Is a mobile hotspot free?

Yes, mobile hotspot is free because all devices which are connected to hotspot are using mobile data from the device which serves hotspot. But be careful if you have created a hotspot on your mobile phone check mobile data expenses from your mobile provider. Most often mobile providers already have included mobile data usage in a monthly payment so you can safely create a hotspot and serve internet to your friends. But in some cases, you can overspend mobile data usage so if you don’t know what data you already have in your monthly payment there is good practice to call your mobile provider and check.


Is hotspot and WiFi the same thing?

No, the hotspot and Wifi are not the same things. The hotspot is usually physical location (your router, large antenna tower etc...) meanwhile WIFI is a type of connection which is served by hotspot. Example in the picture: hotspot and WIFI … [Continue reading]

Is Lan better than WiFi?

LAN and Wifi are two separate things.  LAN is a local area network which includes all devices: (computers, mobile phones, printers etc) connected over Wifi or cable inside your local network. Wifi is a type of connection for connecting your … [Continue reading]

Can a PC connect to WiFi?

Yes, PC can connect to WIFI. For connecting your PC with WIFI you will need a small device called: USB to wifi adapter. Usually, those adapters cost from $8 to $80 you will find that adapter in your local computer store or you can order it in the … [Continue reading]

Do you need WiFi for Bluetooth speaker?

You don't need Wifi for using your Bluetooth speaker except if you want to stream music from the internet then you will need to turn on Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone and your WIFI connection. In markets, you will find different … [Continue reading]

Do you need an Internet connection to use Bluetooth?

No, you don't need an internet connection for using Bluetooth. Bluetooth and internet connection are two separate things. The Bluetooth connection is limited to your surroundings. You can transfer things with Bluetooth connection if you are in a … [Continue reading]

Is driving with Bluetooth legal?

Yes, driving with Bluetooth is legal. But you must be careful before driving you must connect your device and your mobile phone you can't touch your mobile phone when you are driving.  Example let's say that you have Bluetooth earphone. When your … [Continue reading]

Why does my phone use battery when its off?

You have probably noticed if you turn your phone off and you leave your phone for a month without turning on the battery discharge a little bit. Those are the reasons why this happens: your mobile phone is off but your mobile phone is still … [Continue reading]

What is the difference between a smartphone and an iPhone?

There is no difference between the smartphone and the iPhone. iPhone is a smartphone and smartphone is an iPhone. The word smartphone indicates all phones which are very smart devices (for making calls, texting, sending emails using navigation … [Continue reading]

How long does it take for a phone to charge to 100?

For average phone, it takes about 2-3 hours that your mobile phone is charged to 100%. But in some cases can take longer: You already have a bad battery. Your charger is a cheap charger, not a charger which is recommended by your mobile … [Continue reading]