Mobiledit PC suite for all phones

Mobiledit is a powerful PC suite which supports almost all smartphones including iPhone,android,windows,Symbian,MeeGo and Bada OS and phones which have Mediatek chip set like micro max. Download mobiledit Mobiledit have two versions- lite version and pro version.Lite version is free but have many limitations when compared to pro version like message sending using mobiledit will have a short message”send from mobiledit” and we cannot export files to an external application. Download mobiledit PC suite from here

Modem driver installation

The main advantage of Mobiledit PC suite is that,it comes with modem drivers of almost all phones.So there will be no problem like PC not recognizing your phone. When you launch Mobiledit for the first time after installation,you will get a window to install drivers for your mobile phone.You can select your phone model and install modem driver.Or you can manually download and install modem driver from this link.

Synchronizing phone and mobiledit PC suite

You can connect phone to PC using USB,WiFi,Bluetooth and infrared.USB is fast whereas WiFi is more secure but consumes battery more.

Connecting using USB If you have installed modem drivers,then you can easily connect your phone using USB. In your phone,go to settings>>applications>>development and activate USB Debugging. Read :-Huawei PC suite download Now connect your phone using USB.You can check whether your phone is recognized by your PC by going to Device manage and under other devices,your phone name will be listed.If modem driver is not properly installed,a yellow exclamation mark will be shown and will be shown as unknown device.Reinstalling modem driver will fix the problem.

  • Launch mobiledit and click connect
  • Choose what you want to connect.Choose phone from the list and click next.
  • In the next window,select USB as the type of connection.
  • Mobiledit will automatically connect and sync with your phone

Connecting using WiFi This is more secure than USB and you need not install drivers for connecting using WiFi.But using WiFi will consume more battery from your phone.

  • Download meconnector.apk(for android only) to your phone and install it.
  • Now in your phone,go to settings>>wireless& networks>>tethering and hotspot and activate WiFi tethering.Also activate WiFi in your PC and connect your phone to PC using WiFi.
  • Now launch me connector in your phone and it will display a IP address in your phone.
  • Open mobiledit and click connect and select phone as type of connection.
  • In the next window,select Bluetooth as mode of connection and in the next window,enter the IP address shown in your phone and click next.Now mobiledit will search for WiFi network with IP address you have entered and get connected.

Connecting using Bluetooth Connecting using Bluetooth is slow but this method is useful for low featured phones running in java platform.

  • Activate Bluetooth in your phone and make it discoverable.
  • Now activate Bluetooth in PC and click Bluetooth icon in task bar and add a device and search for device and add your phone a new device.
  • Now launch mobiledit and click connect and select phone as type of connection and select Bluetooth in next window and click next and your phone will be connected.

If you are facing problem in connecting your phone ,then post it here as comments and we will help you