Android PC suite free download

Android PC suite will help you to manage your android phone with PC.You can use a android PC suite for.:-

  • Transfer files between phone and PC.
  • Create and manage contacts.
  • Compose messages.
  • Update your phone.
  • Edit photos and ringtones

Here is list of best PC suite to manage your android phone.

1.Mobil edit android PC suite

Mobil edit ranks on top of this list.Mobil edit comes with all needed tool to manage your android phone.

The main advantage of Mobil edit PC suite is it comes with drivers needed to sync your phone and PC.You can select your phone model and download the driver during installation.

Download Mobil edit

You need to download two versions.One in your PC and other in your android phone.
Download windows version in your PC  here
Download android version in your Android phone  here

Installation of Mobil edit

Double click Mobil edit to launch installation.You need internet to download drivers for your phone.During installation,setup will prompt to download drivers.Click yes to enter driver installation setup.In next window,tick your phone model from the list and click next.This will install drivers for your phone.
android phone pc suite driver download

Synchronizing PC suite and phone

Phone and PC suite can be synchronizing using USB,WiFi and Bluetooth.
android pc suite mobiledit

Connecting using USB

Connecting USB is simple and fast.

  • Connect phone to PC.
  • Activate USB tethering in your phone.You can activate it by going to USB and WiFi hot spot in settings.
  • Launch Mobil edit and click connect.
  • Choose phone or internal storage in next window.
  • Choose cable connection in next window.

Connecting by WiFi

Connecting using WiFi is also fast.

  • Switch on WiFi in PC and activate WiFi hotspot in phone.
  • Launch Mobil edit in phone and note the IP address in it.
  • Launch Mobil edit.Click connect.
  • Select phone in next window.
  • Select WiFi in next step.
  • In next window,Enter IP address that is shown in your phone app.

Connecting using Bluetooth

Connecting using Bluetooth is slow.

  • Activate Bluetooth in phone and PC.
  • Choose Bluetooth as type of connection.

Features of Mobil edit

  1. Backups-Helps to create backup of files and application in your PC.
  2. Phone copier-moves file between phones
  3. Video editor-Edit videos in your phone.
  4. Ringtones:-Manage and edit ringtones.
  5. Messages:-Compose and send messages from your PC.
  6. MMS:-Create MMS messages.

2. My phone explorer android PC suite

My phone explorer is another PC suite for android phone.Functions are almost similar to Mobil edit.

Download My phone explorer

You need to download application in PC and android.
Download PC version here.
Download android version here.

Connecting My phone explorer

My phone explorer can be connected using WiFi,USB and Bluetooth.

  • Launch my phone explorer.
  • Click f1 or file >> connect.
  • In next window,select type of connection. WiFi,USB or Bluetooth.You need to activate USB debugging when connecting using USB.
    free android pc suite my phone explorer download
  • For connecting using WiFi,launch My phone explorer in phone.Activate WiFi hotspot in phone.You need to enter a PIN in it and enter the same PIN in PC software for syncing.

Main features of My phone explorer

  1. Contacts :- Add new contacts,edit existing contacts of your phone within PC.
  2. Call log :- Check all the call details like dialed numbers,missed call etc in your PC.
  3. Organizer :- Set alarm,manage calenders,create notes.
  4. Messages :- Compose new messages and backup messages in PC.
  5. Files :- Transfer files between phone and PC.
  6. Create back up :- Create backup in extras option.

Mobogenei android PC suite

Mobogenei is one of the best android PC suite with a lot of features.
Download mobogenei
pc suite for android mobogenie

Connecting android phone with Mobogenei

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • Go settings >> developers option >> activate USB debugging.

Main features of Mobogenei

  1. My contacts :- create contacts in bulk and transfer it to your phone.
  2. My sms :- For creating messages and backup messages.
  3. Oneclick root :-Root or jail break your android phone.
  4. Import outlook contacts :- Transfer your outlook contacts to your phone.
  5. Backup :- Back up file and app in your phone.
  6. Install app :- Install android app directly from your PC.
  7. Manage SD Card :- Manage files in your SD card.Copy,Move and delete files in your SD card.

Moborobo android PC suite

Another good important PC suite for android phones and IOS phones.Its features and connection procedures are similar to above PC suites.

Download Moborobo

You need to download moborobo for your phone and PC.
You can download android version of Moborobo from here.Install it in your phone.
android pc suite free downloads
Download windows version from here. Install it in your PC.

Synchronizing phone and PC.

You can connect phone to PC suite using USB and WiFi.

Connecting via WiFi

  • Launch moborobo in PC and mobile.
  • Scan the qr code shown in your PC with phone moborobo app to get connected.

connecting via USB.

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB
  • Now Activate USB debugging in developers options.
  • Scan QR code with your daemon mobile app.


  1. Data :- Data have three options.Contact manager,message manager and call log.
  2. Apps :- For managing installed apps.Update applications and install new applications.
  3. Themes :- Install new themes in your android phone.

The above four PC suite works well with most of the android phones.Some phone manufactures have their own official PC suite for android phones.You can download it from their official website.

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