and router from your ISP. The Ethernet cable can cost you money so you must calculate what is cheaper for you using standard cable connection or Wifi.