Are plugins on WordPress free?

The right answer to the question “Are plugins on WordPress free?” it depends on a plugin you want to use.

Example, for now, the most popular options inside plugins are:

  • Totaly free plugin. Example of the plugin:  Simple Lightbox – this plugin is totally free and you can install it from your Plugins manager inside your WordPress website.
  • The basic version of the plugin is free but the PRO version is payable. An example of this plugin is the popular Yoast SEO plugin. The pro/premium version of this plugin cost 79€ for one site but the basic version is totally FREE.
  • Payable plugins. Example of this plugin is the WPML plugin the license for basic version cost 29$. With payable plugins, you must be careful often you must first pay for a license and then after one year you must renew your license that you get updates and support for next year.   


Can I make my WordPress site from total free plugins?

Yes, you can. If you don’t need very special functions on your website you can create your website from total free plugins. You don’t need to spend money on payable plugins. But you must know that inside Free plugins support is limited often this support is from the community (forums etc). Free plugins are more often not so user-friendly like payable plugins.

Example of a plugin which you can use instead of payable plugins:

  • Contact Form 7 –  very useful FREE plugin for creating forms on your website. You can use this plugin instead of Ninja forms and other payable WordPress plugins.

How do I find out what plugins are installed on my website?

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